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5 Helpful Tips For Dressing The Moms In Your Bridal Party

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Photography courtesy of Genevieve Renee Photographie.


When it comes to your wedding there are many people to be considered. The bride, the groom, the wedding party, the guests and…the moms. On your special day both of your moms will want to look their best. It is a challenge that nearly every bride faces in choosing their wedding style, what should the mother of the bride and mother of the groom wear?

1. Match The Bridal Party
If your colour scheme is very important to your wedding decor, you may want to dress your moms in colours that match your girls. Try finding darker or lighter shades than your maids, in dresses that are a similar style. That way they will stand out just enough while still looking unified with the rest of your party.

2. Choose Neutrals.
Your mom is one of the most important people at your wedding, so why not dress her in a neutral to complement your white gown? Incorporate shades of ivory or taupe to create a mother-daughter look that is picture-perfect.

3. Consider Suits.
Take some tips from our favourite Royal mothers and choose elegant skirt suits for your moms. Look for tailored suits in lush embroidered fabrics. Allow your moms comfort in figure-flattering cuts and traditional styles, and add custom fascinators to complete their royal looks.

4. Play With Metallics.
Spice up your bridal party by styling your moms in metallics that complement the colour of your maids. Are your girls wearing plum? Dress your moms in pewters and silvers. Seeing red? Gold and bronze tones would be perfect for your mothers.

5. Change It Up.
Is your wedding the opposite of traditional? Then throw away the rulebook and allow your moms to choose dresses and colours that let their personalities shine through. Give them a list of colours and shades that match your wedding decor and let them go crazy with textures and lengths that best suit them.

How to Host the Perfect Engagement Party


An engagement is a special time in your life, and much like a birthday or anniversary it needs to be celebrated in a big way. Make it a great excuse to get your family and friends together to celebrate you and your husband-to-be!

1. Who to invite?

There will be many moments leading up to your wedding day when you will have to sit down and decide who is invited? Your engagement party is one of them! When brainstorming your guest list, make sure to think of who is most important to you and who you wanted to call first with the news. Also ensure that these people will be invited to your wedding as well. Start with family members and close friends.

2. Planning

When looking for a place to host your soiree, think of places that reflect you as a couple. Do you love big lavish nights out on the town or fun family barbecues? It isn’t the big day so make sure to save some “ooh la la” for later. Keep it simple with drinks and good music. As for food, make it as easy on you as possible: organize a pot luck or hire a caterer.

3. What to Wear

Whether you’re hosting a small backyard party or a banquet hall evening, your dress should stand out and reflect your personality and wedding style. Don’t go over the top with a gown, instead try looking for a fun cocktail dress with intricate detailing or bright colours. Use your engagement party as an excuse to add another pretty dress to your wardrobe!

4. Life of the Party

Have fun! It is your party and your day—keep the bar flowing and some great music playing and your guests will take care of the rest. You might want to have a few words prepared to share with your family just how happy you are to be taking the next step. Some tissues nearby may be a good idea!

Wedding Ideas Inspired by Dark Romance


Inspired by enchantment and medieval style? Change up bridal tradition and add some mystery to your day. Play up your dark side with a black sash for your vintage gown and a dark smoky eye. Enchant your venue with dried flowers and pop some renaissance luxury with a chandelier as your focal point. Incorporate old romance in your ceremony with organza black chair sashes and full white flowers. An elegant combination of dark and light.

Clockwise from top left:

Suit, courtesy Simon Spurr.

Chandelier, courtesy Home Depot.

Dress, courtesy Vera Wang. Photography courtesy Gabor Jurina. Seen in this slideshow.

Flowers, photography courtesy Fuller Edge Photography.

Venue, photography courtesy Orange Girl Photographs. Seen in this slideshow.

Ring, courtesy Birks.

Beauty look, photography courtesy Carlo Mendoza. Seen in this slideshow.

Our Favourite Gemstones and Their Hidden Meanings

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Sparkly stones are pretty to look at, but what do they mean? Is there a particular reason diamonds are favoured for engagement rings? We did a little digging and unveiled the hidden meanings of five of our favourite stones.


Meaning: The stone of prophecy and successful love. Green is the colour of Venus and translates into constant love and beauty. It is believed to calm the mind and encourage good choices.

Why we love it: Emeralds are rare gems that will add a splash of colour and sparkle to your hand. From Jackie O to Wallis Simpson, emerald rings have been a timeless and exquisite display of romantic love stories.


Meaning: The stone of destiny and prosperity. Bringing peace of mind and clarity, this blue stone also represents friendship and loyalty.

Why we love it: A sapphire ring paired with side stone diamonds is a romantic style fit for a princess. Only a style this luxurious could pass through two generations (Princess Diana and Kate Middleton) and remain an iconic piece.


Meaning: The stone of love. Believed to be full with love, the ruby’s blood-red colour implies life and warmth and represents passionate and powerful feelings.

Why we love it: A simple setting decorated with this eye-catching and brilliant stone creates a lavish piece for the fashion forward and eccentric bride.


Meaning: The stone of self-mastery and self-control. This stone protects against negative energy and encourages determination. It also allows for change and finding alignment in life.

Why we love it: A strong statement on an elegant piece. Pushing the boundaries of tradition, onyx adds the perfect touch of glam and panache to classic settings.


Meaning: The stone of love, eternity and strength. Known for its durability and sparkle, the diamond represents innocence and constancy.

Why we love it: A traditional representation of love and romance, the diamond is undeniably an exquisite gem to have on your finger. The purity and simplicity of diamonds allows for extravagant and unique settings.

Get the Look: Iconic Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Style legends like Grace Kelly, Jackie O. and Elizabeth Taylor were truly larger than life—and so were their engagement rings! Read on to find out all the juicy details about their jewels, and check out our look-a-like picks!

Wedding Ideas Inspired By Classic Literature


Take a page from your grandfather’s study and transform your wedding day into a romantic tale. Adorn yourself with stunning lace and traditional sleeves and match your maids in flowing chiffon. Pull your palette inspiration from the books and incorporate earthy pastels throughout your décor with unique place settings and desserts. Carry the vintage feel through by incorporating an herb bouquet and antique china.

Clockwise from top left:

Bridal gown, courtesy Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal.

Tea cup, photography courtesy Brandon Scott Photography.

Bridesmaid gown, courtesy Monique Lhuillier.

Book stack centrepiece, photography courtesy Brandon Scott Photography.

Thyme bouquet, courtesy Coriander Girl. Photography courtesy Carlo Mendoza.

Dessert table, courtesy SweetStyle. Seen in this blog post.

Vintage book table number, courtesy LoveAndFound via Etsy.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Inspired Wedding Ideas


Want a look that’s old Hollywood meets city chic? Then let Holly Golightly help inspire your wedding day choices. Decorate your venue with black and white photos and opt for favours that incorporate a touch of Tiffany blue. When it comes to wedding attire, think three-piece suits and striking satin gowns. Keep flowers and table decor classic and play up the theme by gifting your girls with the real thing — trinkets from Tiffany & Co. that they can wear on the big day.

Clockwise from top left:

Cookies, Sweetapolita photography courtesy Ryan Szulc. Seen in this slideshow and the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Weddingbells.

Bouquet, courtesy Pink Twig.

Bracelets, courtesy Tiffany & Co.

Centrepieces, courtesy Pottern Barn. Seen in this slideshow.

Signage, courtesy My Painted Porch. Seen in this slideshow.