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The 15 Biggest Bridal Fashion Trends For Fall 2020

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Bridal designers are working well into next year, presenting looks for Fall 2020 at New York Bridal Fashion Week last week. While 2019 saw a turn towards minimalism with wedding fashion, designers are getting back to gowns that are more detailed—shimmering sequins and crystals, pearls, intricate laces, textural tulle, feather and ruffles are just a few of the major trends we spotted. As for silhouettes, truly anything goes! The ‘80s and ‘90s are featuring heavily in collections. Puffed sleeves and balloon hemlines pay homage to the ear of excess while satin fabrics and sheath gowns are on point as 1990s throwbacks. Here’s s our hit list of the 15 biggest and boldest trends for bridal fashion Fall 2020.

















Why Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Look Is A Game Changer

Fashion & Beauty

Hailey Bieber wore Virgil Abloh for Off-White for her wedding. All photos by Corey Tenhold via Instagram @haileybeiber.

A week after tying the knot (again) with husband Justin in South Carolina, Hailey Bieber finally revealed what we had all be dying to see: the DRESS!

Glimpses of a sleek halter neck gown were seen in photobooth snaps shared by the couple immediately following the event. But apparently, this was her second (or third) dress. She revealed her ceremony gown in all it’s glory on her Instagram and what a stunner it is. Designed by Virgil Abloh for Off-White the sleek and stunning lace gown features a very on-trend off the shoulder neckline, long lace sleeves and a plunging back.

The major talking point of her look however was the miles-long veil with “Till Death Do Us Part” embroidered along the hemline. The OTT veil certainly took her look from luxe to lavish, and we loved how she personalized her look with the bespoke veil. We predict Hailey’s veil will spark a trend of more brides adding personal messaging to their wedding look be it in their veil embroidery, shoe monograms, or jewelry.

This Rustic Wedding Venue Is Dream For Nature Lovers And Foodies


All photography courtesy of Hockley Valley Resort.

If you live in the Toronto-area and are looking for a wedding locale that’s private, upscale and offers incredible natural surroundings, Hockley Valley Resort could be your perfect place. Located in Mono, Ontario just over an hour’s drive north of downtown Toronto, the resort has many beautiful spots where you can tie the knot but the outdoor spaces are definitely the most popular. You can host up to 200 guests on the Montclair Patio a tented space which boasts pool views and also can run pretty much all season (you can get married up until early December). On the resort grounds itself, you can have gorgeous garden celebration for up to 150 guests with a tented area set up in the organic fruit and produce garden. These are two of the most popular and beautiful spaces for weddings at the resort, but if you want to take things even more back to nature consider hosting your party at the resort’s sister property Adamo Estate Winery.

Located a short hop up the road from Hockley Valley Resort, the fully functional vineyard offers gorgeous outdoor space for wedding celebrations. Have a ceremony with spectacular views overlooking wine country or take it inside to one of Adamo’s rustic spaces which have the capacity to host weddings both large and intimate.

One of the things that makes these wedding locations so incredible is the food and catering options. Chef Iniyan Vijay oversees all culinary options at Hockley Valley, from the in-house restos (there are three) to Adamo Estate Winery eats and of course the catering for both properties. There is a focus on local cuisine here and Chef Vijay and his team dream up creative dishes making the most of seasonal produce and local food sources.

We suggest checking in a day before your wedding to enjoy all that’s on offer at Hockley Valley Resort, include a session at the property’s extensive spa. Here you can have all your pre-wedding services handled and get a little Zen time in too—sign up for one of the signature packages like Spacation where you can experience a facial, massage, mani, pedi and lunch in just over three hours—when planning a wedding time is of the essence of course!

793522 3rd Line EHS, Mono, ON, 519-942-0754,

These Expert Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips Will Create A Flawless Glow

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fashionable bridal makeup - lashes

Photography by Chris Nicholls. Fashion styling by Tara Williams. Makeup by Grace Lee, lead artist Maybelline New York Canada/Plutino Group. Hair by Tony Masciangelo, Alcorn Hair/P1M. Beauty direction and art direction by Caroline Bishop.

