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The Teardrop


Photography courtesy Michelle Quance.

Want a little more drama added to your dress, without overdoing it? The classic, yet bold teardrop bouquet may be the perfect fit.

Absolutely stunning with all roses, the bouquet will make the most impact by using a single colour. This picture of my bride is from years ago, but I still adore it! The teardrop manages to be timeless and trendy without even trying.

A friendly word of caution — if you must have this bouquet, be prepared for its weight. Saying it is heavy may be an understatement! Although, I do find that adrenaline-filled brides don’t really notice, but it is still something to consider.

—Amber, Cool Green & Shady

The CG&S McDreamy


As I’m sure you all know by now, I love, love, love whites and creams. I would even say this event could easily be our CG&S Signature wedding.

White hydrangea, lisianthus and creamy Vandella roses in a low, lush mounded design, accentuated in an exquisite footed bowl with matching hurricanes surrounding the centrepiece to boot! Read the rest of this entry »

The Swoosh


Go ahead and order a plain fondant cake! The Swoosh will take care of the rest. :)

This Swoosh consists of mini and large pink cymbidium orchids with some white dendrobium blooms in-between for depth. Since orchids are the hardiest flowers out of water, they are the best choice if the cake is going to be on display for a long period of time or is in warmer weather.

The Swoosh also looks beautiful with roses, lisianthus, and lilies. These flowers however should be placed on the cake just before the guests arrive, so they look beautiful all night long.

Express Yourself


{All photography courtesy Ikonika}

A wedding is a snapshot of a couple for all their guests to see. Their taste, likes, loves is all captured in a wonderful celebration. Don’t be afraid to show your guests who you are!  A recent bride reminded me of how important this is.

Lauren and David had a large, high style affair held at Copper Creek Golf Club. Yet, everything about the wedding was planned with an earthy, warm-hearted style that was a perfect fit for this beautiful couple.

Lauren’s bouquet of calla lilies helped capture her sophisticated personality, while the rest of the decor was designed to show the couples love for organic things.

Read the rest of this entry »

The “Manly” Bout


Is your man not particularly keen on a fantastic floral boutonnière? He is not alone! Here are a couple of options that will encourage him from not only wearing a pocket square on your special day.

The man’s man seems to love the idea of being different, and being different means greens only… with maybe a couple of berries! This sounds boring, but in actual fact can be stunning.  Proof is in the snappy collection [side picture] of snakegrass, beargrass, pittosporum, hypericum, and salal. Now does that bout not yell, “I’m a man!”? Read the rest of this entry »

The Summer of Purple has just Begun


I have said it before, but I’m going to say it again: Purple is the HOT colour for 2010.

The season has barely started and I have already had the pleasure of designing three purple-themed weddings! This past weekend’s was a beautiful cocktail reception being held at the Toronto Hunt Club. Read the rest of this entry »

Peonies Squared


If you think vases are boring … a low casserole dish may be the perfect vessel for a modern centrepiece!

One trendy way to design is with a low arrangement like the one pictured. Peonies are famous for their beautiful ruffles, and I humbly think this composition may be one of the best ways to design with them. Very few vases are sold this shallow, so literally, a casserole dish is your best option. Beyond peonies, open roses, dahlias, gerberas and sunflowers also work beautifully. Any flower with a wide bloom to take up space.

I promise your guests will be staring at the arrangement in awe all night long.

Playing with Mother Nature


I love the true natural beauty that all flowers have to offer. I am not a huge fan of stem died product or paints. But I also love a consistent theme to a wedding. Colours that coordinate the linens, the invitations, the bridesmaid dresses, the cake, and of course through to the flowers!

So, my general rule of thumb is: If you can’t tell it’s not natural, what harm is there in a little paint? Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Harvest Table


Long rectangle tables are a hot new trend. They are a perfect fit for a modern venue,  sleek and streamlined. If you are planning on having rectangle tables, multiple centrepieces are a must.

Now, I know what you are thinking… multiple arrangements mean more money, which could quickly blow the budget! But my point of this blog post is to show you, it doesn’t have to. Look at how beautiful even a simple ceramic cube with two dahlias, a bit of waxflower, and moss is. It does not take much at all! Have fun and think inside the rectangle.

Wedding Season is Back!


Photography courtesy HRM Photography.

There is no better way to kick off the beginning of wedding season, than doing flowers for a friend. Lindsay, from HRM Photography, was married on April 17th. What made this so fun, is a couple of years ago when my husband and I married, Lindsay and I traded services. She would be our photographer, and I her florist, a loyal wedding vendor pact. I was so excited when their date was set!

Now the problem with seeing as many weddings as Lindsay and I do, is it is really, really hard to choose what you want for your own wedding! But in the end I think Lindsay could not have planned a more perfect celebration for her and her husband. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Reason for a Winter Wedding…


The dramatic beauty of amaryllis is reason enough. Their blooms are the size of grapefruit, they come in whites, reds, burgundy’s, corals, pinks and two-tone reds. And although they look like a lily they have no fragrance – so you can use them in everything without worrying about allergy sufferers. Read the rest of this entry »

Ballroom Elegance



This weekend I saw a truly amazing backyard transformation. It took skillful coordination and attention to detail on the event planner’s part, but the result was simply stunning.

A tent was placed right behind the hostess’ house, allowing the guests to enter through the front of the home, pick up their place cards within, and then be lead to beautiful set of french doors which opened upon the unsuspecting beauty within the pavilion. Read the rest of this entry »

The Famous Calla Lily


Photography courtesy HRM Photography.

Photography courtesy HRM Photography.

A stately flower that makes a huge impact all on it’s own—in a stunning brides bouquet, a tall magnificent centrepiece, a single bloom boutonnière.

Callas are grown here in Canada, as well as overseas. There can be a significant difference between their appearance depending on where they are from, so if you love callas, I would suggest keeping the following in mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Respect the Flower!


WBOct09_Glad-CloseI’m certainly accustomed to hearing “please do not use, carnations, gladiolus, mums, and leather fern!” But I have learned that every flower has its purpose, and if designed right, is magnificent. Read the rest of this entry »