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Wedding Tasks You Should Tackle Over The Holidays


Holiday Wedding Planning List

While it may seem counterintuitive to busy yourself with wedding planning during your Christmas break, setting some time aside to tackle a few items on your wedding to-do list can end up saving you a little bit of money (and a lot of stress) in the long run.

We’ve compiled a list of simple tasks you can easily tackle over the holidays while still enjoying much needed time off with your family and friends.

1. Search for deals
The holiday season always brings holiday savings. You can expect to see sales at larger online wedding vendors such as Wedding Paper Divas or Minted on favours, stationery and items like personalized stamps and tags. If you’re looking for handmade, one of a kind items, certain Etsy shops also have holiday sales, so be sure to dig a little for deals. Bridal accessories such as shoes are typically on sale during the holidays. Many brands market their sales towards Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve bashes, so if you’re not looking for a shoe labelled as specifically ‘bridal’, you can find tons of gorgeous heels and flats at reasonable prices.

2. Look for bridesmaids’ dresses
Unconventional bridesmaids’ dresses are everywhere in the lead up to Christmas party season. December is actually the best month to score deals on sequined numbers and vividly-coloured dresses meant for holiday fetes. Consider outfitting your girls in mismatched dresses since it may be a little difficult to find the same dress in multiple sizes around Christmas. The plus side of this is that each bridesmaid can find a dress that really suits her. Searching for dresses can be a full-day outing, so plan it accordingly and be sure to make it a fun get together. Think: weekend brunch and shopping!

3. Book your hair and makeup trial
What better time to book your formal hair and makeup trial than during the Christmas season? You’ll be able to test-drive your look during an office Christmas party, or a New Year’s Eve gala. It won’t look out of place in either formal setting, and you’ll get an idea of what worked throughout the long night and what you may need to change. Work functions tend to have a professional photographer snapping photos of attendees, so take advantage of this and examine how your hair and makeup look in professional shots.

4. Map out which wedding shows to attend
The beginning of the new year brings a slew of bridal shows. January is the top month for the biggest and best shows of the year, but trying to decide which ones to attend can be overwhelming. Taking a little time to research can save you a lot of headache in the end. Search for popular annual shows around your area and go through their vendor lists to see if the companies attending jive with your overall wedding vision and budget. Narrow down some of your favourite vendors and only attend the shows you think will benefit you. You’ll also want to consider who you want to invite to attend the shows with you. We don’t recommend bringing your entire bridal party since wedding shows are typically busy and crowded. Instead choose a few key people who are organized and can help you with the decision-making process.

5. Get started on DIY projects
Starting your DIY projects around the holiday season is a great idea since most people are already crafting holiday decor and gifts around this time and certain supplies are likely to be on sale or generous in variety. Wedding projects such as favour packaging and escort cards can be done over the Christmas break with your bridal party. If you’re planning on baking goods for your favours, it would also be a great time to test your recipes out.

Wedding planning over the already hectic holiday season doesn’t have to be maddening. If you follow our suggestions, you can save time and money, and even enjoy some extra memorable moments with your loved ones.

10 Unique Seating Chart Ideas Your Guests Will Love


Matching Seating Chart

We love the idea of modern personalized weddings, but many couples still overlook the potential to personalize their seating charts. Seating charts are the first connection your guests will have with one another. Since it’s unlikely that all of your guests have met already, a fun and unique design has the potential to break the ice. An out-of-the-box hanging display or escort cards that double as favours are surefire conversation starters amongst your friends and family. Not only will they elicit ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ (applauding your creative efforts) but they can show guests that you put a lot of thought into where they will be sitting and who they’ll be sitting with.

Instead of just listing names under table numbers, why not get a little more creative? Seating charts are another great way to incorporate more than just your wedding colours. Avid book readers can match guests to a table using their favourite story titles. Fanning pages of a hard cover novel open at each place setting with tabs featuring guests’ names is also visually stunning. Travel-themed weddings can feature compass escort cards that double as favours or make use of large maps with guests names assigned guests to particular parts of the world instead of table numbers. No matter which creative avenue you wish to pursue, we’re sure your loved ones will adore your fun twist on the classic seating chart.

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5 Important Social Media Guidelines For Your Wedding Day

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Social media has taken the wedding world by storm. Wedding vendors are now reaching out to potential clients through mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, while brides are creating wedding day wishlists of ideas and sharing them with other brides-to-be. This increased use of social media for wedding idea-sharing has definitely raised the bar for uniquely-personalized celebrations.

