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Montreal Blogger, Photographer and TV Personality Karolina Jez’s Stylish Wedding In Seville, Spain

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When it came time for Montreal-based fashion aficionado and Breakfast Television contributor Karolina Jez to plan her wedding to Sorab Alavi, she knew exactly what she wanted: a destination wedding in Seville, Spain, with lots of dancing and all the people she loved. “I have a deep-rooted passion for Spain’s culture, food and people,” Karolina explains. “We really wanted guests to feel the essence of Spain and Seville, plus include elements true to Andalusian culture.” With this in mind the couple exchanged vows in front of 100 family members and friends at the historic Hotel Alfonso XIII,a stunning property built in the early 1900s. Karolina wore an incredible Viero gown (a cherished detail from her wedding day), which accentuated her chic style. “It was a custom design, inspired by my favourite show, Sex and the City, and by Stephanie Seymour’s dress in the video for the song ‘November Rain’ by Guns N’ Roses, which is my favourite music video,” Karolina explains.

After the ceremony Karolina and Sorab exited the building serenaded by an Andalusian tuna band, then took photos under the beaming Seville sun, revelling in their new status. At the reception the couple made an entrance to remember, arriving on a vintage motorcycle and sidecar while holding coloured smoke bombs in the air. “Everyone went crazy, and it made for some amazing video and photos!” says Karolina. Wanting the vibes of Seville and Spain to take centre stage, the couple stuck to a neutral palette, with signature Andalusian accents. “We used gold, white and green with pops of orange, as Seville’s orange trees are an integral part of its landscape,” Karolina shares. Custom Spanish fans, unique Andalusian-fusion food, and chandeliers above each reception table created a glamorous evening, made even better by the appearance of flamenco dancers, a surprise for Karolina and Sorab’s guests. “It really gave them an authentic taste of the region.”

The couple and their guests stayed on their feet for most of the evening, starting with the “fun train” guests formed to the song “Conga” by Gloria Estefan, followed by tunes by Fleetwood Mac and the Gipsy Kings. “We even had classic Polish disco polo tunes for my side of the family,” Karolina says. At the reception’s end, everyone moved to a different part of the venue for the after-party, where guests wore costumes provided by the bride and groom. “We had neon glasses, flower crowns, cowboy hats and other fun accessories guests went crazy for,” Karolina laughs. “Nothing gets a party going like dressing up as a different character, let’s just put it that way!” During the evening, taking time to revel in the celebrations, the couple realized something very important. “We recognized this was probably the only moment in life that everyone we love the most will be together, celebrating love and life, in the same place,” Karolina recalls. “It is a surreal and magical feeling that truly makes you appreciate how lucky you are to have such a strong and loving support system around you. We still get emotional when we talk about it.”

Karolina Jez and Sorab Alavi, September 27, 2018, Seville, Spain.

Photography courtesy of Benjamin Wheeler.

Ceremony venue: Hotel Alfonso XIII
Reception venue: Villa Luisa
Bridal gown: Custom from Viero Bridal
Veil: Rosa Clara
Hair accessory: Rocio Porres Joyas
Second bridal gown: Temperley London
Floral headpiece: Hats by Roiz
Wedding planner: Love A Tope
Caterer: Tu Otra Cocina
Wedding ring: Maison Goldberg
Wedding bands: Birks
Cake: Aquarela Cakes
Flowers: Cartamo Flores
Lighting: Sonido Al Sur
Love balls: Big Love Ball
Photobooth: Ris Box
Stationery design: Kromad
Stationery printing: That Sky Blue Stationery
DJ: Xite and Co
Band: Son de Cuba & Cia
Hair: Adrien Dupuis
Makeup: Marieta Nogueras
Custom fans: Gigi Hand Fans
Neon jackets: The Neon Muse
After-party costumes: Flashing Blinky Lights

The Bridal Beauty Products Our Editors Are Currently Loving For June

Fashion & Beauty » Skin Care & Makeup

Photo via iStock.

