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What Every First-Time Bridesmaid Needs to Know


what every first time bridesmaid needs to know

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

If you’re a first-time bridesmaid and you have no idea what to expect, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most bridal BFFs find that feelings of excitement and happiness at having been selected as one of the chosen few often give way to a whole slew of questions regarding expectations and responsibilities.

That’s why we’ve asked wedding planners Rebecca Chan from Rebecca Chan Weddings and Events and Melissa Medalla from near+dear events to weigh in on some of the toughest bridesmaid etiquette questions. Should you be paying for the dress? What’s the best way to let a bride know you can’t pay for something? And what exactly is a bridesmaid’s role?

Whether you’re a first-time bridesmaid of a seasoned pro, we have the answers you need to some of the most pressing bridesmaid etiquette questions. (And if you’re a bride and reading this, do your girls a solid and pass on the info!)

What does a bridesmaid do?
If you’ve never been a bridesmaid before, you might not know exactly what the role entails. Ultimately, a bridesmaid is there to support the bride, which includes being their sounding board and someone they can trust. “It means being a part of creating a fun experience for the bridal party and guests,” Medalla explains. “It also means being someone the bride can count on to roll up their sleeves and help with things such as DIY projects.”

What should you consider before agreeing to be a bridesmaid?
Before agreeing to being a bridesmaid, consider the costs involved and the time commitment. “You might be the main go-to for the bride on important wedding decisions, so ensure you have enough time and energy for this,” Chan advises. It is almost as important to be aware of the costs involved, Chan says. “There will likely be pre-wedding events you help pay for, and possibly attire, makeup and hair, although sometimes these items are a gift from the bride,” Chan adds.

How can should you let a bride know that you can’t pay for a bridesmaid-related activity or item?
As with many relationships, communication is key, Medalla says. “If you have financial constraints or scheduling conflicts with bridal events, voice it early on,” she shares. “Discussing who buys the bridesmaid dress or who pays for makeup right after she asks you to be her bridesmaid might dampen the fun, but take her out for coffee the following week. Be mindful of your words and timing, but express your excitement in taking on the role.” When it comes to being upfront about financial constraints with the bride, Chan agrees. “If you can’t pay for a wedding-related event, be honest with the bride,” she says. “If you can’t pay for it, chances are you are not the only one.”

Who pays for the bridesmaid dress?
According to Chan, the bridesmaid typically pays for her bridesmaid dress, but in some cases, the bride will pay for this as a gift. “It’s always a nice gesture for a bride to pay for some of the wedding-day costs involved for their bridesmaids such as hair, makeup and dress,” Chan says. “Otherwise it does get expensive to be a part of the wedding party.”

What should you do as a bridesmaid if you don’t live in the same location as the bride?
“Try your best to contribute remotely,” Medalla advises. “In the digital world, bridging the distance is easier than ever.” She suggests sharing a Pinterest board with the bride to help visualize and brainstorm wedding ideas, as well as suggesting vendors in her area. It’s also important to communicate with the other members of the bridal party. “Set up a group chat to share photos and updates from events you won’t be able to attend.”

If you live away from the bride and the wedding venue, how soon should you arrive before the wedding?
If your plans allow it, aim to arrive a week or two prior to the wedding to help with the final details, suggests Medalla. “I’ve been a bridesmaid and maid of honour to dear friends who live far away, and helped make tassel garlands with one and seating charts with the other,” Medalla shares. “No matter what, try to spend some quality time with the bride before the wedding.”

An Elegant Top-Hat Themed Same-Sex Wedding in Winnipeg

Real Weddings

For Darin and Glen, getting married was a step they wanted to wait for until it was right for the both of them. Being together 25 years on the day they were wed, they didn’t hop on the band wagon right away when Canada made same-sex marriage legal in 2005. “One day, about 2 years before our actual wedding, we both looked at one another and said at the exact same time, ‘Do you want to get married for our 25th wedding anniversary?'” the couple shares. They knew it was the right time.

The couple’s wedding was a top-hat and martinis themed celebration. “When looking for a design or our stationery, we thought the idea of two top hats as a representation of the two of us,” Darin and Glen say. “The top hat theme was carried throughut from our stationery to the presentation box, and we were even carrying top hats in the ceremony.” The couple carried out their martini theme with a late-night martini bar, specialty socks worn by the male members of the wedding party and customized martini glasses as favours for the guests.

