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Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Styles You Might Want To Consider

Planning » Bouquets & Flowers

If you’re not too familiar with flowers and types of arrangements, it might be tempting to choose the style of bouquet you see most often on Pinterest. Lately, unstructured arrangements have taken the wedding world by storm, but there are several other unique styles that may be more suited to your personality and style. Whether it be an arrangement of cascading blooms a perfectly composed classic design, one bouquet might just fit your wedding theme and style better than you think. We have your guide to bouquet styles that include some of our favourite blooms in colour palettes we adore.

8 Amazing Wedding Send-Off Ideas That Won’t Create A Mess


Your wedding recessional or final send-off at the end of the night are great opportunities to take the sorts of cool, Pinterest-worthy photos you’ve always wanted. Many couples opt to be showered with confetti, flower petals or traditional rice by their guests as they leave their ceremony or reception venue. However, more often than not these choices end up creating a mess that most venues do not want to deal with. In fact, many venues ban these items entirely or charge an extra fee to deal with the the cleanup. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome send-off. We’ve rounded up eight wedding send-off ideas that are easy, fun and don’t require a cleaning crew.

Colourful Smoke Bombs
For an outdoor wedding, colourful smoke bombs can give your wedding exit a big impact. Have your guests set them off as you and your new spouse walk down the aisle.

Having your guests shake matching maracas during your exit is visually appealing and can be a lot of fun.

Bubbles are one send-off option that will never go out of style. With no clean up necessary, bubbles add an amazing effect to your photos.

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - streamers

Photo via Instagram.

Ribbon Streamers
Ribbon streamers in bright, cheerful colours or in the colours of your wedding are a whimsical way to pull your theme together. Make your streamers extra-special by adding a bell to the end of them.

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - flags

Photo via One Wed.

We love the idea of your guests waving custom flags with your wedding hashtag, romantic sayings or words such as “congrats” and “hooray.”

8 amazing send-offs that won't make a mess - sparklers

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Sparklers are one classic wedding-day send-off option that will never go out of style. They create a romantic ambiance and the light they emit makes for gorgeous photos.

Pom-poms are an unconventional yet cute send-off option when done properly. Choose your wedding colours or keep them white for a whimsical yet sophisticated effect.

Glow sticks
Glow sticks look especially fab for wedding reception send-offs. Opt for larger sticks to make an impact, and a single colour for a streamlined look.

The Bridal Beauty Products Our Editors Are Currently Loving For February

Fashion & Beauty » Skin Care & Makeup

February is one of our favourite months—with Valentine’s Day and proposal season, it really is the month of love for many. It’s also a good month to stock up on some beauty goodies for you and your bridesmaids—after all, you do deserve a little pre-wedding pampering. Looking ahead, especially if your wedding is coming up in the next few months, you’ll want to stock your kit with essentials that will have you looking your best for any pre-wedding functions, your wedding and your honeymoon. These are our favourite products for the month of February.
Boosh Lipstick in “Bobbie”
When Sarah Walker found she was allergic to red food dye found in lipsticks, she set out to make a lipstick line that was free of chemicals, parabens and petroleums. From this, Boosh was born. The lippies, made from beeswax, lavender oil and mineral oils, are produced on a farm in Ayr, Ontario. Not only do we love that the brand is Canadian, but we also love the shades and the fact that they’re inspired by the women in Walker’s life. For the prettiest wedding-day lip, we highly recommend the new shade “Bobbie”–a medium-pink shade with warm undertones.
Clear Clinical Cleanser for DLK on Avenue
If you’re looking for a fuss-free cleanser that’s effective for your pre-wedding skincare routine, the Clinical Vitamin A Cleanser should be next on your list to try. This cleanser, meant to be used daily, contains clove oil, which helps eliminate excess oil as well as pumpkin seed oil, which calms inflamed skin and gives the skin moisture. The lactic acid also found in the cleanser exfoliates and removes built-up dirt, leaving you with cleaner pores.
Céla Crème De La Crème Light
Céla, the Canadian brand known for making luxe, naturally sourced, Made in Canada skincare, has one product in particular that we love for wedding-day perfect skin. The light version of their original beloved cream boasts a lighter, faster-absorbing consistency and moisturizing Amazonian cupuaçu butter and Abyssinian oil. The “Cela Complex”—the brand’s blend of six Canadian botanical extracts including blueberry, elderberry, evening primrose, juniper berry, rosemary and lavender gives the skin resilience—especially important during Canadian winters.
Maybelline Red Lipstick
For any bride who’s looking to sport the ultimate red lip on her wedding day, look no further than Maybelline’s Made For All lipstick in Red For Me. This matte formula gives you a picture-perfect pucker, and the shade is universally flattering, no matter what your skin tone. This long-lasting formula will ensure that your lip colour stays on well through into your reception.
NEST Wild Poppy Fragrance
If you’re still looking for your wedding-day fragrance, the latest from NEST should intrigue you. Their newest scent for spring, Wild Poppy, is free-spirited, sweet and flirty—exactly how you want to feel on your big day. NEST founder was inspired by the beauty of the poppy once it blooms (if you have poppies in your bouquet, this is a total sign this needs to be your wedding-day fragrance), and likened it to the coming-of-age of her 19 year-old daughter, who recently started college. With notes of pear, apricot, raspberry, Himalayan jasmine and Rose de Grasse, this scent is equal parts cheerful and romantic.
Covergirl Simply Ageless Instant Fix Advanced Concealer
The right concealer needs to mask any dark undereye circles (let’s face it, who sleeps the night before their wedding!?), and do it in a way that doesn’t emphasize fine lines or look cakey. The Covergirl Simply Ageless Concealer will do everything you want for your wedding day and then some. The formula is lightweight and provides medium-to-full coverage—which is important when you have cameras on you!
Buxom Wanderlust Blush
Looking like a blushing bride isn’t a difficult feat with the right blush. This month we’re particularly in love with the Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blushes. Richly pigmented, this velvety smooth formula applies like a dream and gives us the natural flush we’ve always wanted.
Magicstripes Hand-Repairing Gloves
This dry, winter weather is enough to make anybody’s skin freak out. Cracked hands are the norm in harsh climates, but for brides, this is an absolutely nightmare. Who wants to take engagement-ring photos with dry hands? Not us! That’s why in the winter, Magicstripes Hand-Repairing Gloves are a godsend. We’re on-board with the sheet mask train (is there a sheet mask for the whole body? Asking for a friend), and this unique one gives us the softest hands—perfect for wedding-day hand-holding.
$48 for a box of 3 pairs,