June brings warmer weather, and at this point we’re launching full-on into vacation mode and wedding season. Summer is the perfect time to try new products, and we’ve scoped out some of the best ones. These are the bridal beauty products you’ll want to carry in your bridal beauty bag.
CND Wedding Collection
Wedding-ready nails are one of the most important accessories you can have your wedding day, and CND’s latest collection of colours are some of their most beautiful. Created with the idea of putting a twist on classic wedding shades, the collection includes various shades of neutrals, with a pink shade, perfect for an extra pop of colour or as the shade of choice for your bridesmaids.
Bite Long Wear Lipstick
A lip colour that’s long-lasting is especially important on your wedding day. Our current favourite is Bite Beauty’s Outburst Longwear Lip Stain, a lip colour that won’t require touch-up after touch-up throughout the day. Unlike many lip stains, this one is hydrating with the help of coconut oil, passion flower and sunflower oil. In three saturated shades, these colours will stay bright and beautiful through to your first dance.
Jo Malone Blossoms Collection
This limited edition collection from Jo Malone sees long-loved floral favourites return in gorgeous rainbow ombré packaging, with the addition of scents such as Silk Blossom and Orange Blossom now available in hair mists and candles. Any of the scents in this line make a great gift for your bridesmaids, and even lighting the candles at your wedding as your wedding-day fragrance will ensure that the scent stays tied to the memory of your big day.
Starting at $75,
L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara
This new mascara has the unique ability to be used with a straight or bent mascara brush—inspired by a trick some makeup artists use to get to hard-to-reach lashes. This formula gives the lashes an instant lifted look, and makes lashes look longer with its clump- and flake-free formula.
Rodial Vitamin C Tonic
For exfoliating and brightening the skin, we currently turn to Rodial’s Victamin C Tonic. Containing 5% acid complex and 0.5% brightening Vitamin C, this product is a godsend for making your skin appear smoother and restore its natural glow by exfoliating dead skin cells.
Reversa Hydra-Minéral Concentrate
We’ve found the perfect lightweight serum for summer, coming in the form of Reversa’s Hydra Minéral Concentrate, a lightweight serum that protects against pollution and provides deep hydration to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and increase firmness in the skin. It contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Canadian glacial mineral water and is made in Canada, too.
Diorshow Palette 3 Couleurs Tri(o)blique
If there’s ever been a palette with three essential colours, perfect for your wedding day and even to stow in your makeup bag for your honeymoon, this is it. These soft, warm neutral shades are flattering on all skintones and will make any eye colour truly pop. Not only are the colours super saturated, but they’re also silky-smooth and buttery soft.
Bastide Verveine Du Sud Fragrance
We are currently smitten with Bastide’s new scent, Verveine Du Sud, for its fresh, floral and citrus scent. Perfect for brides and grooms alike, this fragrance contains notes of Italian lemon, verbena, peony and white musk. The perfect wedding-day scent!
100 mL for $165,

Snag The Prettiest Wedding-Worthy Details At The Goop Pop-Up In Toronto

Local Finds

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand goop has come to Toronto in the form of the coolest curated shop at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood called the goop pop-up MRKT. Brides can find clean bridal beauty favourites, athletic gear for pre-wedding workouts, fashionable frocks for wedding events and tableware that should top every bride’s registry. Among the brands offered are goop’s line of lifestyle and workout apparel, G. Label and G. Sport, as well as Canadian brand Smythe, clean beauty brands Tata Harper and Vinter’s daughter, and goop x CB2 tableware.

All of the items are the perfect bridesmaid gifts for any of your friends who are fans of the lifestyle brand. This is the first time the pop-up is coming to Toronto, after hosting other events in Montreal and Vancouver. The goop pop-up mrkt is on now until September 22, with plans to hold small public events throughout its duration.

