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Final Details


Wow! The last post! I feel like I’ve barely shared all of my ideas with you and now I have but 500 very valuable words left to fill you in on the rest of the details. Here’s how we’ve put our own personal twist (keeping in mind the 3R’s-reduce, reuse, recycle) on some wedding essentials:

1. Website–First, of all, thanks for all of your suggestions! We decided to go with for our wedding website. It IS really easy to use! Check it out:

2. Party Favours–Like we’ve mentioned before, instead of party favours, we’re putting that money into sponsoring a child through Compassion Canada. Since I spent a summer volunteering in Tanzania, we’ve decided to sponsor a little girl from there. On each plate, we’re placing a teabag (Tanzanian rooibos), wrapped in a small envelope with our sponsored child’s picture and a blurb about Compassion Canada.

3. Guestbook–Instead of the traditional guestbook, we’re making a picture wall of black and white photos of us with every guest at the wedding that will be clipped to strings hung from the ceiling. This will serve as the backdrop in front of which our guests will write a message on a whiteboard and take a picture of themselves using our Mac’s “Photobooth” application and remote. Read the rest of this entry »

Photos By Wei Will Brighten Your Day


Finding our photographer was probably the easiest part of the wedding planning process.  I already had a fairly clear idea of how I wanted our pictures to turn out, so when I came across the Photobolic website, I knew right away it was the right fit.

Photobolic is an independent photography studio in Calgary run by Wei Quek: a young, energetic and extremely talented photographer. He takes organic, interesting and PRETTY photographs that you fall in love with like a great pair of shoes! His pictures tend to have an editorial feel to them—pictures that you can hang up on your wall like art. Read the rest of this entry »

Postcard Invitations

Planning » Stationery

As part of our plan to reduce our impact on the environment, we had to think hard about out wedding invites. Sure, the most environmentally friendly way to do it is to send out evites, but I’ve always loved receiving the beautiful wedding invites from my friends in the mail. There’s something antiquated and traditional about getting an invitation (or anything other than bills, for that matter) in the mail.

The compromise: send out postcard invites. That way we can reduce the amount of paper that would go towards envelopes and RSVP cards (and their envelopes), and maps, and registry info, and so on, and so on. The problem with a postcard is that there is little room for text, so the invite has the basic minimal information, and then it directs people to our wedding website for more information. Read the rest of this entry »

Music Be the Food of Love


At Tegan and Sara concert.

If music be the food of love, then we shall feast on our wedding day.

Music is very important to Ger and I, so we want to make sure we have the perfect mix playing for the big day. We also want to make sure our guests enjoy themselves (and shake their booty too!!!). That’s why we are asking one of our good friends, and music expert, Patrick, to serve as our personal DJ. Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding Party Dressed in Eco-clothing

Fashion & Beauty

WBJan10_wedding-dressThe most fun part of wedding planning has got to be planning the different outfits.  Since one of our goals is to consume the minimum amount of new materials in our wedding, this put a twist on the plans. It is this motivation to be eco-friendly that made me want to go with a vintage theme (although, I do love vintage EVERYTHING…it’s the 70-year-old granny in me…)

My Dress: I had a very specific idea of the type of vintage dress that I wanted…lots of lace, old silk, fine details, Victorian-era inspired. I tried all the used/consignment/thrift/antique stores, but couldn’t find anything but five to 10-year-old polyester blend stiff, scratchy and way-too-big wedding gowns. I was starting to get really discouraged, and even looked at brand-new dresses (gasp!), but even with that freedom, I couldn’t find the right dress. Read the rest of this entry »