The Best Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Details


Best Valentine's Day-Inspired Wedding Details - Heart and Arrow Cake Topper

Here at Weddingsbells, we’re on board with anything love-related and Valentine’s Day has us feeling especially inspired. We wanted to showcase some great ways Valentine’s Day-inspired details can be used at your wedding.

Regardless of whether or not you’ll be exchanging vows on February 14th, the holiday’s signature red and pink colour palette and heart-shaped details are ideal for a wedding day.

You don’t have to go all-out when it comes to including Valentine’s Day details into your celebration. Sometimes less is more, and incorporating just a few sweet details can make your big day look incredibly chic. You can also switch up the colours for a more modern feel.

Whether you are going for a complete Valentine’s Day-themed wedding or looking to add some love-related items to celebration, here are some of the best Valentine’s Day-inspired wedding details around.

These Emotional Wedding-Day Photos Will Have You Feeling All The Feels

Planning » Photo/Video

Here at Weddingbells, we believe it’s absolutely crucial to enlist a great photographer to capture your special day. Your photos will be one of the few things left of your day long after it’s over, and you’ll want them to accurately portray every single moment. While you and your groom are concentrated in saying your vows during your ceremony, your photographer might also be snapping your guests tearing up or the looks of love on your parents’ faces.

These are the emotions that veteran wedding photographer Scarlet O’Neill aims to highlight in her third annual Love (Actually) photo exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. “After being witness to more than just a few weddings, and having been a bride myself, I’ve come to understand the value and beauty of a real moment,” she shares.

The 2019 Love (Actually) exhibit has its opening night on Feb. 7 and runs until Feb. 24, showcasing some seriously emotional wedding-day moments shot by wedding photographers across Canada. “The wedding community is so vivacious and full of artistic, professional, and heartfelt individuals. There has been a lovely transition from seeing one another as colleagues instead of competitors,” O’Neill explains. “We refer each other to clients who are the right fit, and even curate functions that bring everyone together with the aim of bettering our community. There exists support, trust, and even friendship.”

Fiona Chiu, one of the photographers in the exhibit, agrees that capturing the heart of what wedding photography is is important. “The show focuses on everything I believe wedding photography should be about. In a time and age where it’s not uncommon to do things for the ‘gram, we often lose track of what’s important versus what’s perfect and pretty,” she says. “I love how the exhibition shows that wedding photos can be so much more than ‘just a pretty photo.'”

We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite photos from the exhibit that have us feeling all the feels—and the love you can only feel on your wedding day. You can see these photos and more in-person at the Love (Actually) exhibit at the Gladstone Hotel.

Photographer: Laura Ayala of Luna Weddings
From Laura: “When Paulina first saw her fiancé, she hid behind the bushes as she was overcome with emotions and could not contain her happiness and joy during her special day. I’m sure it is a moment neither her or her fiancé will forget.”

Photographer: Ryan Bolton
From Ryan: “I love capturing first looks. It’s such a surreal and personal moment between two people that you’re privy to. That you’re there to capture. I love the anticipation. The nerves. The magic. This was shot just as Aren turned around to see his gorgeous bride, Tara. Aren’s reaction still makes me smile ear-to-ear. It’s honest. It’s real.  It’s love.”

Photographer: Fiona Chiu Photography
From Fiona: “This moment captures the epitome of female friendship. Best friends will be by your side on your special day, wiping the tears from your eyes, and sharing laughter like none other. After 20 years of friendship, this matron of honour lived up to her duties, holding both her own and the bride’s bouquets. BUt she soon realized that she wasn’t able to wipe her own tears. Luckily, the best girlfriends were right by her side able to lend a hand.”

Photographer: Hugh Whitaker
From Hugh: “Mary, the mother of the bride, and the bride’s grandfather share a moment as they wait for Lauren to walk down the aisle. It’s the family that always makes a wedding so special to me. My family were so important at my own wedding, so I always pay extra close attention to the little interactions and moments shared between different family members throughout the day. It’s these moments that the couple don’t often get to witness, but can look back on an enjoy through their photos.”