While social media is a great tool for wedding planning, it can also be a source of frustration for brides once the wedding day rolls around. Your guests have the ability to share the details of your big day with their social followers instantly without your consent and the broadcasting of an unflattering photo or detail you would have rather kept private can sometimes be upsetting.

Although most guests will understand your desire for a more private celebration, you can’t expect everyone to know your preference. For that reason we’ve put together a set of wedding social media guidelines for you to consider. Decide how much of a roll social media will play in your celebration beforehand and share these guidelines with your guests before the big day.

1. Reset your privacy settings.
This seems like common knowledge, but some people still neglect privacy settings on their accounts. Restricting friends from publicly tagging you in photos is the easiest way to prevent any unflattering or private photos from blowing up your news feed. Change your settings so that your tagged photos are private. That way the intimate details of your wedding will be available for you to review before they become public. After your wedding, if you want to share certain photos only, individually change the settings of the photos you like. 

2. Make it quietly known.
If you would like your guests to participate in the celebration, rather than spend time adding filters to photos or tweeting, add your wishes to your wedding website, make a note in your program or have someone kindly announce prior to the celebration that guests should put their cellphones away during the ceremony. At the very least, it will allow your friends and family to share in the moment you and your groom will cherish the most. 

3. Create a photo sharing account.
If it is important for you to have every moment of your celebration documented by your guests, give them an appropriate medium through which they can share their photos. Create a Facebook page, or Instagram hashtag for photo sharing. You can also look into apps like WedPics, which allow you to invite your guests to upload their photos and videos of the big day into an album that you can manage. Photo sharing accounts are a great way to consolidate all of the pictures from your wedding from multiple points of views. You may be surprised by the candid shots some of your guests take during the evening.    

4. No flash photography.
Flashes from devices such as camera phones can be distracting and can also cast harsh lighting on your professional wedding photographer’s perfectly lit shots of important moments like your first kiss. If you decide to allow your guests to take photos during your ceremony be sure to ask your officiant to remind everyone to turn off their flashes along with their phone ringers once the ceremony is about to get underway.

5. Be polite!
The most important tip for managing social media during your wedding day is to keep your calm and be understanding. Your guests want to celebrate with you, and most of them will want to remember how great the day is, so photo sharing is inevitable. Setting social media guidelines with tact and genuine kindness will leave a good impression on your guests that will set the tone for an enjoyable evening.

The Best Wedding Photo Shoot Locations In Canada



With Canada being as diverse as it is large, it’s no surprise we have a multitude of stunning wedding photo locations to choose from. From mountains and prairie fields to skyscrapers and urban spaces–don’t limit yourself when considering the location that will become the backdrop for your wedding photos. To make things easy, we asked a group of top Canadian wedding photographers to give us the scoop on some of their favourite places to shoot weddings. It’s not surprising that they came back with a list of breathtaking locations worthy of framing some of your most important memories.

Tie in your wedding theme by picking a location that complements your style. Rustic chic weddings would work perfectly in a large open field while vintage brides should look into historical properties. A garden setting is still one of the most sought after locations for romantic-themed weddings, so be sure to ask your photographer for suggestions. Here’s our list of breathtaking locations across Canada courtesy of local photography pros.

Get inspired by these stunning Canadian backdrops for your wedding photos.

Essential Tips To Keep Your Wedding Flowers From Wilting



Fresh flowers make a huge visual impact in the design of your wedding day. They can transform a raw space into a lush hanging-hydrangea-filled garden or create a rustic feel in an ultra modern venue using whimsical astilbes. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to mistreat your delicate wedding blooms. Improper temperature and handling are major culprits in affecting the longevity of your flowers and can wilt your once crisp white bouquet quicker than you’d expect.  A lot of planning and effort goes into your floral design so it would be a shame to waste its purpose due to improper care during your big day. With that in mind, we got in touch with some of Canada’s top florists and asked them for their insider tips and tricks for extending the life of your wedding flowers.

A Rustic Winter Wedding In Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Real Weddings

Bride and Groom

“We both decided to go to university in Nova Scotia and within a month of school starting, we were officially dating,” Danielle recalls.  “After graduating, we went to tour Europe for eight weeks before settling down in Toronto, but by then we had gotten a serious travel bug.”

Regarding the proposal, Danielle explains that Tyler’s parents planned a family trip for a month to Italy. “We decided to spend a week on our own on a small romantic island. As soon as we arrived, we went for dinner. After that, we walked to the end of the pier and when we were ready to turn back, I was shocked to see him down on one knee. I barely gave him time to ask before I started saying ‘yes’,” she admits.