A colour palette of black and white with hints of silver made up the colour palette—the silver being a nod to their 25th anniversary. “Black and white to us is just so classic, and that’s what we wanted to achieve—a classic, elegant affair,” the couple shares.

The ceremony turned out just the way Darin and Glen intended it to be. “In the beginning of the planning process we wondered, how do we make it our own without having it look like a traditional bride and groom wedding?” the couple says. “It took a lot if planning and talking with one another, but we ended up blending a traditional wedding ceremony with a not-so-traditional grooms wedding ceremony, and we must say, it was magical!”

Darin Wallin and Glen Wold, April 13th, 2019, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Photography courtesy of Mathew Zigue.

Venue: The Manitoba Club
Groom’s tuxes: Tip Top Tailors
Linens and chairs: Planned Perfectly
Flowers: Beyond Flowers
Bridesmaid gowns: Stella’s Bridal
Quartet: Luminous String Quartet
Stationery: Little Blue House Creative Design
Favours: Zenan
Hair: Stage 6 Salon
Music: Sensational Sound
Lighting: Event Light
Dance floor and LED bar: C&T Event Rentals
Officiant: Colleen Olafson

How To Ensure Your Coloured Hair Looks Its Best On Your Wedding Day

Fashion & Beauty

Photography by Blush Bride Studio as seen in this real wedding.

When it comes to coloured hair, it’s important to ensure that your hair looks its freshest and brightest on your wedding day. For blondes in particular, this is especially important. You don’t want your hair to look brassy, dry, or frizzy, which can come when your hair has undergone chemical processes. But what exactly are the right products and ways to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy before your big day? We turned to Kerastase master artist Alanna Widgiz for some of her tips to ensure your blonde hair looks its best on your wedding day.

  1. Get your hair colour touched up a week or two before your wedding. This ensures that your hair looks fresh and bright, and will be at its optimal colour.
  2. Use treatments on your hair. “I recommend a Fusio-Dose from Kerastase, which is a personalized treatment that you can do either at the salon or at home,” Widgiz says. “My favourite for colour-treated hair is Concentre Pixelist with the Booster Cicafibre—it seals in your colour and adds loads of luminosity to your hair.”
  3. Use a purple shampoo for your hair. This will cancel out any yellow tones in your hair and neutralize brassiness.
  4. Two-use products: a hair serum and hairspray. “The Blond Absolu Sérum Cicaplasme from Kerastase is a heat-protectant serum that will give your hair maximum nourishment, luminosity and frizz-control,” Widgiz explains. “You should also use a medium-hold hairspray that’s perfect as a working hairspray such as Laque Couture from Kerastase—it can also be layered on at the end to finish your bridal hairstyle.
  5. Don’t use products that are heavy, sticky or tacky. When it comes to hair products, sometimes more is not more. Products that weigh down your hair or make your strands overly sticky can make it difficult to style your hair. Use just enough lightweight texturizing spray or powder for your bridal hairstyle.

A Modern, Romantic Green and Gold Wedding in Toronto

Real Weddings

Shauna and Justin first met when they were attending Western University in London, Ontario. “A friend of mine recognized Justin as a friend of a guy she was seeing and introduced us,” Shauna recalls. “That was nine years ago, and we have been together ever since!”

Justin proposed one evening when Shauna came home from work. “I found our apartment dark with candles lit and Bon Iver, my favourite band, playing in the background,” Shauna shares. “Justin looked so formal wearing a dress shirt and holding flowers. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I said of course!”

The couple wanted their celebration to be simple, modern and romantic, choosing white, gold and greenery as their colours. They had their first look at the Broadview Hotel before the ceremony. “Getting to spend time together taking photos, knowing we would be getting married in a few hours was exciting and fun,” Shauna says.

The bride walked down the aisle to the song, “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty—the same song that inspired the wall decal at their reception. District 28 was the perfect industrial venue to host their celebration, with string lights and harvest tables with wood chairs to play up the modern romantic vibe. “Seeing all of our friends and family after the ceremony was amazing, and afterward we went into the bridal suite where we got to enjoy champagne and appetizers, with just the two of us,” Shauna shares. “One of the best moments of the day was being introduced as husband and wife for the first time, and dancing the hora!”

Shauna Polakow and Justin Mayers, December 1, 2018, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Bows & Lavender.