Acne, dullness, pigmentation issues… these are all common skin problems for anyone, but also the ones that can get amplified leading up to your wedding day if you aren’t taking proper care of your skin. A great bridal beauty look (and flawless photos!) begins with a solid skin regimen that you need to be relentlessly loyal to in order to see results. If anyone knows great skin it’s Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie, the cult brand loved for it’s comprehensive product line that smells as amazing as it works on skin. We recently spoke with her about her thoughts on the best bridal skincare practices.

What is the number one thing a bride-to-be should be focused on when it comes to creating a skincare regime leading up to her wedding?
Consistency is key when creating a skincare regime. You want your skin to be prepared for the products you’re going to use because the last thing any bride would want is last minute surprises prior to her wedding day. Choose a routine that you’re with and makes you feel confident. For me, it’s double cleansing and using brightening, lightening products from Caudalie Vinoperfect line to ensure my skin glows.”

How far in advance does a bride need to start working on her skin?
I usually suggest 6-8 weeks in advance.”

What products are you loving for brides to be?
It’s always about brightening and lightening–the brighter, the better! Our Vinoperfect line is fantastic for this as it’s made with our patented Viniférine (think: dark-spot lightening). I also always suggest a mask to help prep the skin for make-up. Caudalie’s Glycolic Peel mask restores radiance within just 10 minutes. I also recommend our Beauty Elixir—it’s a refreshing mist made from 100% natural ingredients that can be sprayed before and after the make-up to set it on the skin. It visibly smooths the skin and gives you a wonderful burst of radiance.”

For someone who has never been on a regular regime, what is it important to stick to it and when will results be visible?
Something I tell everyone is cleansing the skin and prepping it for make-up is one of the most important steps. This helps eliminate unwanted blemishes and keeps skin glowing. Results are usually visible within two to three weeks but it depends on the type of skin you have. For those with oily, acne-prone skin I suggest our Vinopure line because it works to reduce the appearance of sebum and minimizes the appearance of pores within weeks.”

 Adult acne is a concern for so many. What’s your best advice for beating breakouts?
I’ve said it before and I will definitely say it again–properly cleansing the skin is a key step to calming flare-ups. When I was living in Hong Kong I learned the “double cleanse” technique. This ensures all additional make-up is properly removed from the skin so that pores are not left clogged overnight. We recently introduced a gel cleanser to our Vinopure line, which creates a light foam that helps cleanse the skin of impurities. If you want to really concentrate on the blemish, my recommendation is to apply a concentrated amount of the Vinopure Skin Perfecting serum on the blemish, then apply our Purifying mask as it works to absorb sebum. Then, finish with a spritz or two of Beauty Elixir.”

Facial treatments pre-wedding—when to start, how often to have, and when should you have your last treatment before the wedding day?
To ensure the wedding-day glow, I tell brides to give themselves a two to three-week window. For those looking for that post-facial glow, I suggest a mask the day before or day of their wedding.”

How To Create The Perfect Vintage Bridal Fashion Vibe

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Photo courtesy of Blush Photography

A throwback wedding style that’s romantic and beautifully boho is one that’s on many bride-to-be’s radar, but creating the perfect vintage fashion look can be more challenging than you think. The perfect dress is often the star element that will set the style for the day. Trista Smith is the creator of Vancouver Island-based Reclamation, a fashion label designed and constructed in British Columbia and she creates the most dreamy vintage wedding gowns that mix both old and new materials.

“My line merges the two by creating lovely one of a kind pieces infused with meaning, intention and purpose and are made with reclaimed materials,” Smith explains. “I love reclaimed vintage lace. There is a sweet and palpable energy to it. I attribute that to the care and love that has been bestowed upon it over the years by all the grannies who cherished each table cloth and piece of linen and lace. I’m grateful to them every time I find an especially gorgeous piece!”