Photographer: Jennifer See Studios
From Jennifer: “Steph and Liz both got ready the morning of their wedding day with their separate bridal parties. Neither had any idea what the other was going to be wearing. As they rounded the large tree outside the carriage house to see each other for the first time, both their jaws instantly dropped. Their first look was ADORABLE and one of my favourites yet!”

Photographer: Jennifer Van Son
From Jennifer: “Parent first looks are becoming increasingly popular and I’m so glad they are! Anna and her dad Jerry are especially close—they’re truly best friends. When she told me that having a special moment with him was a priority for her wedding day I knew it would be extra sweet. He’s a self-proclaimed ’emotional guy’ and I so appreciated how open he was with those emotions throughout the day. When Jerry walked into Anna’s room and saw her in her dress for the first time they both let all the tears they’d been holding back fall. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room!”

Photographer: Nick Parry of Nautical Studios
From Nick: “Having cans of tuna show up in unexpected places has been a long-running inside joke between Sarah and Luke. So on their wedding day, Sarah made sure to surprise Luke with a can of tuna!”

Photography: Jessica Lee Photography
From Jessica: “On a sunny July day in Toronto’s Distillery District, Frida was all smiles as she watched her granddaughter, Maddi, marry the love of her life, Francisco. Following the ceremony, Maddi wasted no time as she ran to her grandmother to express how much she loved her and how happy she was that she was there. A few months later, I received this message from Maddi: ‘..I’m sad to say my grandma passed away in November but my heart is full because she made it to our wedding and you captured this precious moment that I will be forever grateful for. Just want you to know how much it means to me…’ This image is dedicated to Frida. A wonderful woman and beloved grandmother.”

Photographer: Corynn Fowler Photography
From Corynn: “This photograph speaks to how love and human emotion transcend the barriers of language and culture. Much of this wedding day was conducted in Mandarin, a language I do not speak, which made it challenging to understand what was happening at times. As soon as Wenney stood up to make her speech though, it was clear that she was speaking to her beloved grandmother who couldn’t be there on her wedding day. I marvelled at how we all laughed and cried along with her, as she recounted stories in Mandarin about her grandmother. Without even speaking the same language, everyone in the audience understood what the bride was feeling in that moment as she threw her head back to laugh about a fond memory they had shared together, with tears still running down her cheeks from the sadness of recognizing this deep loss just a moment before.”

Photographer: Steve Stemmler of Tara Lily Photography
From Steve: “Three years ago I hid in the bushes to capture Jesse proposing to Andrew. It meant so much to capture the joy they shared in that moment, and get to witness it again on their wedding day. We left to do some portraits at sunset and before I could give them direction, they began cuddling and interacting in ways I could never direct. It was apparent that they loved having a few minutes alone to relish in all of the emotions of the day, and to connect with each other. The fact that the light was perfect was just a bonus!”

Pro Tips For Taking The Best Winter Wedding Photos

Planning » Photo/Video

Pro Tips For Taking The Best Winter Wedding Photos - Bride and Groom

All photography by Brittany Esther Photography.

For many engaged couples, weather is a major factor when deciding on a wedding date. While summer and fall still hold some of the most coveted dates, more and more brides and grooms are eyeing the winter season for their nuptials. And for good reason: since winter is off-season for many vendors, prices tend to be lower and more budget-friendly.

The thought of getting glammed up in a blizzard might be daunting (especially when most wedding outfit inspo pics don’t include boots and a coat!) but this type of weather can actually lead to some absolutely stunning wedding photography.

We recently chatted with Alberta-based pro wedding photographer Brittany Staddon of Brittany Esther Photography, who’s attended more than her fair share of cold-weather vows to capture some of the best winter wedding photos we’ve ever seen. She shared her tips and insight on what makes winter weddings so special, and how to take amazing winter wedding photos.

Pro Tips For Taking The Best Winter Wedding Photos - Winter Ceremony

1. Use the winter to create an experience for your guests.
Staddon suggests organizing activities you can only do in winter for your guests, such as an outdoor skating party, dog sledding or roasting s’mores over an outdoor fire pit. “For weddings that are further up north, keep an eye on the northern lights forecasts for a memorable night,” she says. “If you have a smaller guest list, don’t completely write off having an outdoor ceremony. With a little care package consisting of scarves, hand warmers, and a hot drink—and perhaps some Bailey’s—a standing ceremony in the outdoors with a snowglobe backdrop is doable and quite an experience.”

2. Make sure you wear the appropriate attire.
First, layers are key. “It’s practically a Canadian motto,” Staddon says with a laugh. “Throw some long johns underneath your dress—they can be taken off before the reception—and make sure you wear woolly socks with your boots.” Staddon also recommends that brides opt for shawls, cloaks or capes rather than coats or jackets. “Particularly if showing off the top of your dress is important and you are brave enough,” she explains. “Outerwear without sleeves comes off and on quickly and therefore makes the most of your time,” she advises. “Your photographer will also be taking photos as you move to and from locations, because sometimes just holding hands and walking makes some of the best images, so you’ll want whatever you’re wearing to be something you want to see in your final wedding photos.”