Venue: District 28
Wedding planner: Blush and Bowties
Bridal gown: Tara Lauren from Sash & Bustle
Flowers: Rosehill Blooms
Stationery: Paper & Poste
Hair: Bridal Hair Collective
Makeup: Olena Makeup Art
Cake: Cocoa Cakery
Groom’s tux: Atelier Munro from Harry Rosen
Leather jacket: Via Calligraphy
Music: Kyle Reid of Bounce Entertainment

Try These Amazing Afternoon Teas For Your Bridal Shower


Photo courtesy of the St. Regis Toronto.

For a fun, sophisticated bridal shower activity, we highly recommend getting with your girls for afternoon tea. Not only is it approved by your foodie friends, but it’s also a way to sit back, relax, and catch up with all your friends. There are a few specific places across Canada that host the most spectacular afternoon teas. Whether it’s the selection of teas on offer (not to mention champagne, often on offer as well) or the scones with clotted cream (a must!), these are some of the spots in Canada you need to try.

The St. Regis Toronto
The St. Regis Toronto opened its doors earlier this year and has quickly become a hot spot in the city. Along with their signature champagne sabering, one of the their experiences we love is their afternoon tea. Inspired by Caroline Astor, the mother of the founder of the St. Regis, who brought the afternoon tea tradition to New York society, the St. Regis Toronto’s afternoon tea features Sloane Teas and delicious treats. There’s even a bespoke Sloane Tea made especially for the afternoon tea ritual at The St. Regis Toronto called the “Midnight Blossom”—a tribute to the midnight galas Caroline Astor would throw at her residence, and the florals in her home and ballroom, along with the essence of champagne. It’s a must-try for a sophisticated experience that truly encompasses the afternoon tea ritual.

Photo via the Fairmont Empress.

The Fairmont Empress
For a tea experience truly steeped in history on the West coast, look no further than the afternoon tea served at the Fairmont Empress’s Lobby Lounge in Victoria. From the pattern of the China used for the tea to the locally sourced ingredients for the bites, this afternoon tea is thoughtfully curated and it’s not wonder it draws in 400 people daily from all over the world. The selection of luxury teas offered are all sustainably sourced and seasonally produced.

Brasserie Kensington
If you and your crew are a bit more laid-back and want something slightly different from your formal, traditional, afternoon tea, try Brasserie Kensington‘s high tea, served on weekend afternoons. Bottomless cups of tea and nibbles inspired by dishes are served at this eatery that serves French-inspired gastropub fare, alongside tea-infused cocktails to ensure you and your pals leave satisfied.

Photo via the Ritz-Carlton Montreal.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal
If you’re in Montreal, the Ritz-Carlton‘s afternoon tea is an elevated experience. Canapés, scones and pastries and white, herbal, green and black teas are served in the hotel’s Palm Court, a gorgeous room with (you guessed it) palm trees painted on the ceiling, giving this afternoon tea a decidedly chic, sophisticated vibe.

A Modern Backyard Wedding in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

Real Weddings

Jessica and Keenan’s colourful celebration took place at the bride’s family home in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The couple knew they wanted a vibrant palette for their wedding, and enlisted the help of Emma McCormick of The Good Party to design their special day. “One of the reasons why we chose Emma is her love of colour—we didn’t want a traditional theme or single colour palette,” Jessica shares. “We wanted our wedding to be bright, happy and beautiful and for us, that meant an elegant modern-boho setting with vibrant pops of colour, which Emma and her team executed perfectly.”

The couple’s family and friends were a huge part in making the big day extra-special. “My brother built our ceremony backdrop based on an image I found on Pinterest,” Jessica says. “I feel like no one ever says this, but the result was way better than Pinterest! Our florist added a gorgeous floral installation, and after the ceremony it doubled as a photo backdrop.”

Jessica’s “something borrowed” detail was her grandmother’s antique opal ring. “It meant so much to me to wear a piece of her jewellery—especially something my grandfather gave her,” Jessica says. “Their love story is one for the books, and wearing her ring felt like a little piece of good fortune.”

A non-traditional moment came in the form of Jessica’s dance with her father. “For as long as I can remember, my dad and I have loved dancing to ‘Mack the Knife’ by Bobby Darin, so there was no question that it would be our wedding song, even though it’s about a murder!” Jessica laughs. “For those few minutes, it was just me and my dad, dancing our hearts out and having the time of our lives.”