Weddingbells: What are the key fashion elements for a bride looking to rock a vintageinspired look?
Trista Smith: “I love the timeless effortless beauty that comes with a great vintage style. I do have a few key tips for vintage brides. First, do your research! Spend time creating style boards for yourself which reflect your favourite looks and style eras you love. You can see how they fit together and go with your overall wedding theme. Secondly, choose a dress that fits your body type. One thing I really love about vintage style is that 40 years ago fashion catered to the average size woman. The vintage inspired dress is intended to shape a body that is not a size zero which is a great option for most women. Lastly, when curating your vintage look don’t forget about shoes and accessories. Don’t discount the uniqueness and romance of choosing authentic vintage pieces. You might love the hunt as much as I do! And these authentic accessories are often much less expensive than what you’d find in the mall.”

WB: Do you have a favourite fabric or design silhouette you think embodies a vintage bride?
TS: “At this time my favourite vintage-inspired style features gorgeous lace sleeves and deep plunging necklines. My current collection merges the sultry silhouettes of the roaring 20s with all the romance of boho-chic style. The results are dresses that flow and move with weighty crochet lace and sleeves for days. There are even some tassels in there for good measure.”

WB: What’s the most important thing you think a bride needs to consider when it comes to finding her perfect wedding gown?
TS: “The most important thing a bride should consider when choosing a dress is how she feels about it. It’s easy to listen to outside opinions and current trends get in the way of that “feeling” deep in the belly. My advice is to let yourself be still and take in how you feel at the moment you see a dress that speaks to you. Let your intuition and heart guide you to the dress that was made to be yours. The dress that makes your heart sing will always make you happiest.”

Photo courtesy of Myrtle & Moss Photography

WB: Do you have a famous wedding dress that you love? If yes, why and what do you love about it?
TS: “I adore Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress with its three quarter length puffed sleeves and high peter pan collar. I love her floral crown and simple elegant make up. She embodied romance, girlishness and true style like nobody else ever has.”

WB: Complete this sentence: “A vintage vibe is perfect for a bride
TS: “…who wants to immerse herself in a timeless style and beauty. The great thing about vintage style is it’s already won! There’s no worries that you’ll have regrets as you look back on photos of your fur corset and feather skirt dress chosen because it was all the rage in Paris. When you thoughtfully curate a vintage style wedding look you know that your efforts will be rewarded with compliments and admiration. Vintage style wins every time.”

Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon

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iPhone 11 will take your honeymoon photos to the next level.

We all know that the photo sharing game is high these days, and your honeymoon is the ultimate social sharing event. Filling your Instagram feed with dreamy photos and videos of your African safari, Italian gastro adventures or palmy beach sojourn is just part of the total wedding package. In fact, there have been many articles written recently about the social media pressures of sharing those perfect honeymoon shots (for the record, we are all for of sharing amazing moments, but never at the expense of your relationship!). If you are about to embark on a honeymoon adventure, you want to be sure to pack the most advanced tech device and camera to cover all the beautiful honeymoon angles—enter the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

If you have been considering updating your phone, this is perfect timing. Not only are these devices faster, sleek and packing prolonged battery life (another travel essential), but the cameras on both iPhones are completely packed with some amazing new features that will make your photos soar. We had the chance to test drive these Apple toys and some of the amazing photo features of the new iPhone cameras are as follows.

iPhone 11’s Dual-Camera System allows you to shoot wide angle with its Ultra Wide Camera.

Dual-Camera System (iPhone 11): Your photos just got a lot more roomier! With the Ultra Wide camera, you can now fit more in the frame, and also see what’s happening outside that photo frame you look through to snap your shots. If you take a shot and cut off important data in the photo, the wider frame will actually allow you to capture the whole photo and your iPhone will autocorrect it for you. No more cropped off heads or tops of buildings you couldn’t quite fit in your frame. Ultra Wide also means you can capture so much more scene, which makes for the most dramatic travel photography possible.

iPhone 11Pro features a Triple Camera System which means you can capture a huge depth of field, just like the pros.

Triple Camera System (iPhone 11 Pro): For iPhone’s first pro model, the camera soars to new levels thanks to a super-slick three camera set up. There are three modes: Ultra-Wide camera, Wide camera and Telephoto camera. This means you are basically packing a professional caliber camera in your pocket that’s able to take the most incredible snaps. With this camera, you can easily zoom from the Telephoto all the way out to the new Ultra Wide camera for an impressive 4x optical zoom range, which means you can capture a huge depth of field.