3. That includes wearing the right footwear, too.
“You’d think high heels would be the biggest issue, but men, listen up: your dress shoes are actually skiis,” Staddon says. “I have seen brides and bridesmaids a plenty navigate slippery slopes by digging their heels in, as grooms and groomsmen go flying by at the mercy of friction and gravity. So check out your treads, take them for a test run, and consider bringing some stylish boots to change in to.”

Pro Tips For Taking The Best Winter Wedding Photos - Couple

4. The winter light makes for incredible wedding photos.
“Regardless of bluebird clear days or snowstorms that hang in the valley, winter light is a photographer’s dream throughout the entirety of the day,” Staddon shares. “Most photographers will dread midday sun in the summer, yet in winter even at high noon the sun sits low in the sky. This means you can pretty much have your portraits whenever and receive amazing results.” Staddon also recommends that couples embrace the neutral colours of winter and incorporate pops of colour in their attire . “Whether it means louder lipstick, florals, a patterned cloak,” she suggests. “Dresses with colour, shimmer or texture photograph marvellously against the snow, and oh man, a suit with some colour in it—perfection.”

5. Winter weddings have a different ambiance and aesthetic than summer weddings.
For Staddon, shots that incorporate the landscape make for gorgeous photos. “There is this vastness and simplicity in winter wedding images where the couple command the viewers’ attention even when they are a smaller part of the frame,” she explains. “There is an extra level of coziness when couples cuddle in, and here is to the novelty of frolicking across frozen lakes or empty downtown streets.” Winter also evokes a cozy feeling with your guests. “I have always found winter weddings to evoke a feeling of togetherness,” she continues. “There is an ambiance that contrasts coolness and warmth that photographs beautifully. The silence of the surroundings when the snow is falling during portraits is only what I can describe as calming and romantic.”

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon In Los Cabos

Travel » Honeymoons

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Infinity Pool

All photos courtesy of One&Only Palmilla.

Mexico will never stop being one of our favourite locations for a great honeymoon. The sun, sand, culture, food and people are just a few of the things we love, and we know for your honeymoon you’ll want all this and them some. What better time than the beginning of a new chapter in your life to indulge in some of the most luxurious experiences possible? That’s why we’ve put together a complete itinerary to have the ultimate honeymoon in one of our favourite locations: Los Cabos, Mexico.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Casita Suite

The Stay
Nestled in the southeastern tip of the Baja California Peninsula is one of the most lavish resorts you can imagine. There’s no better time than your honeymoon to indulge, and we know just the resort to help you do so. The One&Only Palmilla is pure luxury at its finest, and the only place you’ll want to stay for a honeymoon full of relaxation and romantic experiences. As soon as you enter the resort, you’re greeted by palm trees, gorgeous architecture, and caring and attentive hotel staff who will provide you with a lovely cool refreshment.

Any room you book will give you an absolutely stunning view of the waters of the Gulf of California, but for your honeymoon in particular we highly recommend the Casita Suites. Each suite has its own infinity pool that looks right out onto the water, allowing you to enjoy the views in the privacy of your own space. In fact, if you were to spend all your days in your suite, you’d be perfectly fine—each one has its own personal butler service. We also enjoy the attention to detail that’s shown in what’s provided—fresh fruit and cocktail snacks are delivered to your room twice a day, and in the evenings you can drift off to a sound sleep, with the help of personalized aromatherapy and a pillow menu.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Suiviche

The Eats
One of the benefits of staying at the One&Only is its roster of restaurants right on the property so you don’t have to venture far away from the comforts of your bed to enjoy some of the best food Mexico has to offer. Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten helms two restaurants of the five at the resort: Seared, which serves high-quality meat including A5 Wagyu beef, and Suiviche, which serves the best seafood on the coast in the form of sushi and ceviche. Agua by Larbi serves inspiring dishes with seasonal, farm-to-table ingredients, and offers an intimate setting that allows you to dine in private booths for two right by the water.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Agua by Larbi

The One&Only Palmilla also offers tequila tastings and one-on-one cooking lessons with a chef.

If you want to venture off the property to enjoy a romantic ambiance and gorgeous view, the Sunset MonaLisa offers a view of The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, (also known as El Arco, a rock formation that’s also a famous landmark). Sit on one of the nine terraces at this super cool restaurant, which was built into a cliff that overlooks the bay of Cabo San Lucas. With candlelit tables and live music (including opera singers that will serenade you—just make eye contact), this restaurant sets the tone for a dreamy, romantic evening.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - One&Only Spa

The Relaxation
No matter where you go on your honeymoon, a spa visit is essential. The One&Only Palmilla spa gives you an incredible pampering experience, and then some. As soon as you enter, you’re engulfed by calmness and tranquility with relaxing music and a serene ambiance. If you’re going to the spa for a treatment, you’ll be led to your own private suite, with nature just outside your doors. A couple’s massage is absolutely ideal in this setting.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Temezcal

A unique experience at the spa can be found with the One&Only’s newest offering, the temezcal. A temezcal, which is made out of clay, is a small structure that acts like a sweat lodge. As you sit in the temezcal, a shaman leads traditional song, dance and chants as healing herbal water is poured over hot volcanic rocks, creating steam that’s meant to purify both your body and your mind. This eclectic experience will have you feeling renewed and relaxed afterward.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Beach

Some of the best vacations involve laying on the sun and sand, and you can do that on the One&Only Palmilla’s secluded beach. If you prefer to relax poolside, head to the adults-only infinity pool with a swim-up bar.