Jessica Doyle and Keenan Murray, August 5, 2018, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia.

Photography courtesy of Ameris.

Bridal gown: Truvelle
Wedding planner:
The Good Party
Nightsong Farm
Sea Salt Food Co.
Conscious Hair
Cydney Sjostrom
Spin the Black Disc
Riley & Grey
Bridesmaid gowns:
Show Me Your Mumu
Groom’s tux:
Outlooks Menswear


Awkward Wedding Etiquette Questions Most People Are Too Embarrassed To Ask


Awkward Wedding Etiquette Questions Most People Are Too Embarrassed To Ask - Bride

When it comes to planning weddings or even attending one, there are some topics that aren’t easy to bring up. Questions about money and what to wear can be awkward to discuss, especially when it seems like you’re the only one who doesn’t know the answers. But the truth is, there are lots of people out there who are in the same boat.

That’s why we asked expert wedding planner Rebecca Chan to dispel the confusion and weigh in on the wedding etiquette questions that most people are too embarrassed to ask. These helpful tips will relieve you (and your guests) of worries and help you get you back to what’s important – celebrating that special day.

Who pays for the wedding?
According to Chan, this is one conversation that couples need to have before even starting to plan their celebration. “Who pays depends largely on the couple’s culture and their preferences,” Chan explains.  “Some cultures have the groom’s side pay, for others it’s the bride’s side who pays. The couple might not do either and opt to pay for it all themselves.” There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had from the get-go, Chan advises.

If parents are paying, they may have expectations on how involved in the planning process they will be and how much of a say they’ll have in venue, food or guest list. Regardless of who pays, money is a sensitive issue that is crucial to talk about. “It’s good to have a thorough discussion on who is paying and exactly how much, so there is a clear direction and expectation,” Chan says.

Do you have to bring a gift to an engagement party?
Generally, guests do bring a gift for the couple at an engagement party. “But it can be small or sentimental,” Chan says. “If you’re close with the couple and want to shower them with more love, go for it!” Otherwise, give a larger gift at the wedding.

How much money do you give as a wedding gift?
There is no one set amount for a wedding gift, but Chan uses $150 on average per person. “If you don’t know them well or you’re a student, you can give less,” she says. But above all, you should give what you can afford. “Your friends wouldn’t want you to go broke from a gift!” Chan points out.

Do I have to invite my coworkers?
“There is no ‘should’ or ‘have to’ in the planning process, and that includes who to invite,” Chan advises. Start working on a preliminary guest list when searching for your wedding venue to see if you’ll have room for coworkers or other friends. “If you’re planning on inviting some coworkers and not others, it’s best not to make it too public to avoid having some coworkers feel left out,” Chan says.

What do I wear as a guest to a wedding?
“Weddings are typically formal events, so dress to impress, unless otherwise noted,” Chan advises. If the dress code is formal, that typically means a suit for men and pantsuit or dress for women. Never wear jeans to a wedding. “It’s always better to be more dressed up than not dressed up enough,” she says. When in doubt, it’s absolutely fine to ask the couple for more details on attire.

What do you write in a wedding card?
It’s the thought that counts. You can’t go wrong congratulating the couple and wishing them well for their journey ahead. Chan suggests writing some warm words of advice to the newlyweds. “As long as it comes from the heart, it will be appreciated,” she says.

A Vibrant, Colourful Floral-Filled Wedding in Toronto

Real Weddings

Vanessa and Vito envisioned a whimsical, fun, garden-party inspired wedding with modern elegant details. “I wanted colour and vibrancy and was originally drawn to teal,” Vanessa reveals. “Luckily, our florist found a compromise with misty blue as a tone, with gold accents, greenery, and happy, celebratory flowers.”

The couple held their ceremony at the Hunt Club, where Vanessa wore the first of two bridal gowns. “My reception dress was the first dress I tried on at the first store I went with my cousin as a trial experience—I loved the Theia gown and its all white beading, stones, creative and fun heart-shaped details and boho-elegant vibe,” Vanessa shares. “For my ceremony dress, I loved the lace, the beaded straps and soft neckline—the dramatic back and long train were romantic and traditional.”

An extra-special detail was the DIY wedding favours—succulents in terracotta pots spray painted white and gold. “We painted the pots ourselves the week before the wedding—a real undertaking, but so worth it!”