Shoot 4K Video: The video productions you can create with the iPhone 11 are quite simply perfection. Shoot in 4K at 60 fps (frames per second) and capture all the action thanks to the Ultra Wide camera. New built-in tools also allow you to edit video quickly and effortlessly.

Night Mode: The bright city lights of New York and Paris can now be beautifully captured with iPhone’s Night mode. The best part is there is no filters, adjustments or tinkering required. Just switch on the mode and start shooting—your device will intuitively adjust to deliver dazzling nights’ shots. If you want to tweak things, you absolutely can experiment with Night mode’s manual controls for increased definition and details.

Portrait Mode Plus: Want to produce a pro-star selfie that looks straight from a studio? The new High-Key Light Mono can take a selfie shot against a simple or busy backdrop and transform it into looking like a portrait you had taken in a sleek industry photo studio. Portrait Mode bonus: you can now capture your furry friends in all their glory with Pet Portrait Mode!

Use Pet Potrait Mode to capture your furry friends in all their glory. This one shot with iPhone 11 Pro.

Slowfies: A slow-motion selfie video in front of Buckingham Palace or on Serengeti safari is exactly the photo moment you didn’t know you needed.

The Secret To Finding Your Perfect Bridal Lip Colour

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perfect bridal lip colour

Photo via iStockphoto

The lip shade you wear on your wedding day can make or break your entire bridal look. Think about how you feel when you put on your favourite everyday lipstick: happy, beautiful and ready to take on the world, right?! This is exactly the vibe you should have on your wedding day, which means finding just the right lip hue is as important as the perfect dress (seriously!)

If anyone knows lips, it’s Susanne Langmuir, founder of the Toronto-based global beauty sensation Bite Beauty. We caught up with her while creating our own bespoke lip colour at the amazing Bite Beauty Lab (here you can choose your dream shade, formula and fragrance and watch your lipstick come to life in front of your eyes). Langmuir shared some interesting thoughts on wedding day lip colour dos and don’ts.

“It’s your wedding day and that means it’s your day to own your look and your lip colour, ”she says. “I don’t think there is any shade a woman should stay away from for her wedding day. On the right bride, any colour can look amazing and it’s all about making a statement you feel great about.”

Langmuir knows the transformative power of lip colour—it can boost your mood and the way you feel about yourself. She believes it’s integral for brides to take the time to find the right wedding day lip colour. It’s an item that requires a little time investment to shop for and is not something you should leave to chance for your makeup artist to choose for you day-of. “I was married pre-Bite Beauty and always had strong feelings about my lip colour. I wanted red and my makeup artist went and bought what she thought was the perfect classic red for me but it was too dark and not me. This is why it’s so important to find your perfect match and have it for your wedding day.”

Langmuir says the trick to finding that picture perfect colour is all about matching your skin lip undertones to a shade. This is particularly true when it comes to red and nude shades, the two colour families she says are the hardest to find a perfect match with. As for what’s on trend for 2017 in lip formulas and shades? Langmuir says there is a definite shift happening from matte finish into a dewy, illuminated finish on the lips (and the entire face). Stains, glosses, lacquers and liquid formulas create long-wearing colour and deliver moisture to lips. As for colours, there are lots of unexpected earthy undertones happening like greys, heather mauves and rusts. “These create colours that are very hip and flattering for all–and are wedding-perfect!”

Style Tips For Brides (And Grooms) Who Wear Glasses

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Glasses are an essential accessory that some people simply cannot do without, wedding day or not. If you can’t wear contact lenses, glasses are a non-negotiable — but which pair do you pick? Spec devotees often struggle with trying to decide between buying a new pair to match their look or going with their signature everyday frames.

Recent bride Maryanne Lewell (pictured), who met her husband while they were contestants on Jeopardy!, told us she is an everyday eyeglass wearer and for her wedding day she chose a chic new pair in a subtle teal shade to match her bridesmaids’ dresses.

We also chatted with Tania Fugulin, creative director of Canadian eyewear experts BonLook, for her thoughts on what works for a chic wedding look as well as some amazing frame choices to consider.