118 Yorkville Avenue, 416-968-6144,

The Most Important Beauty Appointments To Make Before Your Wedding

Fashion & Beauty » Skin Care & Makeup

beauty appointments

Photo via iStockphoto

With a heaping pile of things on your wedding to-do list, scheduling beauty appointments might be the last thing on your mind. However, locking down skincare, haircare and dental treatments in advance will ensure you’re looking your best on the big day.

Here’s a list of treatments to consider along with guidelines on when you should get them booked into your calendar.

Facials should be scheduled for at least six weeks before the wedding, advises Mariam White, president of The Principle Brands, the exclusive distributor of French cult-skincare line Biologique Recherche in Canada, which also has a signature facial available at select locations. “This is to ensure that there’s enough time for the skin to lift sun damage or calm breakouts,” she explains.

If you’ve been following a specific facial routine for awhile, your last treatment can be as late as two days before your wedding day. But if you haven’t had anything quite as regimented, your final pre-wedding facial should be no later than ten days before the event, in case of sensitivity or breakouts.

Eyelash Extensions
“Extensions are great because you don’t need to worry about happy tears ruining your mascara,” says Veronica Tran, esthetician and founder of Pretty in the City lash and brow bar in Toronto. As an added bonus, your lashes will stay looking fantastic if you’re jetting off soon after your wedding to a tropical locale for your honeymoon.

If you’ve never had eyelash extensions before, it’s best to do a trial run at least two weeks before your wedding, Tran advises. This is to rule out any allergies or irritations. If all is good, your lashes can be filled in three days before your wedding day.

If you’re a summer bride, you might worry about your makeup melting off, especially if your ceremony is taking place outdoors. With microblading, your eyebrows will be one less thing you have to worry about. This form of tattooing is an ideal solution for brides who want fuller brows. If you’ve never had this procedure done before, make sure you do your research, Tran advises. Always ensure that your microblading artist has the appropriate certification and license, and that you like the work they produce.

The process must be started at least 12 weeks before your wedding day, Tran says. This is because microblading is a two-step process and requires time to heal. “Microblading is essentially implanting pigments under the skin in the form of hair strokes,” Tran explains. “It’s really meant to blend in with existing hairs, and won’t look as natural if there are only few brow hairs there to begin with.” If your eyebrows are extremely sparse, Tran suggests a different form of brow tattooing, called ombre powder brows, which produces a softer look.

Most experts agree that teeth whitening procedures should be started about one to three months before the big day to ensure you’re happy with the results and any tooth sensitivity has dissipated. If you’re opting to use whitening toothpastes or strips, begin at least one month before your wedding day to ensure surface stains have time to disappear. Because there are so many options for whitening, it’s best to consult your dentist for the one that fits you best.

When booking a spray tan appointment, keep in mind that your tan will gradually get darker in the span of a few hours, and will fade after one to two weeks. Experts suggest getting a spray tan a few days before your wedding, so it has gradually faded just a bit and looks more natural on your skin. Exfoliating is especially important when it comes to tanning, as dry skin patches can lead to an uneven tan. When in doubt, ask your local spray-tan professional.

These Pretty Lollipop Wedding Favours From Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta Are Celebrity-Approved

Local Finds

All photos courtesy of Sumptuous Lollies. 

Let’s face it: nobody loves wedding favours more than when they come in the form of artisanal treats—and everyone goes crazy for nostalgic sweets from their childhood. The lollipops from Alberta-based Sumptuous Lollies come in various flavours and designs and are perfectly elevated to suit any wedding theme. “Our wildflower lollies are super popular with weddings,” says Kerry and Mercedes Mckinlay, the mother-daughter duo behind the business. With the ability to customize the flavour, design and packaging of the lollipops, these sweets look just as good as favours placed on each guest’s placesetting or as part of a sweet table.