Your Guide To The Ultimate Luxe Honeymoon in Los Cabos - Cabo Sailing

Photo courtesy of Cabo Sailing.

The Adventures
Participating in a myriad of adrenaline-pumping activities with your new spouse is easy to accomplish in Los Cabos. Take a surf lesson together (Los Cabos is well-known for being host to several surfing competitions), or set sail with Cabo Sailing to explore the Sea of Cortez, as well as take in the views of The Arch of Cabo San Lucas from the water. Your captain and tour guide can whip up margaritas for you right on the boat, as well as a tasty snack and sandwiches, which can feed the appetite you’ll work up from snorkelling in the sea.

The Top 10 Real Weddings Of 2018

Real Weddings

Every year we comb through dozens of beautiful celebrations, selecting weddings for our Real Weddings section that we know our audience will draw the best inspiration from. With so many gorgeous weddings, there are a few in particular that stand out—and you’ve made it known by visiting them time and time again. Whether it’s the unique details, the stellar photography or just the overall vibe of the celebration, these weddings are among the most popular from this past year.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Vibrant Mediterranean Wedding In Caledon, Ontario
1. A Vibrant Mediterranean Wedding In Caledon, Ontario
This gorgeous summer soirée tops the list, and it’s easy to see why. Canadian actors Claire Stollery and Scott Cavalheiro, with their planner Nagham Cararah of Love By Lynzie, transformed their venue, Cambium Farms, with dreamy Mediterranean-inspired decor. Everything from the florals to the mismatched ceremony seating and the couple’s sleek and chic wedding outfits had us swooning. Captured by pro photographer Scarlet O’Neill, this celebration was pure magic.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Minimalist Garden Wedding In Caledon, Ontario
2. A Minimalist Garden Wedding In Caledon, Ontario
Winnipeg-based wedding photographer Casey Nolin flew to Caledon, Ontario to capture this chic outdoor wedding. In addition to the beautiful photography (just take a look at that stunning veil shot!), the details from the couple’s day made us smile. The bride’s choreographed routine with her sister paying homage to their childhood dancing years and the arrival of an ice cream sundae truck were among the highlights.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Romantic Woodsy Wedding In Muskoka
3. A Romantic Woodsy Wedding In Muskoka

This classic, romantic wedding took place in cottage country and featured florals that were to die for. With Barb Simkova of Tara McMullen Photography behind the lens, every memorable moment of this epic wedding weekend was captured—a few highlights include fun wedding games and the couple’s first look on Lake Muskoka.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Colourful, Elegant Winter Wedding In Toronto
4. A Colourful, Elegant Winter Wedding In Toronto
This pair enlisted the help of planner extraordinaire Ashley Lindzon to bring to life a wedding that incorporated as much as colour as possible while remaining complementary to their castle venue. The result was a celebration rich in texture and vibrancy. With all the details delightfully captured by Ryan of Luminous Weddings, our favourites without a doubt are the colourful stationery from Paper & Poste, and a sweet table that’s absolutely to die for.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Beautiful Blush And Gold Wedding In Toronto
5. A Beautiful Blush And Gold Wedding In Toronto

Dancers Chloe and Tim’s wedding featured tons of gold, blush and peach decor, giving the overall wedding a warm, romantic feel. Astin Hwang of One and Only Photo captured images that are light and airy as the day itself. The reception was one of the highlights of this wedding. Two details we loved? The laser-cut wall decal of the bride and groom’s names placed behind the head table, and the choreographed hip hop dance routine the couple performed for their guests!

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A French Country Inspired Wedding In Toronto
6. A French Country Inspired Wedding In Toronto

When a wedding planner designs her own wedding, the results are beautiful, inspiring and deeply personal. This was the case for Jessica Hoang of Bisous Events, who wanted to pay homage to her husband’s French roots with a French-country inspired wedding in downtown Toronto. Blue bridesmaid dresses and Jessica’s Ines Di Santo gown were a few style details we loved. Florals and mismatched vintage blue China plates came together to reflect the planner and her husband’s personal style.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Classic, Elegant White Wedding In Toronto
7. A Classic, Elegant White Wedding In Toronto

Darius and Leanne, models who met in Tokyo, made sure they had the intimate, elegant wedding of their dreams by renting a beautiful property in the Bridle Path neighbourhood of Toronto on Airbnb. The couple took advantage of their spectacular venue with photos shot by Julia Park, and an entire weekend of festivities for their guests.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Timeless, Elegant Wedding In Banff
8. A Timeless, Elegant Wedding In Banff

Banff is known for its picturesque views, but when your wedding is at the Fairmont Banff Springs, you know it’s going to be absolutely next-level. This timeless celebration, captured by Corrina Walker, features dreamy, blush bridesmaid dresses with deep pops of burgundy (which was also the colour of the groom’s suit!).

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - A Modern Copper And Silver Wedding In Winnipeg
9. A Modern Copper And Silver Wedding In Winnipeg

The Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg was the perfect modern venue for this couple’s copper and silver wedding, complete with geometric accents. We loved how the pair got creative with their wedding decor, even DIYing the copper seating chart for the reception. We also adored the meaningful details such as the bride’s bouquet—she paid homage to her mother by incorporating her favourite florals such as succulents and eucalyptus.