What does a bride need to consider when it comes to glasses for her wedding day?
“She should definitely wear a pair glasses that reflect her personality. I suggest a clear frame, a metal frame, or a frame with embellishment. You need to see the frame as an accessory so you want something chic but not something that will overpower your beautiful face.”

Do you recommend buying new glasses for the day?
“Like everything else you pick for your wedding day, the frame should match your personal taste. I would absolutely select a new pair of glasses for your wedding (and make sure your lenses are impeccably cleaned!) This is your day! You will be the focus, so you want to look amazing and impeccable.

What are some fun frame options on your radar for wedding day glasses?
“I love the look of a daring cat eye if that’s your style. I love the look of modern frames in different finishes like rose gold and translucent shades.”

What about eyewear options for grooms?
“I would go with a timeless look, definitely a pair of frames that has a chic edge. We have some amazing new frames in our titanium collection that are perfect as they feature a mix of refinement, classic style and durability.”

3 Ways To Rock Ribbons In Your Bridal Hairstyle

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3 ways to rock ribbons in your bridal hairstyle - ribbon in braids

Your wedding day is the perfect time to play with different hairstyles and change up your day-to-day look. Hair accessories are an especially fun way to add glamour to a classic updo, however they can sometimes be expensive. For that reason we set out in search of the coolest new hair accessory that’s also affordable.

Ribbons can be tied, folded or weaved throughout your locks to create an effect that is as subdued or as bold as you’d like. This trendy new bridal hair accessory is also incredibly versatile — play with different fabrics, colours, textures and widths to create a fanciful and feminine look. We’ll show you three of the most beautiful ways to work ribbons into your wedding ‘do.

Photography by Carlyle Routh. Styling by Tara Williams. Hair by Tony Masciangelo for Alcorn Hair/ Makeup by Cia Mandarello for Charlotte Tilbury/ Creative direction by Alison McGill. 

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Shopping

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Photo courtesy of LoversLand.

A question we at Weddingbells hear from brides ALL the time is “where do I start when it comes to dress shopping??!” As ever, we are here to help you navigate all the ins and outs of wedding planning, so we put together this primer on everything you need to know about how to get started, important timelines and things you may not have considered (as you’ve never done this before, you simply don’t know!). We spoke to Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy, co-owners of Toronto’s uber-cool bridal boutique LoversLand to give you the goods on wedding dress shopping.

How far in advance of a wedding should you order your dress?
“This one has every bride stumped, but it is by FAR one of the most crucial details to know when shopping for your dream dress,” Reidy shares. “We recommend giving yourself eight months to order your dress. This allows enough time for the designer to make your dress, ship it, and for your seamstress to do alternations. Give yourself plenty of time; this way you can avoid rush fees (these can cost a pretty penny). Remember, you aren’t the only bride in the world getting married.”

What is the minimum amount of time required for a dress? What if you are getting married in six months or less?
“Don’t worry if your wedding is six months or sooner from your engagement,” Gulic says. “Depending on availability from our designer(s), we are able to accommodate rush orders. In our store, we have a great selection of ready-to-wear options you can buy off the rack, or sample gowns in great condition! Our designers can usually accommodate a rush order (there may be a fee, depending on the designer and the date of your wedding).

How many fittings are generally required to get the dress fitted perfectly?
“Depending on the gown and fit, one or two fittings are generally required,” Gulic explains. Here’s a pro-trip I love to share with brides: it can be difficult to imagine how a dress will look when you have your hot pink thong illuminating under it, or your black bra straps poking out. For your fittings, wear skin-tone undergarments and a strapless bra, even better if they are the ones you are going to wear on your wedding day! We can also help with that and make recommendations of what to shop for before you come for a fitting.”

When should a bride be picking up her wedding dress?
“It depends on the ordering time before the wedding,” Reidy says. “In most cases brides pick up their gowns from their seamstress one week before their wedding.”