Specializing in over 100 flavours using spices, herbs and dried flowers, a chance experiment making lollipops after daughter Mercedes’s first year of culinary school turned into a successful business, with the duo going on to craft gourmet pops as part of the celeb gift bags at the Grammy Awards, making their way into the hands of A-listers such as Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and Alicia Keys. “Since then, we’ve been supply lollies to brands such as Jo Malone, Cirque Du Soleil and the Alberta Ballet Company,” the duo says.

10 Wedding Seating Displays You Haven’t Seen Before

Planning » Reception Ideas

10 unique wedding seating displays you haven't seen before -

When your guests trickle in from your ceremony or cocktails, the seating chart is often the first thing they’ll see upon entering your reception venue. This display will set the tone and theme for your party, and you’ll want to welcome your guests in a unique way that will get them excited for the night ahead.

Instead of a plain chart with names, why not make your seating display interactive? Some of the best wedding seating displays are multifunctional–often they serve double duty as an escort card and favour. And what guest doesn’t want a little gift to get the night started? Here are some of our current favourite ways to direct guests to their seats.

Wedding Favours 101: Expert Tips For Giving The Best Gifts

Planning » Reception Ideas

expert tips for giving the best wedding favours - jam

Photography by Simply Lace Photography.

The idea of giving a parting gift to your guests that sums up you as a couple as well as the entire wedding day may be daunting. Should you send them home with something edible such as a sweet or condiment? Or should you take a different route and gift them with something they might find useful? We spoke to Alexandra McNamara, Toronto-based wedding planner at Blush & Bowties, and Andrea Hounsell, Atlantic Canada-based planner at Borrowed & Blu, to weigh in on wedding favour etiquette, the best wedding favours they’ve seen couples give, and their best tips for picking what’s right for your celebration.

1. Contrary to popular belief, giving a wedding favour is not necessary.
However, it is a nice gesture for your guests, and can also be a lovely addition to your decor. “Take time to think about what you want as a couple without the pressure of thinking of ‘this is the way it should be done’,” Hounsell advises. McNamara agrees. “I advise my clients to only give favours if it’s something that reflects who they are and that the guests can keep, otherwise it can be wasteful,” she says.

2. When considering what favours to give, turn toward personal things you love. 
“Think about handmade, local or artisanal favours,” McNamara shares. “Meaningful favours are always the way to go!”

3. Some of the best favours are both functional and personal.
“We worked with a bride who planted 160 mini succulents for her wedding guests to take home. We also used them as decor to line up the escort cards,” Hounsell recalls. “We did another wedding for a groom from Newfoundland and a bride from Texas, and they gave their guests mini bottles of hot sauce and Screech (a Newfoundland rum). It was great to see both their backgrounds included!” For McNamara, some of the best favours she’s seen tied the whole wedding theme together. “We had a Toronto couple who were married at a brewery who gave iron bottle openers made by a local company. They loved craft beer so it was meaningful to them,” McNamara explains. “I also had a couple that did laser-cut names of all their guests that doubled as a place card and a favour. Guests went crazy over those!”

4. You might want to consider giving a donation in lieu of favours.
“It’s a really beautiful thing to take that money and donate it to a worthy cause,” Hounsell says. “It also eliminates wastage from favours being left behind on tables at the end of the night.” If you’re stuck on what to give, extending a donation is a great idea, McNamara says. “It makes total sense, and you won’t have to spend money on items that may end up being thrown away.”

5. Consider edible favours. 
“Most of our clients in the past few years have been using their budget for favours toward a sweet table for their guests, which adds a beautiful decor element,” Hounsell says. “I recommend choosing a sweet treat for the reception place setting. If it’s not something your guests can eat, it will more than likely get left behind at the end of the night.”

6. Favours can go either at each guest’s place setting, or on a designated favour table, depending on what the favour is.
“If it’s something pretty like Sloane tea or Kitten and the Bear jam, these can add to a place setting and the overall design of the table,” McNamara says. “Larger favours may be better to put out later. Whatever it is, make sure it is easy to locate or guests might miss it!”