“We really didn’t want to have a dreary winter wedding and started thinking of some cool destinations. We realized we could really do some unique things with a winter wedding and having it on a three-day weekend would give our guests a mini vacation in Mont Tremblant,” Danielle says. “Our wedding was hands down the greatest weekend of our lives. All of our best friends and family were with us and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We wanted to show our family and friends a good time and thank them for travelling so far.”

“Tyler and I quit our jobs and went on a four-month-long honeymoon tour around Asia. We’re not headed back to Toronto after we’re done travelling, but to Victoria to make a new home out west,” explains Danielle.

Danielle Carmichael and Tyler Tomczyk, February 16, 2013, Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

Photography courtesy of Julian Kanz

Ceremony and reception location: Chez Borivage at Le Grand Lodge
Bridal gown: Blue by Enzoani from Jealous Bridesmaids
Bridal party attire: After Six from Jealous Bridesmaids
Groom and groomsmen attire: Indochino
Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Favours: Dellcovespices
Music: Roderick Zalameda (
Makeup: Earthy Vixen makeup
Hair: Salon Le Grand Lodge
Bouquets and boutonnieres: Curious Floral Crafts
Stationery: ForgetMeKnotPaperie and Sweetsights
Bridal party scarves: Zara
Groomsmen scarves: Ralph Lauren

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An Intimate Elegant Wedding In Toronto

Real Weddings

Bride and Groom

“Eyal schemed with my business partner and the events manager at the ROM and set up a ‘site visit’ for me to check out their new venue hall for ‘business purposes.’  Soon after I showed up, he appeared in the same tuxedo he wore on the night we met and proposed to me in the exact spot where we first spoke. The rest is history,” Delphine remembers about the proposal.

“Our wedding was really centred on our union and our commitment to one another. We only invited  immediate family and very close friends. It was important to us to choose locations that were personal. We chose to have the ceremony on the terrace of the Gardiner Museum, overlooking the ROM where we first met,” she explains. “The reception took place outdoors at Sidecar Bar and Grill where we decided to take the next step in our relationship. “

“Parts of the street were closed that day in honour of the Taste of Little Italy festival,” says Delphine. “One of the best moments was walking home after the reception and being congratulated by revellers from the festival. We felt like royalty. “

Delphine Nicolls & Eyal Golan, June 15, 2013, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Joseph + Jaime Photography.

Ceremony location:
The Gardiner Museum
Reception location: Sidecar Bar and Grill
Cake: Madeleines
Music: Intrada Sound
Makeup: Melissa Gibson (
Hair: Nina Farrauto, lead colourist and stylist for Garnier (

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Modern Wedding Traditions To Work Into Your Big Day



In the past, weddings tended to follow a very cookie-cutter formula incorporating time-honoured traditions sometimes simply because everyone else did. These days, weddings have become far more original. So, why not incorporate some modern wedding traditions that you love? Or better yet: Invent some of your own!

Of course, we would never suggest throwing out all customary wedding traditions; instead we recommend including the ones that actually have meaning to you and your loved ones while spicing things up with some new ones as well. If you’re stuck for ideas, start with thinking of classic traditions that you like or dislike. Love the sentiment of cake cutting, but squirm at the thought of smashing it into each other’s faces? Opt for a different dessert or food to share such as a macaron or croquembouche tower that can be shared with less mess. Want to get your guests more involved in your vows? Opt for a pre-ceremony ring-warming where bands are passed between guests for informal blessings.

Pick new traditions that mean something to you both and you’ll quickly find out that most of guests won’t miss any of the retired ones. Here are a few modern wedding traditions that we’re currently loving.

Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Under $150

Fashion & Beauty

Red Bridesmaid's Dress

Your girlfriends invest a lot when they take on the responsibility of being your bridesmaids. Think of the endless hours of tying ribbons on your favours, the assembly line of stationery gluing, and the time and effort spent organizing your bridal shower and bachelorette. Not to mention, each girl will still need to shell out money for the necessities like her day-of accessories, hair, makeup and most importantly, her dress. Bridesmaid dresses can be quite the expense, and not every bridesmaid gets a say on which dress they can spend their money on.

Since your girls do so much for you, make sure you’re also taking them into consideration when you select bridesmaids dresses. You’ll want to make sure they dresses you suggest are both flattering and affordable. We’ve picked 20 beautiful bridesmaid dresses under $150 for every type of wedding–some even as low as $39! These budget-friendly picks will keep your bridesmaids happy and ensure they all look stunning on your big day.

