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Fun Neon Signs You Need At Your Wedding


Fun-Neon-Signs-You-Need-At-Your-Wedding-Til' Death

Photo via Rose Jane.

Neon signs are a hot trend in décor, especially for special events and weddings. A fun addition to any celebration, neon signs add a quirky touch when placed above a ceremony backdrop, photo wall, or even behind a head table, and they complement a range of themes. For a classic wedding, a beautifully lit monogram would work; or for a more whimsical vibe, go for a fun, cheeky phrase or symbol that best represents your own unique personalities.

We’ve found some of the most stunning florescent signs that are totally Instagram-worthy. Get inspired with these 10 beautiful neon accents that are guaranteed to make your wedding an unforgettable affair.

The Most Stunning Colourful Wedding Details


The Most Stunning Colourful Weddings - Hot pink wedding

While it may be tempting to play it safe with a traditional blush and white wedding, more couples are now opting for bold colour palettes for their celebrations. How and where you use vibrant hues really depends on the kind of event you have in mind. If you don’t know where to start, consider incorporating just a few bold shades into your decor, cake, the floral arguments, stationery or wedding outfits.

Especially perfect for the summer season, taking the risk to choose fun colours will definitely make your wedding stand out. Check out all the different ways these creative couples worked eye-catching colourful details into their big days.

Chic Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Fashion & Beauty

Chic Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair - Flower Crown

For girls with naturally curly locks, finding formal hair inspiration can be a bit of a nightmare. Searching through Pinterest and Instagram you’ll find countless photos of fishtail braids and tips for achieving perfect beachy waves, but not much for girls with curls.

Anyone who has had a hairstylist tease, blow-dry, and fry their curls into a literal hot mess will understand why a wave of women are now embracing their natural curls and steering clear of flatirons and curling wands. And there are tons of unfussy bridal styles for naturally curly hair that look absolutely gorgeous.

If you are considering wearing your strands in their stunning natural state, we’ve compiled 10 chic wedding hairstyle ideas that are sure to inspire you. Whether you are a whimsical boho type of girl or a more classic, elegant bride, your hair options are vast and oh-so-beautiful.

The Prettiest Wedding Stationery Sets



Whether you decide to go bold or simple, picking out the perfect stationery style to match your wedding day theme is essential. Through your invitations, guests will get the first peek at what kind of celebration to expect, and a great invitation will help build up anticipation and excitement in your guests for a lovely affair.

Here at Weddingbells we are absolutely smitten with invitations that have gorgeous detailing. From graphic designs to a custom monogram, for many stationery suites, the beauty is all in the details. Some of the best invitations even pull colours and themes directly from the wedding decor. We’ve rounded up some of the prettiest real wedding stationery sets that have us seriously swooning–use these colours, fonts and artwork to inspire your own celebration.

50 All-Time Classic Songs For Every Part Of Your Wedding Day


The task of finding the right tracks to play during your big day is easier said than done. There are so many great choices and many couples have no idea where to start.

The songs you select will set the entire tone of your wedding day. No pressure, right?! Whether your tastes are more traditional or contemporary, choosing the perfect soundtrack is almost as important as choosing the right dress.

We picked 50 of the most timeless, iconic songs for every part of your wedding day. From your ceremony to cocktail hour, entrance songs to dance party tunes, these songs will be sure to get your guests up and moving.

The Best Second Wedding Dresses

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

The Best Second Wedding Dresses - Sexy and Elegant Dress

Having a mid-day outfit change during your wedding is a unique way of surprising your guests and showing your personality on your big day. Not only will a change of outfit make the day’s photo reel a bit more interesting, it also brings an added hint of glamour and anticipation to your wedding festivities. The fun part is: there are no rules here.

We picked 10 of our favourite second wedding dresses from our real weddings to get you inspired. Maybe you want to wear a traditional gown for your ceremony only to switch into a flirty short reception dress to dance the night away in. Looking through these gorgeous second wedding dresses you’ll quickly realize why having an outfit change has become such a popular wedding trend.