The couple shared their first dance to “Best Part” by Daniel Cesar and H.E.R as vapour from dry ice drifted around them. “We wanted the dry ice for a little 90s throwback, but couldn’t justify buying it after all our costs went up, but our DJ surprised it with us on the day,” Vanessa says. “The song has a very hopeful and upbeat ending which is impossible to slow dance to, so we had a close friend of mine choreograph a 45-second dance with a dramatic dip finish.”

Vanessa Gallo and Vito Marchese, September 16th, 2018, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Samantha Ong.

Ceremony venue: The Hunt Club
Reception venue: The Arlington Estate
Ceremony gown: Enzoani from Mona Richie Bride
Reception gown: Theia from Sash & Bustle
Groom’s tux: Suitsupply
Groomsmen’s attire: 4MenUnited
Day-of coordinator: Simply Perfect Weddings
Flowers and decor: Fete Floral + Events
Stationery: Whiteboard Studio
Cake: Cake Creations by Michelle
Succulent favours: Floral Dimensions
Head table: Glamorous Affairs
Maid of honour gown: Morgan & Co. from Nordstrom
Bridesmaid gowns: Sorella Vita from Jealous Bridesmaids
Makeup: Makeup by Stephanie
Hair: Jen Evoy Makeup Studio
Lighting and DJ: BB Blanc
String trio: Wellington Music
Jazz quintet: Vas Palantzas
Officiant: Stuart Watson
Transportation: Allure Limo and Classic Rolls Royce

A Boho Wedding in Prince Edward County, Ontario

Real Weddings

Kat and Zach met in their first year at York University. “I was in a tutorial class taught by his aunt. He had missed his tutorial, so he came into mine, and I noticed his gorgeous smile right away as he greeted the TA,” Kat explains. “He sat next to me and said this hilarious ice-breaking line: ‘If you need answers to the test I can get them, she’s my aunt.’ Although we didn’t date in school, we were friendly acquaintances, and it was only years later after I directed a music video for his band did we begin to date.”

The couple’s wedding, held at 100 Acre Wood in Prince Edward County, began with giving thanks, honouring and recognizing that the lands are steeped in Indigenous territory. At the entrance to the venue, the couple put up a sign and a basket with fresh flowers, dried Prince Edward County lavender, pieces of paper to write on, palo santo chips and other biodegradable materials for guests to bring to their seats. “During the ceremony we invited those who would like to contribute something to the bundle and infuse the symbolic elements with wishes for the bride and groom,” Kat explains. “One by one our friends and family placed items on the cloth in front of the altar, and later in the evening we burned them. As we burned them I explained that the smoke would take the wishes to the heavens and it would rain down on us throughout our lives together, and that those things that our friends generously wished for us would also rain down on them. As soon as we burned the bundle it began to drizzle—it was truly a moment of magic.”

Kat’s bridal gown was a favourite detail, chosen by her mom when the pair went shopping at LoversLand. “As soon as I put it on, we both knew it was the one. A stunning, flowy number with delicate French lace from Rue de Seine that made me feel equally classy and free,” Kat shares. “That material was so light and I knew I would want to dance in it all night!”

The evening ended with a gorgeous display of fireworks, perfectly executed by Kat’s stepdad. “It was the main job I gave him, and he blew us all away,” Kat says. “He put on quite the show!”

Kat Webber and Zach Sutton, August 25, 2018, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of LV Imagery.

Venue: 100 Acre Wood
Bridal gown: Rue de Seine from LoversLand
Groom’s tux: Sydney’s Toronto
Flowers: Flowers by Jen
Hair and makeup: Alison Sharp
Bridesmaid gowns: BHLDN
Music: Ferraro Band

The Bridal Beauty Products Our Editors Are Currently Loving For September

Fashion & Beauty » Skin Care & Makeup

September is a fresh start to many, and a month of many weddings as the summer comes to an end. It’s the perfect time to include some new beauty products in your bridal beauty kit, and these are the ones we are especially loving for the month.

Jo Malone English Pear Freesia Hair Mist
If you haven’t heard of a hair mist, you need one in your life—stat. This one from Jo Malone smells divine and is the absolute perfect finishing touch to your wedding ensemble. The product promises shinier hair and a light, delicate fragrance added to your mane.

