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Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s (Possible) Honeymoon Location in Canada


By now, any royal-watcher is well aware that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are fans of breaking the mold when it comes to royal protocol. Their wedding alone saw the first time that a royal bride walked herself (partly) down the aisle, the groom received a wedding band, and the cake wasn’t a traditional fruit cake. (I’m no mind reader, but I’m sure many of the guests were delighted to see that particular tradition being broken). So when it came to the guessing of where the newlyweds would honeymoon, we were all ready for some wildly modern take on royal getaways. However, the couple has allegedly chosen a place for their honeymoon, and it looks like the couple has chosen to follow in the foot steps of royals before them.

According to TMZ, the couple has chosen to stay at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta. They are rumoured to be staying in the Outlook Cabin, which is fittingly nicknamed the “Royal Retreat.” The 6,000 square foot rustic palace is nestled in Jasper, a mountain base town in Alberta near the British Columbia border with some of the most beautiful views that Canada has to offer; scenic lakes and rivers on one side and the Rocky Mountains on the other.

The cabin’s nickname derives from it’s history with the English royals. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother stayed there in 1939, and Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip laid their heads there in 2005. It has also hosted Hollywood royalty like Marilyn Monroe and Anthony Hopkins.

Though the cabin is located in a secluded area, there are plenty of activities the royal couple can partake in this summer. The resort boasts many different types of outdoor activities, broken down by land, sea and air. For land, guests can go hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking to take in the glacier views, including the occasional waterfall. For sea, the hotel has a number of options like canoes and paddle board for visitors to experience Lac Beauvert, a picturesque nearby lake. For air, the landscape can be seen via a helicopter ride or gondola lift. There’s also a top-notch spa, which offers services inspired by the landscape and elements that the resort surrounds—like the “Jasper Wrap” or “Rockies Ritual”. The resort also has seven different dining options—from a chophouse that highlights local game, to a sushi bar with ingredients imported from Vancouver and Japan.

This Game Makes Watching The Royal Wedding Even More Fun


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The wedding of the century is just over a week a way, and the world is gearing up with their guesses of what may go down. What royal protocol will the rebellious royals break? Who will design the much-anticipated wedding dress? Since the last wedding of the century was only seven years ago, we have some predictions about how these nuptials may be covered and what we can expect from the infamous royals. Play along with our Royal Wedding BINGO to keep track of what’s happening, who makes a special appearance and how many tropes broadcasters fall into. In order to play this game you will have to set your alarm. The ceremony starts at 7:00 AM EST but coverage from all major Canadian broadcasters will start as early as 4:00 AM EST.