5 Wedding Cake Flavours That Go Way Beyond Vanilla

Planning » Wedding Cakes

Photo via Instagram/@mademoisellevanilla.

There are tried-and-true sweet flavours that most couples will look to have for their wedding cake, but here at Weddingbells, we love when couples think outside the box. Recent celebrity weddings (especially the Royal Wedding!) over the past year have inspired some seriously cool cake flavour combinations, ones that go way beyond your traditional vanilla wedding cake. Serve your guests a slice that will delight and surprise their palette. And don’t worry—for a multi-tiered cake, it’s entirely possible for both you and your beloved to have the flavours you want, even if they differ. “All tiers can be flavoured differently, so there can be a variety for your guests to enjoy,” affirms Toronto-based cake designer Donna Maramba of Mademoiselle Vanilla. Here we’ve rounded up five hot wedding cake flavours that you definitely take your dessert game to the next level.

1. Elderflower & Lemon
The combination of the light, lemon flavour with the sweet taste of elderflower with a slight floral, herb-like finish is delicate and delicious—it’s no wonder the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose the flavour combination for their trio of cakes for their wedding last year.

2. Opera
This French cake, made with layers of almond sponge cake that’s been soaked in coffee syrup, coffee and chocolate buttercreams and ganache, is a favourite of Maramba. “It is an elaborate cake, and very time-consuming to make, but well worth every effort,” Maramba says. “This is something coffee lovers should definitely go for.”

3. Hazelnut & Raspberry
The combination of a cake that’s loaded with delicious nutty flavour, complemented perfectly by a light berry-flavoured buttercream is a unique combination. Instead of overpowering the hazelnut flavour with chocolate, this cake allows the nut to shine on its own, and the raspberry perfectly colours the buttercream, making each slice look aesthetically pleasing.

4. Ube & Coconut
This is one flavour combination that Maramba says she gets a lot of requests for. Ube is a root vegetable that can give a cake both a distinctive look and flavour—its purple colour adds whimsy to any cake, and its gentle flavour perfectly complements any strong flavouring. With a coconut-flavoured icing, this cake is perfect for a couple that wants a cake that gives off tropical vibes.

5. Ginger Spice
This cake is a departure from the usual spice-based cakes such as carrot and kicks it up a knotch with the addition of ginger. To balance this cake out, opt for buttercream flavours of vanilla and chocolate, which are enhanced by the combination of spices (this is why everyone loves a spicy hot chocolate!).

What Every First-Time Bridesmaid Needs to Know


what every first time bridesmaid needs to know

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

If you’re a first-time bridesmaid and you have no idea what to expect, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most bridal BFFs find that feelings of excitement and happiness at having been selected as one of the chosen few often give way to a whole slew of questions regarding expectations and responsibilities.

That’s why we’ve asked wedding planners Rebecca Chan from Rebecca Chan Weddings and Events and Melissa Medalla from near+dear events to weigh in on some of the toughest bridesmaid etiquette questions. Should you be paying for the dress? What’s the best way to let a bride know you can’t pay for something? And what exactly is a bridesmaid’s role?

Whether you’re a first-time bridesmaid of a seasoned pro, we have the answers you need to some of the most pressing bridesmaid etiquette questions. (And if you’re a bride and reading this, do your girls a solid and pass on the info!)

What does a bridesmaid do?
If you’ve never been a bridesmaid before, you might not know exactly what the role entails. Ultimately, a bridesmaid is there to support the bride, which includes being their sounding board and someone they can trust. “It means being a part of creating a fun experience for the bridal party and guests,” Medalla explains. “It also means being someone the bride can count on to roll up their sleeves and help with things such as DIY projects.”

What should you consider before agreeing to be a bridesmaid?
Before agreeing to being a bridesmaid, consider the costs involved and the time commitment. “You might be the main go-to for the bride on important wedding decisions, so ensure you have enough time and energy for this,” Chan advises. It is almost as important to be aware of the costs involved, Chan says. “There will likely be pre-wedding events you help pay for, and possibly attire, makeup and hair, although sometimes these items are a gift from the bride,” Chan adds.