Fun Non-Traditional Bridal Shower Ideas


Fun Non-traditional Bridal Shower Ideas

From the theme to the decor and dress code, there are a lot of elements to consider when planning a bridal shower. Hosts that are hoping to throw a party unlike any other should take their cues from the bride’s personality over all else. This will definitely ensure the mood and aesthetic are on point.

If you’re sick of the same old cookie cutter blush-hued bridal showers, we’ve tracked down some super fun, out-of-the-box party ideas that you may not have thought of. From fiestas to backyard barbecues, these celebration ideas are sure to impress.

Rosa Clara Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

Fashion & Beauty » Wedding Dresses

Rosa Clara Spring 2019 Wedding Dresses

Spanish designer Rosa Clará has released her Spring  2019 collection of wedding dresses, staying true to her ethereal and sophisticated style. This line was designed by and for women, incorporating delicate details and romantic flowing fabrics.

The lightness of the silk tulle, plumetti and chantilly lace are a key elements of this collection. The soft lines and and light structures of these dresses are absolutely stunning, while plunging necklines and sky-high slits add subtle sex appeal to the silhouettes.

Chic DIY Projects You Need To Have At Your Wedding


Chic DIY Projects Your Need to Have At Your Wedding - seating chart

Whether you’re a natural crafter or you just want to bring a touch of personality to your wedding day, incorporating a DIY project or two (or 10, depending how ambitious you are) is a wonderful idea to save you some extra bucks on decor rental and to give your wedding a truly unique touch. Not only will you most likely have a blast letting your creative side flourish, often times a DIY project can be rather therapeutic and gives you a little break from the stress of wedding planning. If you’ve decided to take on a project bigger than you had anticipated, all you need to do is gather your bride tribe and enlist your fiancé to get all your DIY projects completed

Whether you’ve decided to do as many DIY elements as possible for your wedding or only to complete one special project, we’ve selected 15 of the most beautiful DIY projects that would be a stunning addition at any ceremony or reception space.

A Modern Tropical-Inspired Wedding In Toronto

Real Weddings

A Modern Tropical Inspired Wedding in Toronto - bride and groom

Jesse proposed in the very spot he met Michelle three years prior, on the campus of Guelph University. “As we were on the way to a trip to Langdon Hall for our anniversary, Jesse said we had to stop in Guelph to drop off a suitcase for his sister,” Michelle explains. “I was annoyed by the stop cause I was anxious for our planned spa day.” But to her surprise, Jesse popped the question inspired by the words of the couple’s favourite Drake songs they had been listening to in the car ride there. “He looked at me and said: all this Drake has me feeling sentimental.” she remembers. “Then he dropped to his knees and pulled a ring box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.”

The bride describes the theme of their wedding as “soft tropical”. “I was initially torn on whether I wanted to go full Dutch with abstract florals and bright colours or completely tropical,” she explains. “So I found this middle point that allowed me to make the outside very exotic and the inside soft and romantic.”

The days leading up to the wedding, Michelle was nervous as the forecast was predicting a thunderstorm. “It had said there was going to be a rain storm all day,” she says. “I remember waking up in the loft where I was getting ready, watching the most beautiful sunrise out of the huge windows. When I read the forecast again, it had changed overnight to 24 degrees and clear skies,” she said with a smile.

Michelle Kaweesa and Jesse Gilbert June 10, 2017, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Mango Studios.

Ceremony venue: Trinity Chapel at University of Toronto
Reception venue: Malaparte
Wedding planner: near+dear events
Bridal gown: Anne Barge
Bridesmaid dresses: Name of Love
Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Timberlost and Wild Altar
Cake: Nadia and Co.
Makeup: Sherry Vanstone
Urban Curls Salon
Music: The Kensie Band
DJ: Brendan Arnott 
Stationery: Paperless Post 
Caterer: O&B Catering

Royal Wedding Etiquette Rules That Should Apply To All Formal Celebrations


Photo via iStockphoto

Royal wedding etiquette dates back centuries into British culture, and even though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have brought a modern flair to these customs, their wedding day is likely to be more on the traditional side. There is a long list of expectations for both the royal family and those attending the event.