What are some other insider tips of expertise you can share about wedding gown shopping?
“Our most important piece of advice is to do you homework,” both Reidy and Gulic agree. “Raid your friends’ Instagrams, re-pin on Pinterest, collect up magazine tear sheets. Look for commonalities in silhouettes, fabrics, and detailing to help establish your overall vibe and then bring these ideas to your appointments. You also have to come in with an idea of cost and budget. A dress made specifically for you, that incorporates natural silks, fine lace, or beadwork, does cost a pretty penny! So before you set a budget, try to do some research on the creative process involved with producing a wedding gown. Trust your instincts when you do set out shopping, you know what feels you and it’s your wedding! We always suggest leaving the entourage at home and bring only one or two key people with you who are supportive and will give you an honest answer on what they love and don’t love on you. Lastly, remember the experience of gown shopping is FUN! And so is wedding planning and your wedding day, don’t forget to enjoy it all.”


Why HGTV Stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s Caerula Mar Club Is 2020’s Must-Visit Destination

Travel » Honeymoons

Careula Mar Club offers dreamy ocean vistas and an intimate level of privacy, making it honeymoon perfect!

This spring, HGTV’s Island of Bryan broke network records as being one the most-watched shows on the network in over 10 years. The show chronicles the couple’s rebuild and restoration of Careula Mar Club, a beachfront resort in the Bahamas on the serene island of South Andros. The property will open to guests this November and season two of Island of Bryan will continue to follow the couple and their family’s journey as they continue to develop this Bahamian paradise.

We predict Careula Mar Club will be one of 2020’s most exclusive destinations and spoke to Bryan and Sarah about the property and what makes it the ultimate spot for romantic travel.

Clean and beautiful island-inspired decor prevails throughout Caerula Mar Club.

Can you describe the vibe Caerula Mar Club and why it’s a perfect romantic destination?
Bryan & Sarah Baeumler:
“Caerula Mar Club defines the idea of barefoot luxury. It is contemporary, yet relaxed, with open, airy spaces, lots of light, and natural tones. From the layout of each suite and villa with their hand-selected decor, we wanted to ensure all details throughout the resort compliment the natural beauty of the island. The seclusion of South Andros makes couples feel as if they’re in their own little corner of the world—perfect for intimate wedding ceremonies and ultra-relaxing honeymoons. Driffs Bar & Lounge is a great spot for bridal parties to gather for cocktails and catch one of the island’s incredible sunsets, while our honeymoon suite features touches like soft white oak floors, aged marble stone, and windows that frame unobstructed ocean views. Caerula Mar is designed for couples to step away from the chaos of life back home and step into a world of luxury, relaxation and privacy. Guests can literally feel their cares slip away as the beauty and serenity of the island take hold from the moment they arrive.”

The island of Andros is a bit of unspoiled beauty in the Bahamas. What makes this island magical and why will couples fall in love with it?
: “South Andros exudes a quiet charm you can’t find anywhere else. Between the untouched powder-white sands, vibrant blue ocean, and endless natural wonders to explore, Andros reminds us how magical unspoiled nature can be. It’s the largest Bahamian island, but least inhabited, and also happens to have the world’s third largest barrier reef. Couples who visit can enjoy the best beauty of the Bahamas without the crowds, unparalleled diving & snorkeling, and friendly locals, not to mention, a gorgeous location that helps our guests connect with nature. “

Carerula Mar Club’s luxury villas are the perfect spot to steal away for an ultra-private and romantic escape.

What will Caerula Mar Club be offering couples that makes a wedding or honeymoon at the resort unique?
BB &SB: “Caerula Mar Club’s natural points of interest in the landscape, including tall palm tree groves, stunning turquoise waters and an untouched white sand beach allowing for stunning ceremony settings and photography. Whether a ceremony for a handful of close friends and family or a larger party of extended relatives, Caerula Mar Club offers amazing natural backdrops that are incredible to behold, and accommodations that are second to none. Caerula Mar Club’s experienced event Concierge Team offers personalized service to assist all brides and grooms in planning the most wonderful event. Our team is able to offer full services including: decor, hair & makeup, photography, videography and local entertainment for the couple’s special day. We are also equipped to arrange local excursions for the entire party and The Spa at Caerula Mar Club is available for bookings pre- or post wedding as the ultimate opportunity to be pampered and unwind. Whether it be a cocktail hour by the pool, a formal reception or a private dinner for the special couple, our chef and his team will meet with each couple to curate menus rich in Caribbean flavors.”