The Top Real Weddings Of 2018 - An Ultra-Romantic Wedding In Cambridge, Ontario
10. An Ultra-Romantic Wedding In Cambridge, Ontario

This wedding proved that rainy weather shouldn’t put a damper on your big day—and can even set the scene for some gorgeous photos. With an adorable junior bridal party and tons of stunning floral details, the appeal of this celebration is undeniable.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding

Planning » Reception Ideas

Move over millennial pink, melodramatic mauve is poised to become the wedding world’s most popular pastel hue. We’ve seen this light, whispy purple trending in everything from clothing to home decor, and we’re watching it take the bridal world by storm. Singer Lorde is credited with helping the hue take flight when she wore a ruffled mauve dress to the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards (the word “melodramatic” was added as a nod to her album, Melodrama). This colour is slightly moody yet still romantic, a refreshing departure from the blush shades many brides favour. Here are some creative ways to incorporate melodramatic mauve into your wedding day.

Off-figure photography by Arash Moallemi. Off-figure styling by Rodney Smith, Plutino Group. First published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Weddingbells.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - bridesmaid card and guestbook

Left: Minted Teapot Flower card, Right: Artifact Uprising guestbook,

Wedding Stationery
A melodramatic mauve guest book and bridesmaid proposal card are two ways to incorporate the colour into your theme.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - tea

Lov Organic and Kusmi Tea tea, $17,

Tea Favours
Place a box or packet of tea at each place setting as a sweet favour for guests.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - lollipops

The Social Pops lollipop favours,

These gorgeous melodramatic purple lollipops are the perfect addition to your sweet table.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - goblets

Plate Occasions Diamond-cut goblet,

Purple Goblets
Spice up your tablescape with melodramatic mauve goblets that are guaranteed to add a pretty accent to any theme.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - place cards

Tayne & Ashley hexagn acrylic place cards,

Acrylic Place Cards
Swap regular paper place cards for hexagonal acrylic tiles painted melodramatic mauve and accented with modern lettering.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - napkins

Weddingstar Bold Love personalized cocktail napkins, $30 for 100,

Melodramatic mauve napkins look even better when they’re personalized with your names and wedding date.

Melodramatic Mauve Is The Colour You Need To Incorporate Into Your Wedding - wedding cake

Finespun Cakes wedding cake,

Wedding Cake
This cake puts the “dramatic” in melodramatic mauve. Sculptural and show-stopping, wafer paper is hand-painted mauve and placed on each tier in a fashion that truly feels haute couture.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - v-neck mermaid gown

Dress, Persy. Earrings, Jennifer Behr from White Montréal. Balloon, Haute Balloon.

The biggest wedding gown trends of 2019 look especially glam when photographed in an ultra stylish space. This year’s hottest wedding dresses feature layers of tulle, V-necklines and are effortlessly chic. From a crisp, tailored jumpsuit to a sparkly number that shows just the right amount of skin, we shot seven of our favourite bridal styles at the luxe Hotel William Gray in Montreal. Different, dramatic and guaranteed to turn heads, these are the trends every bride needs to get acquainted with.

Photography by Geneviève Charbonneau. Styling by Tara Williams. Editor and creative director, Alison McGill. Hair and makeup by Andrew Ly, using Annabelle Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Oribe and R+co. Nails by Tamara Di Lullo for CND. Photography assistants, Marc-Antoine Dubois and Tom Bertholet. First published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Mariage Quebec.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - tulle gown

Dress, Monique Lhuillier from White Toronto. Earrings and rings, Birks. Bouquet, Prune Les Fleurs.

Tulle Dream
Layers of tulle and lace embellishments give this gown a dreamy, ethereal vibe.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - off-the shoulder gown

Dress, Rivini. Earrings, Nordstrom. Rings, Birks.

All In The Details
Statement accessories dress up this sleek and sophisticated off-the-shoulder gown.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - glittery gown

Two-piece dress, Di Carlo Couture. Earrings, Kate Spade. Shoes, Steve Madden.

Glitz and Glam
A glittery gown brings all the fun and drama, especially one that incorporates lots of brocade texture and a sky-high slit.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - short dress

Dress, Le Chateau.

Go Shorty
No bride’s wardrobe is complete without a short white cocktail dress, perfect for pre-wedding events or as a second dress option.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - sparkly gown

Dress, Inbal Dror from White Montreal. Earrings, Aldo. Rings and bracelet, Birks.

Art Deco
This sexy, sparkly gown is the perfect choice for a bride who wants to shine, especially when paired with art deco accessories.

These Sophisticated Gowns Are Perfect For A Glam Wedding - jumpsuit

Jumpsuit, Mon Cheri. Earrings and rings, Birks. Shoes, Zara.

Cool Bride Vibes
A chic jumpsuit is now practically mandatory for every bride, and we love the effortlessly cool vibe this one evokes.

An Elegant White Spring Wedding At Graydon Hall Manor In Toronto

Real Weddings

For Laura and David a wedding with a pastel palette and greenery touches was a natural choice given the spring wedding date and their venue, Graydon Hall Manor. “It was difficult to picture how all the elements would come together, but everything looked beautiful and effortless,” Laura shares.