Unconventional Winter Wedding Bouquets


White Winter Bouquet

Deciding what your winter wedding bouquet will look like isn’t just about which flowers are in season. Winter is a great time to add some seasonal findings into the mix and get a little more creative. Classic winter weddings look lovely decorated in crisp white with crystal embellishments for an added icy touch. If you’re a non-traditional bride planning a more rustic affair, think about incorporating coniferous branches from trees such as pine, spruce and fir. Pine cones are also great to add to your bouquet for a contrast in texture and shape. For a vintage-themed wedding, succulents in white or pale blue and grey will not only hold up well in the cold, but they’ll also add an antique quality to your arrangement.

Check out some of our favourite creative winter wedding bouquets for inspiration.

An Intimate Destination Wedding In Costa Rica

Real Weddings

Bride and Groom

Toronto couple Longena and Mark chose to say their vows down south in sunny Costa Rica. Surrounded by a small number of their closest friends and family, they wanted their destination wedding to highlight the natural beauty of the country. “We wanted our wedding to be simple and elegant–something that represented us and wasn’t over the top,” Longena admits. With that in mind, the couple made sure each detail of their wedding reflected a clean and simple feel. A classic dress paired with natural hair and makeup highlighted Longena’s best features, while Mark complemented her easy elegance with a relaxed button-down shirt and slacks. The long communal table at their reception was lined with white calla lilies and other décor was kept minimal.

Some of Longena’s favourite details were the hanging display of childhood photos of the couple and their heart motif guestbook alternative. Above all, the pair wanted to plan a wedding that would celebrate the union of two groups of family and friends. “One of the great things about having a destination wedding is that we really had a wedding week,” Longena explains, “this meant we really were able to catch up with people that we hadn’t seen in years and to actually get to know each other’s extended families, which was so nice.”

Longena Ng and Mark Taylor, December 14, 2012, Playa Conchal, Costa Rica.

Photography courtesy of A Brit & A Blonde.

Ceremony and reception location:
Westin Playa Conchal
Bridal gown: Joy Semanski
Bridal shoes: Vera Wang Lavender
Accessories: Atelier Rousseau
Jewellery:  Dana Kellin Jewelry
Groom’s attire: Gian Paolo Mazzota

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Tasteful Ideas For Your Halloween-Themed Wedding


Pumpkin Decor

With Halloween upon us, we thought it would be a great time to show you some creative, yet classy ways to incorporate some ghoulish fun into your wedding day without spooking your guests. Typical Halloween decorations, like faux spiderwebs, aren’t exactly appropriate for most weddings, so if you want to refine your All Hallow’s Eve celebration you need to think outside the box. Consider a colour palette of black and white with accents of vintage lace for a Gothic-chic appeal. You can also play on the Halloween theme by serving guests a variety of creatively-displayed treats that they take home with them.

From black ruffled cakes to gorgeous painted pumpkins, check out these tasteful ideas for your Halloween soiree.


10 Awesome Costume Weddings You’ll Wish You Were Invited To


Star Wars Wedding

Costume weddings are, surprisingly, becoming more and more popular these days. While many people still can’t fathom the idea of abandoning tradition in favour of a sci-fi celebration, there are also those bold enough to embrace the benefits of a Halloween-themed wedding. Costume weddings do have their benefits afterall: Few Halloween brides seem to complain that their cousin or coworker stole their Corpse Bride outfit ideas and there’s no doubt that creative costumes instantly serve as conversation starters among guests.

Halloween weddings are a great time for you to showcase your creativity. If you’re daring enough to take on a costume wedding, make sure to incorporate things that you both love and enjoy. For die hard romantics, a Romeo and Juliet-themed wedding with Shakespearean details is a great choice. Want to embrace the spookiness of Halloween? Have a special effects makeup artist turn you and your groom into an undead couple.

Check out these 10 quirky costume weddings you’ll wish you had attended.

Creative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas You Need To See


Wedding Photo Booth

Photo booths are fast becoming modern wedding must-have. They’re a great way to entertain family and friends during your reception and they definitely inspire spontaneity and fun. The best part about opting for a wedding photo booth is that everyone will go home with a fabulous keepsake, which will serve as a reminder of your special day. It’s no wonder many couples have chosen to include wedding photo booths in their festivities.

You can choose a more classic style photo booth complete with curtain closure and camera flash or opt for a modern design with a viewing screen so guests can see what they look like before taking the picture. Many couples are even taking the DIY route by customizing photo props and backdrops to fit their wedding theme.  There are even booths that capture motion and sound to create amazing guest video montages.

Check out some of our top picks for different photo booth variations.