$68 for 30 mL,


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Vernis à l’huile

For a bride who adores bright, whimsical colours and wants to step out of the box for her wedding day, this line has 27 shades that are right up her alley. Featuring vibrant hues and pretty pastels in their latest summer collection, the formula includes micro oils that allow the colour to apply evenly on each finger. A wide brush allows for faster and easier application—if you’ll be doing your own mani pedi at home, you’ll love this.


Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask
Although colour may not be something you want to do on your own before your wedding day, this semi-permanent coloured hair mask is perfect for your bachelorette or even honeymoon, when you want to have some fun with your look. The more vibrant masks offer a nice wash of colour, while shades such as platinum can help eliminate brassiness if you have blonde locks.


Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer
This full-coverage liquid concealer is great one to use on your wedding day. It stays true to its name, ensuring the formula doesn’t look cakey, especially on the undereyes (and we all know this is an area you’ll be applying concealer after a sleepless pre-wedding night!).


L’Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Toner

Rose and jasmine come together in this cleansing toner that promises to soothe skin while removing dirt and impurities. Our skin felt instantly hydrated and refreshed after using this product, leaving behind a smooth canvas for moisturizer.


Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser
We are currently loving Caudalie’s Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser for its sulfate-free formula that’s left our skin looking tighter and our pores smaller. If you’re experiencing blemishes (which no one wants on their big day), this cleanser is particularly effective as it contains 100% salicylic acid.


NARS The Iconic Lipstick Collection

We couldn’t choose just one lipstick from NARS’s line of 60 shades in matte, satin and sheer finishes (plus 12 already existing shades). But any one from this line is perfect for your wedding day. Whether you’re a bride who wants a bold lip or a bride who wants something a bit more classic, these lipsticks go on like a dream and will stay on throughout every kiss of the night.


Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum
With freedom as the inspiration, this sexy scent is a crisp, cool floral with orange blossom and lavender, as well as notes of neroli and mandarin. Vanilla gives the perfume rich body, and we absolutely love the way it wears—the ideal fragrance if you’re still searching for one for your wedding day!

$125 for 50mL,

How To Prep Your Hair For A Flawless Bridal Hairstyle

Fashion & Beauty » Hairstyles

how to prep your hair for a flawless bridal-hairstyle - bridal hairstyle

Photo courtesy of Moroccanoil.

Although you might think that achieving a great bridal hairstyle is as simple as hiring a great stylist, how a bride treats her hair before her wedding day is equally as important.

Weddingbells recently spoke with Kevin Hughes, artistic director of Moroccanoil and a Hollywood hairstylist who’s coiffed runway looks for designers such as Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier and Zac Posen. His favourite bridal hairstyle? An easy, natural look. “If you always wear your hair down, wear it down on your wedding day, but add a little wave or curl,” Hughes suggests. “A style that makes the bride feel the most beautiful is the best style for her on her big day.”

Hughes shared his top tips for what brides can do to ensure their hair is wedding-day ready.

Start a routine for your hair six months prior to your wedding.
“Begin with a really great shampoo and conditioner for your hair type,” Hughes advises. “And once a week, use a mask for your hair type so it’s in optimal condition.”

Use products that benefit your hair and don’t dry it out.
Hughes recommends the Moroccanoil Treatment, which can be used daily. “You can use it before you even comb your hair out after shampooing and conditioning,” Hughes says. “It even helps detangle your hair and speed up the blow-dry process.”

Know in advance what your desired wedding-day hair colour is.
A bride should know six months in advance, Hughes says. “Any colour corrections right before the wedding can dry out your hair,” he explains. “Your hair should be in its final colour about a week before your wedding.”

Wash your hair the morning of your wedding, not the day before.
This way, you don’t feel itchy or dirty on the day of your wedding, Hughes says. “There’s this idea that goes around that people shouldn’t wash their hair if they’re doing an updo,” he adds. “With the amazing products out there, such as the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, I can make freshly washed hair feel as if it has a lot of grit and texture. Let a professional put in the texture they need to work with the hair.”

Let your hair air dry or give it a rough-dry the morning of your wedding.
Which technique you decide to use should be discussed with your hairstylist at your wedding hair consultation, which usually takes place a month prior to your wedding, Hughes advises.

An Elegant Wedding With Modern Details in Canmore, Alberta

Real Weddings

Jeanine and Jared’s wedding was an elegant, timeless celebration with unique modern accents. “We envisioned fresh florals in ivory, champagne and light caramel like you might see at an English garden party,” Jeanine shares. “We contrasted this with black stoneware charger plates and black taper candles in gold candlestick holders.”