The flowers elevated the couple’s garden party theme, especially the ones used in Laura’s bouquet and on the arbour. “The arbour was built by David’s father, and we hope to put it in the garden of our house one day,” Laura explains. “My bouquet also had a gold brooch of thistle that belongs to my mother, and was made the same year she was born.”

Personal touches were incorporated throughout the celebration. “David laser-cut each of our guests names in wood that we spray painted gold and put on each place setting,” Laura says. “It was a lot of work, but helped the reception tables look so personal and elegant.” David also crafted the couple’s “Flashback Friday” display, which featured old photos of their guests.

The ceremony was one of the best parts of their day. David walked down the aisle first to a classical cover of the theme song from The Office, played by a violinist and cellist. “The classical music was beautiful and really added to the whole atmosphere of the ceremony,” Laura says. “When I started to choke up during my vows, I looked up at Dave and he crossed his eyes to make me laugh. We put a lot of thought into every word we promised to each other—it was incredibly special.”

Laura Macfarlane and David Gabriels, June 1, 2018, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Alix Gould.

Ceremony and reception venue: Graydon Hall Manor
Bridal gown: Watters from Felichia Bridal
Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Stok Floral & Design
Stationery: Paper & Poste
Hair: Victoria Wyant
Makeup: Blush Pretty
Music: Danielle Green and Maximum Music

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How To Rock Colourful Bridal Makeup That Still Looks Natural

Fashion & Beauty » Skin Care & Makeup

Many brides opt for traditional, soft makeup on their wedding day—but why should you if that just isn’t your style? Bridal makeup can be colourful and statement-making; the trick is to play with colour intensities and textures to create an impactful look. Here are four ways to wear some of our favourite beauty shades.

Photography by Carlyle Routh. Styling by Georgia Groom. Makeup by Sheri Stroh for The Detox Market/Plutino Group. Hair by Tony Masciangelo, Alcorn Hair/ Nails by John C. Nguyen for CND. First published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Weddingbells.

How To Wear Colourful, Bold Bridal Makeup - Red Bridal Makeup

Blouse, Narces. Earrings, Jewels by Alan Anderson. Rings, Mark Lash. Flowers, Stôk Floral & Design.

Keeping the rest of your makeup barely there, create a rosy cheek and high-impact red lip for your big day. Instead of a matte finish for lips, make it modern with a lacquered (not glossy!) finish.

How To Wear Colourful, Bold Bridal Makeup -

Dress, Narces. Earrings & ring, Mark Lash. Ribbon, Mokuba. Flowers, Stôk Floral & Design.

There are so many shades to play with, from lavender to deep violet, and most look amazing on all skin tones. We love the colour used monochromatically across the face—a jewel-toned amethyst on the eyes fading to a whisper-soft lilac on the lips.

How To Wear Colourful, Bold Bridal Makeup - Yellow Bridal Makeup

Lace moto jacket, Monique Lhuillier. Dress, Jenny Packham. Earrings, Jennifer Behr, all from White Toronto. Ring (left hand), Wouters & Hendrix at Gaspard. Rings (right hand), Mark Lash. Flowers, Stôk Floral & Design.

For a glowing, gorgeous look, consider a golden saffron stain for your eyes. Worn as a sheer wash of colour over the lids, it makes your eyes pop with a subtle, shimmering iridescence.

How To Wear Colourful, Bold Bridal Makeup - Peach Bridal Makeup

Dress, Rivini from Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay. Earrings & bracelets, Rebekah Price. Ring, Birks. Flowers, Stôk Floral & Design.

Super feminine and less predictable than pink, the softest shade of orange is a retro choice that’s fresh again. A matte finish is what makes millennial peach modern—from eye shadow to blush to lip colour—so skip the shimmer in favour of creamy, opaque finishes.

How To Plan A Wedding In Pantone’s Trendiest New Colour


The Pantone Color Institute has announced Living Coral as its 2019 Color of the Year and this hue is made for weddings.

The tone is bright, warm and energizing and the experts at the Pantone Color Institute chose the shade not only for its comfort and vibrancy but also for its impact in our ever-important social media world. In Pantone’s official statement revealing the 2019 Color of the Year, they said the following about the spirited coral hue: “Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment. In reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy. Sociable and spirited, the engaging nature of Living Coral welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression. It’s a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.”

Living Coral is peppier and punchier than pink, adding a fun, zesty vibe to any celebration. We’ve rounded up all the wedding details you need for a fun party decked out in the year’s hottest hue.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - shoes

Photo via Nordstrom.

Living Coral Sandals
Glitter, and in the year’s hottest shade?! What’s not to love?! This gorgeous sandal will pop with your white dress, or could also make an excellent shoe choice for your bridesmaids.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - tablescape

Photography by Cavin Elizabeth.

Living Coral Tablescape
Patterns and bright colours make for a whimsical wedding vibe. We love the contrast between the green and coral in this tablescape.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - ceremony decor

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Living Coral Ceremony Decor
Coral blooms are the perfect accent for the cream details of this ceremony setup.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - bouquet

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Living Coral Bouquet
Coral blooms add depth and liveliness to this arrangement.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - blush

Benefit Coralista Blush, $38,

Living Coral Blush
Benefit’s Coralista blush is the bridal-perfect shade that looks flattering on all skin tones. This best-selling blush has always been a hit with brides, and for good reason—the coral colour gives the cheeks the exact sort of natural flush that you’ll want on your wedding day.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - bridesmaid dress

Photo courtesy of Show Me Your Mumu.