Inspired by the buzz around the royal wedding, we asked a few of Canada’s leading etiquette experts, including The Marilyn Denis Show‘s resident butler Charles MacPherson, The Social’s etiquette expert Lisa Orr, and Vancouver-based etiquette coach Elizabeth Burnett of Elizabeth Etiquette, to weigh in on what makes an ideal wedding guest. These pros filled us in on how to navigate wedding etiquette whether you’re heading to a royal affair or a friend’s formal celebration.

1. Stick to the dress code

For a royal affair, the dress code is very particular for the guests attending. “Typically, men dress in military uniform, a single-breasted coat with tails, or a lounge or business suit,” Elizabeth Burnett says. “For the ladies, a very smart dress or suit that covers the shoulders paired with a hat is an absolute must.”

Whether you’re attending the royal wedding or a friend’s celebration, Charles MacPherson says the perfect guest will observe some key wedding rules. “Dress appropriately based on the time of day and any directives included in the invitation,” MacPherson says. He goes on to explain that wearing clothing or accessories that don’t reflect the dress code can be seen as a major faux pas, this may include wearing large white hats, overly revealing attire, or dressing too casually.

2. Be on time

According to Lisa Orr, promptness is particularly important, especially at a royal wedding.  “Guests should expect to be seated well in advance of the ceremony. At Kate and William’s wedding, guests were seated 20 minutes in advance,” Orr adds.  She explains that being on time for the ceremony is extremely important to avoid interrupting the couple’s vows. “There is a huge procession at a royal wedding, so it’s critical that the guests are in place so that it can begin on schedule,” she says.

3. Don’t be a too chatty

“The temptation to talk or whisper during the ceremony is extremely bad manners,” Burnett comments. The focus of this event is about the two people exchanging vows to one another, and being a distraction is unacceptable, especially at a royal wedding.

After the ceremony has concluded, some couples decide to form a receiving line to thank each of their guests personally. MacPherson suggests to keep your congratulations short and sweet. “Be mindful that they have many other people who wish to do the same, so respect the amount of time you spend speaking with them,” he says.

4. Mix and mingle

At weddings, like any other gathering, guests are meant to mingle. “Remember to come prepared to socialize – make sure you are aware of current events so that you are able to comment when someone brings them up,” MacPherson suggests. “It also allows you to speak about relevant topics if a conversation ever lags. Listen to others and ask thoughtful questions to keep the conversation going.” He also suggests for guests to make sure they don’t forget to speak to the people on either side of them at the table.

More specifically, at the royal wedding, some topics are completely off the table. “If you are engaged in conversation with a member of the royal family, avoid conversations that are too personal or taboo. Keep the topic of conversation light,” says MacPherson.  “It’s about exchanging pleasantries, not an in-depth political conversation.”

5. Put your smartphones away

“Inappropriate cellphone use is one bad habit guests will have to break before the big day,” Orr says. “If they’re even allowed inside the ceremony venue, guests should ensure cellphones are turned off. It would be beyond embarrassing if your phone rang or an alarm went off when the happy couple was saying ‘I do’.”

If you’re thinking about taking a quick selfie or making an Instagram story of the event, it may be considered bad manners as well. Especially at a royal wedding, guests are likely to be discouraged from smartphone use all together. “The day will be professionally photographed so there will be lots of people there to capture the moment,” Orr says. “One should ask a staff member if taking photographs is permissible,” Burnett adds.

You may not be able to pull out your phone at the reception either. “Photographs, selfies, and texting at the dining table are a definite no-no,” Burnett states.

6. Respect the cultural customs of your hosts  

British culture is heavily rooted in tradition and rank. Royal wedding guests, especially those who are not originally from the UK, must be vigilant about respecting these customs. “When the Queen arrives for the ceremony, guests should acknowledge her arrival with a curtsy or a bow and should do the same as she exits,” Orr mentions.

Royal guests should understand the dynamics of the royal family. “One does not merely interact with the Queen, or the royal couple,” Burnett says. “Introductions to the Queen and the royal family are known as presentations. One is formally presented to the Queen.”

This idea of customs, culture, and respect of elders may also translate into many different cultures from around the world. If you are attending a wedding from a culture that you may be unfamiliar with, it is important to consider brushing up on the cultural norms when addressing the host family.