How can should you let a bride know that you can’t pay for a bridesmaid-related activity or item?
As with many relationships, communication is key, Medalla says. “If you have financial constraints or scheduling conflicts with bridal events, voice it early on,” she shares. “Discussing who buys the bridesmaid dress or who pays for makeup right after she asks you to be her bridesmaid might dampen the fun, but take her out for coffee the following week. Be mindful of your words and timing, but express your excitement in taking on the role.” When it comes to being upfront about financial constraints with the bride, Chan agrees. “If you can’t pay for a wedding-related event, be honest with the bride,” she says. “If you can’t pay for it, chances are you are not the only one.”

Who pays for the bridesmaid dress?
According to Chan, the bridesmaid typically pays for her bridesmaid dress, but in some cases, the bride will pay for this as a gift. “It’s always a nice gesture for a bride to pay for some of the wedding-day costs involved for their bridesmaids such as hair, makeup and dress,” Chan says. “Otherwise it does get expensive to be a part of the wedding party.”

What should you do as a bridesmaid if you don’t live in the same location as the bride?
“Try your best to contribute remotely,” Medalla advises. “In the digital world, bridging the distance is easier than ever.” She suggests sharing a Pinterest board with the bride to help visualize and brainstorm wedding ideas, as well as suggesting vendors in her area. It’s also important to communicate with the other members of the bridal party. “Set up a group chat to share photos and updates from events you won’t be able to attend.”

If you live away from the bride and the wedding venue, how soon should you arrive before the wedding?
If your plans allow it, aim to arrive a week or two prior to the wedding to help with the final details, suggests Medalla. “I’ve been a bridesmaid and maid of honour to dear friends who live far away, and helped make tassel garlands with one and seating charts with the other,” Medalla shares. “No matter what, try to spend some quality time with the bride before the wedding.”

David’s Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

As the go-to destination for thousands of brides over the past 60 years, David’s Bridal has been making it easy to find the dress of your dreams without breaking the bank. For their Fall 2019 collection of wedding dresses, classic elegance and femininity are the stars of the show in this range of gowns from David’s Bridal’s leading collections: David’s Bridal, Oleg Cassini, Melissa Sweet, Galina, Galina Signature, and DB Studio.

Designed in-house and available exclusively at David’s Bridal, these gorgeous gowns come in a range of styles to suit any bride’s personal tastes. Whether vintage-inspired, sleek and modern, or bohemian, there’s a dress available that’s as unique as every bride. Also included for Fall 2019 are flirty cocktail dresses (ideal for a rehearsal dinner or as a second dress), as well as modern jumpsuits and playful pastel gowns. With locations across the country, it’s never been easier to bring home the perfect wedding gown from David’s Bridal.

David’s Bridal

David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

DB Studio

David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses


David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding DressesDavid's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

Galina Signature

David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

Melissa Sweet

David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

Oleg Cassini

David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses David's Bridal Fall 2019 Wedding Dresses

This Burlington, Ontario Duo Makes The Coolest Calligraphy Wedding Details

Local Finds » Planning


Soon-to-be husband and wife duo Tayne Wyatt and Ashley Giudice credit the success of their business to two things: their backgrounds in illustration and design, respectively, and their love story. The couple founded Tayne & Ashley in 2017, providing couples with wedding services such as lettering on chalkboards, mirrors and acrylic, laser-cutting and etching, and creating custom wedding details such as cake toppers, signs and rubber stamps.

“We are a real couple (just three weeks out from our own wedding!), so we can relate to couples that are in the planning stages and help to guide them along the way,” Giudice says. “We provide such a personalized experience, and encourage our couples to get outside the box with their wedding day details.”