Living Coral Bridesmaid Gowns
Deck your bridesmaids out in the hottest colour of the year with these gorgeous Living Coral gowns from Show Me Your Mumu. The best part is the colour comes in four different gown styles, so each attendant can pick the one that speaks to her personality.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - candle

SINNLIG scented candle in glass, peach and orange, $1.99 each,

Living Coral Candles
Play up a tropical reception vibe with these bright candles combined with exotic blooms and greenery.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - cake

Photo as seen in the Weddingbells 2019 Trends Guide.

Living Coral Cake
A cake with mixed patterned tiers is especially gorgeous in a poppy, whimsical colour like Living Coral—and it’s one of the (hottest wedding dessert trends for 2019).

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - chair

SJALVSTANDIG chair, pink, $79.99,

Living Coral Ceremony and Reception Chairs
An unconventional but brilliant seating idea are these bright coral chairs from IKEA—no extra chair decor required!

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - mask

Lierac Double Peeling Radiance Mask, $60,

Living Coral Skincare Mask
Include the double-peeling radiance mask from Lierac in your pre-wedding routine for gorgeous skin on your big day.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - lanterns

SJALVSTANDIG lampshade, paper pink, $9.99,

Living Coral Lanterns
Coral lanterns add a romantic ambiance to any venue and look especially cool hanging mid-air.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Coachella Coral, $39,

Living Coral Lipstick
Achieve the perfect wedding-day pout from one of our favourite lipsticks in a shade that’s both flattering and fun.

All The Details You Need For A Living Coral Wedding - necklace

Rebekah Price Light Coral Rivoli Necklace, $235,

Living Coral Jewellery
Glam up your bridal style with some statement jewellery—we especially love this necklace from Rebekah Price.

The Proper Way To Address Your Wedding Invitations

Planning » Stationery

With all the pieces included in a wedding stationery set, it might be easy to overlook the envelopes. But according to Deborah Lau-Yu, founder of Palettera Custom Correspondences, envelopes (and the way you address them) can say a lot about the tone of your wedding.

“A lot of people want to save money, and yes, that’s important,” Lau-Yu says. “You can try to print the envelopes yourself, but home printers aren’t perfect. If you spent money on your invitations, it can cheapen them if you have a label that’s shifted,” she adds. This is why Lau-Yu recommends that couples have their envelopes professionally addressed in typography or calligraphy by their stationery designer. “When it’s printed in beautiful script or font, it shows something special,” she explains.

The details of how your envelopes are printed are just as important as what is printed. Lau-Yu tells couples that the most important thing is to always be intentional when it comes to addressing their guests. “Weddings are sacred things,” she says. “Having your envelopes properly labelled conveys respect, properness and sacredness.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind when addressing your invitations:

  • If inviting an entire household, list all the names on the envelope. This means that if you’re not inviting children, their names won’t be on the envelope. “It’s also the aesthetic consideration,” says Lau-Yu. “It looks really nice to have all the names printed on the envelope, if possible.”
  • If you don’t know the proper title or last name someone uses, ask them. “It’s important to be sensitive,” Lau-Yu says. Taking the time to asks the guests shows you care about them.
  • Go with the more modern way of addressing a couple. Instead of saying, “Mr and Mrs. Peter Chan,” say “Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Amy Chan.”
  • Ditch the traditional double envelopes. Outer envelopes and inner envelopes were used during the days letters were sent by messengers to keep the contents safe. But nowadays, this isn’t necessary. “If the invitation is well-built and the envelope has scuff marks, it’s a part of its history of how it travelled,” says Lau-Yu.

When in doubt, ask your stationery designer for advice on how you should address your envelopes. Couples usually go through their guest list to specify the envelope labeling to their stationery designer. Palettera, for example, gives couples a template to use as a guideline when they’re choosing how to label their envelopes. “With all the junk mail we get, printing a name on an envelope is not seen as precious,” Lau-Yu says. “When you have something with your own name printed beautifully, it shows something special.”

Here are some examples of templates you can use for addressing your envelopes:

For a married couple using different names:
Put the names on two separate lines, alphabetically.
Mrs. Jane Doe
Mr. John Smith

For a married couple using the same last name:
Put the names on one line, acknowledging both first names.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Amy Chan

For an unmarried couple living in the same household:
Put the names on two separate lines.
Mr. Jason Diaz
Ms. Ella Jones

For a family living in the same household, with children under 18:
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Lily Woods and children
Write the children’s names out in order of birth.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Lily Woods
Miss Danielle Woods
Mr. Ryder Woods
If inviting the entire family, or if it is a large family where the names would not fit on the envelope, write:
The Woods Family

For a family living in the same household, with children over 18:
Give the parents and each child over 18 their own invitations and address them individually.
Send one invitation addressing the whole family.

For a family living in the same household, with some children under 18 and some over 18:
Give the parents and the children under 18 a separate invitation from the children over 18.
Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Aliya Mohan
Miss Aisha Mohan
And a separate invitation for
Mr. Ian Mohan
One invitation for the whole family.