7.  Mind your table manners

Weddings are usually more of a formal dinner setting, which means guests are generally expected to follow basic dining etiquette. Especially at the royal reception, guests will be required to follow a few more rules than usual. “Regardless of how peckish one may feel, one does not start eating before the Queen starts to eat, or the royal couple starts to eat,” Burnett adds.

Similar to any event, eating before the hosts may not be seen favourably. In fact, Burnett adds that royal protocol states that guests arrive before the royal family and no one leaves the event before the royal family leaves.

8. Party appropriately

“The first thing to consider is that there are typically two receptions held at royal weddings,” Orr says. “Immediately after the ceremony there will be a reception for everyone who has attended the ceremony, followed by a more intimate event with just close friends and relatives.” This means that most guests that are attending the ceremony, will not be attending the smaller, more intimate second reception. Either way, Orr advises that guests should be careful about their behaviour.

“It is important to have fun and enjoy yourself as a guest but be mindful of overdoing it,” MacPherson says. “Over-imbibing, shedding layers of clothing on the dance floor, or documenting the event on social media would not be appropriate.” It is important to be on your best behaviour, so you may want to leave your party animal card at the door.

“The royal wedding will indeed be a spectacular day of pomp and pageantry, with meticulous attention to detail; much of which will not be revealed until the special day,” Burnett concludes. “Enjoy and rejoice with the rest of the world and toast to the royal couple.”

The Loveliest Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Fashion & Beauty

The Loveliest Mother of The Bride Dresses- short lace dress

Yes, it may be true that the wedding day is the bride’s day. But the mother of the bride certainly has a special role leading up to and on the day of the wedding and it can sometimes be a daunting task to find the perfect dress.

The mother of the bride should feel nothing but comfortable and confident the day of her daughter’s wedding. When selecting her dress, the mother of the bride should take her cues from the bride’s colour scheme and the overall theme of the wedding. If the wedding is a formal black-tie affair, a long gown would be the perfect option. If the wedding is a laid-back beach event, a short simple dress would be both sensible and beautiful. From a wide range of themes and styles, we’ve selected 15 mother of the bride dresses to serve as lovely inspiration for your big day.

Embellished Wedding Shoes That Are Both Gorgeous And Affordable

Fashion & Beauty

These Embellished Shoes Are Both Gorgeous and Affordable - Sandal

Shoes are one of the most important accessories you’ll wear on your wedding day. You’ll want to wear a pair that are comfortable but also elegant, so they will complement your dress. Pretty shoes are a must, especially if your dress is short enough to allow your shoes to show.

Le Chateau has just launched a new line of special occasion footwear called the WB Shoe Collection, and their Spring/Summer 2018 collection is also filled with gorgeous, romantic shoes. Embellished with crystals, rhinestones and gemstones on luxe satin, this line of open- and pointed-toe pumps epitomize the phrase to twinkle toes. With leather lining to ensure comfort, these shoes feel and look glamorous and they’re also incredibly affordable, ranging in prices from $110 to $150.

Details On The Celeb Stylist Creating Meghan Markle’s Bridal Hairstyle

Fashion & Beauty

Celebrity hairstylist Miguel Perez has recently been revealed as Meghan Markle’s official hairstylist for her wedding day. Perez was introduced to Meghan through his celebrity client Amal Clooney, who is friends with the former Suits star. Amal brought the two together when Meghan moved to London and was in search of a hairdresser.

Perez is currently based out of John Viale’s Salon Sloane in London. The salon has worked with a long list of celebrity clientele including actress Lindsay Lohan and the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Now that the royal wedding is also on their resume, we can imagine that appointments at the salon will be coveted, with everyone anxious to get Meghan-approved hairstyles of their own.

Something to keep in mind: both Meghan and Amal are known for their gorgeous blowouts with soft waves, usually left down in all their glory. Meghan’s wedding hair could likely stay true to her signature look, but only time will tell. She’s also looked gorgeous in hairstyles that include polished updos and messy buns. We can only imagine her look will be absolutely stunning on the big day.