Some of the most popular items include custom signage on mirror and acrylic, laser-etched hangers and a custom return address stamp. “We would love to branch out and start offering custom stationery with bespoke wedding invitations with all the bells and whistles,” Giudice shares. “With our backgrounds, we can really customize something unique and beautiful that tells their love story and sets the tone for their big day.”

Lela Rose Spring 2020 Wedding Dresses

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

Lela Rose‘s Spring 2020 collection includes pieces inspired by timeless traditions, with modern twists that keep the gowns fresh and youthful. Classic silhouettes, which bring to mind gowns that iconic Hollywood starlets might wear, are given a new spin with luxe fabrics and whimsical details.

As a reminder that you should be wearing your wedding dress on the most fabulous, fun day of your life, the collection was presented at The Pier 62 Carousel in Hudson River Park in New York City. For an additional dose of fun, several of the dresses were adorned with sparkly, heirloom-inspired removable brooches and pins, another nod to the idea that tradition doesn’t have to be stuffy.

The Most Gorgeous Bridal Updos For Your Big Day

Fashion & Beauty » Hairstyles

The Most Gorgeous Bridal Updos For Your Big Day - Braid

Dress, Christos Costarellos and earrings, Jennifer Behr, all from White Toronto.

Bridal updos go way beyond buns and braided crowns. From fishtail braids and upsweeps to ponytails and beehives, wedding hairstyle options have never been more fashionable and easy to wear. We’ll show you some of the coolest new styling ideas for 2018 and 2019 celebrations.

Photography, Carlyle Routh. Styling, Georgia Groom. Hair, Tony Masciangelo for Alcorn Hair/ Makeup, Sheri Stroh for Bite Beauty/Oribe/Plutino Group. Nails, John C. Nguyen for CND. All backdrop fabrics, Tonic Living.

Braided Beauty
Call it the Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi effect—plaits have never been more popular! Channel your inner queen by wearing your hair artfully twisted and turned to create a regal and romantic look.

The Most Gorgeous Bridal Updos For Your Big Day - Chignon

Dress, Savannah Miller from LoversLand. Earrings & hairpins, Jennifer Behr from White Toronto.

Clean Sweep
We love the idea of brushing hair up and away from the face into an amped-up chignon. This style is the perfect match for a delicate dress neckline and for showcasing this season’s must-have accessory, the statement earring.

Telling Tails
The pony is a classic and comfortable look, and it’s totally wedding-perfect. Instead of opting for a sleek style, our preferred version features unbridled curls for a romantic, easy-breezy finish.

The Most Gorgeous Bridal Updos For Your Big Day - Classic Updo

Dress, Unbridaled by Dan Jones from LoversLand. Headband, Jennifer Behr from White Toronto. Ear cuff & ring, Birks.

The High Life
This retro-inspired style gives us major Audrey Hepburn vibes. We pumped this classic updo with extra volume and wispy texture to create a sweet and sexy look fit for a red carpet ingenue.

This Toronto Venue Is Perfect For Foodie Weddings

Local Finds » Planning

If you’re a foodie, we know you’ll want to share your favourite dishes with your guests at your wedding. This means serving delicious eats—the best the city has to offer. Those in the know with Toronto’s food scene have likely heard of Assembly Chef’s Hall, the eclectic outpost founded by restauranteur Andreas Antoniou over a year ago. With 17 of Toronto’s best chefs assembled as one team, not only is Assembly Chef’s Hall a spot for unique culinary experiences, but it also touts itself as a wedding venue with the ability to mix and match your wedding reception menu to reflective your own taste as well as the diverse offerings of each chef.

The venue can accommodate up to 1200 guests. For summer weddings, the space’s 3,000 sq.-ft. patio is a key feature, and includes a bar cleverly crafted from a trailer. Interior decor for this industrial space includes modern art installations by Toronto artists, which are constantly on rotation and ensure that you’ll have a unique backdrop. With innovation the name of the game, the venue also touts award-winning baristas and sommeliers, ensuring the drink experience is as unique as the food is.

111 Richmond St. W., 647-557-5994,