Gorgeous flowers from Flower Artistry tied the theme together. “I was so overcome with emotion when I first saw the bouquets,” Jeanine recalls. “They were everything I could have imagined and Lyn from Flower Artistry was able to capture my vision with such creativity.”

For the couple, the first look and the ceremony were the highlights of the day. “We had the most beautiful location overlooking the mountain valley and town of Canmore, and our gazebo was draped in stunning flowers and greenery,” Jeanine says. “The whole ceremony felt like a perfect representation of our relationship and our love for our friends and family.”

Wanting to do something different for their first dance, Jeanine and Jared enlisted the help of a local dance studio to choreograph and teach the couple a collection of dances for three songs that were all different styles and genres. “We learned ballroom dancing, jazz, and a Michael Jackson rendition, complete with a mini flash mob at the end with our wedding party joining in,” Jeanine says. “It felt so rewarding to have practiced and rehearsed for so many months and it all came together so well.”

Jeanine Jensen and Jared Schlechte, September 17, 2018, Canmore, Alberta.

Photography courtesy of Natalie Andrusiak.

Venue: Silvertip Resort
Bridal gown: Kathryn Bass Bridal from Sweet Pea & Noelle
Wedding planner: Evelyn Clark Weddings
Flowers: Flower Artistry
Cake and sweet table: Whippt
Rentals and decor: Modern Luxe Rentals
Hair and makeup: Blush & Coco
Bridesmaid gowns: Jenny Yoo from Blush & Raven
Groom’s tux: Ed Williams Menswear
Groom’s eyewear: Spex by Ryan
Bride’s jewellery: Joanna Bisley Designs
Videography: Insomniak Media
Music: Local DJ
Vow books: Debbie Wong Design
Transportation: Highland VIP Group

Citrus-Inspired Wedding Cakes You’ve Got To See

Planning » Wedding Cakes

citrus-inspired wedding cakes for a summer celebration - pineapple wedding cake

Nothing kicks off a fun summer celebration quite like refreshing tropical drinks. Now that citrus fruits such as pineapples and oranges have become hot in decor, we think that’s every reason to incorporate their cheerful, bright colours into your wedding decor. We took pineapples, limes, oranges and grapefruit as the inspiration for some beautiful, fresh wedding cakes. These amazing creations will be a hit at any wedding and will stand out vividly in your guests’ minds, long after the celebrations are over.

Photography by Dana Dorobantu. Styling by Julie LaPointe. Art and creative direction by Macha Altare-Akian.

Let These Amazing Whimsical Pastel Wedding Details Inspire Your Imagination


Your wedding is a time when you can have fun and allow your celebration to speak to your personality. After all, it is one of (if not the) biggest parties you’ll ever throw. Why not allow your imagination to run wild?

That’s exactly what Gloria Di Felice of Historia Weddings and Events thought of when dreaming up this creative styled shoot, featuring a pastel palette in colours of the rainbow, and husband-and-wife team of Articus Productions, who are aerialists and the models seen here.

“The goal of this shoot was to create something that inspired the inner child in all of us, creating a sense of awe and wonder,” Di Felice says. “We wanted to create a spectacle that felt fun and candy-coated, and invent what we used to dream of when we were young, something that would ignite the joyful spirit of our imaginations.”

Highlights include an amazing sweet table with cotton candy and fanciful chocolates, paper florals and the incredible 6-foot paper flower arrangements.

Photography courtesy of Samantha Ong Photography.

Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Planning and styling: Historia Wedding and Event Planning
Bridal gown: Papilio Boutique
Cirque aerialists: Articus Productions
Balloons: The Sweetest Thing Balloons
Draping and vinyl floor decals: Finer Events
Paper flower decor: Floral Fantasy Studio
Tableware rentals: Sweet Bee Tea Party
Linens, chargers, napkins and chairs: Chair Decor
Model’s tux: Andrew’s Formals
Accessories: The Loved One
Hair and makeup: Beyoutiful Brides Hair & Makeup
Invitations, menu, place cards and 3D animal: A Good Day Inc.
Packaging supplies: Creative Bag
Chocolates: Stubbe Chocolate
Favours: Marie Genevieve
Cotton candy: Bucket & Whisk
Custom lighted designs: Marquee Marc