The resort boasts Instagram-perfect pool views.

Can we expect to see a wedding on the next season of Island of Bryan?
BB &SB: “The team at Caerula Mar Club are currently working with some wonderful couples on their wedding plans for 2020 and as filming is currently underway for Season 2 of Island of Bryan… anything is possible! Stay tuned!”

*The Bahamian island of South Andros where Caerula Mar Club is located was not impacted by Hurricane Dorian, but Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have set up a GoFundMe page to assist islands in the Bahamas that suffered damage and devastation.

2020 Wedding Trend Forecast

Fashion & Beauty » Planning

Photography courtesy of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa.

With 2019 winding down (we know, it’s only September, but with the way time flies December is just around the corner) it’s time to look to the future and do some trend forecasting for what will be hot for 2020 weddings. 2019 was the year of pampas grass, neon-tinged décor details, churros, minimalist dresses and excessive veils, just to spotlight a few of our chosen 2019 trends.

What will be the hot décor styles, confections, style essentials and venue trends? We asked some of the winners of our 2019 Weddingbells Wedding Awards for their thoughts on what’s in the forecast as hot wedding trends for 2020 to help you get planning for your celebration in the year ahead.

Photography courtesy of Wild North Flowers.

“Colour will be huge in 2020! We are seeing a lot of sunset palettes—rich peaches, deep fuchsia, reds and corals. Also the use of unexpected materials like dried elements such as field grasses, leaves, and even dried flowers, and unexpected palettes incorporating yellows, browns. There will be a big shift away from more traditional palettes. There will also be a move towards blooms that have been out of rotation for a while like lilies, carnations, and anthurium. These are coming back in style because they are the new ‘different’ and when used in the right way in a sophisticated palette, they can be so beautiful and unique. When it comes to ceremony set ups and reception spaces, it will be all about making the most of the natural space in new and exciting ways—think of an installation in an unexpected corner, or creating more of a natural arch from the ground up rather than a classic arch, which is beautiful of course, but each couple really wants something curated for them and something that hasn’t been seen yet. Getting artful with your florals is definitely happening for 2020!”
—Mackenzie Zufelt, wedding coordinator, Wild North Flowers, 2019 Wedding Florist winner

Photography courtesy of Bride by Catherine Langlois.

“There are so many fresh things happening with bridal fashion for 2020. Things that are not going away in the coming year: boat necklines, soft tulle and sheer touches, straight a full circle skirts. We are forecasting a big year for sleeves. Not the long, slim lace sleeve that we’ve seen for the past several years but sleeves with volume in sheer fabrics, puffed and flared, draped, elbow flutter sleeves, the angel sleeve. They will be the most interesting and bespoke dress detail of 2020. Other things you can expect to see on the rise are pastel toned dresses—shades like blue, rose and lavender will be big. There is also a move to a very feminine feel with a seventies vibe. Dresses will be looser, less restrained and structured. I am loving the idea of ballgowns with an edge and have actually pulled out a bustle pattern of mine from the mid ‘90s for brides requesting a modern princess look and there are a lot of ‘80s feels happening with the puffed sleeve.”
—Catherine Langlois, Bride By Catherine Langlois, 2019 Canadian Bridal Designer winner

Photography courtesy of Uno Jo Bridal Hair.

“Relaxed, textured and messy updos have definitely been the biggest wedding hair story of 2019. I’ve also had a lot of requests for the messy ponytail. Brides want effortless hair and I see that continuing for 2020 but what is changing is the hair accessories for brides. Pins, barrettes and brooches have been so big in fashion for hair and that is an emerging trend that’s being embraced for brides. Instead of classic bridal hair gems, brides will lean towards simple and fashion-forward pieces to accessorize their wedding hair.”
—Uno Jo, Uno Jo Bridal Hair, 2019 Bridal Hair winner

Photography courtesy of Radford Studio.

“We are saying goodbye to the overly done, cakey makeup look of years past. Brides now want that fresh and dewy makeup, with natural foundation and skin that glows with the right use of highlighting powder Eyes should be enhanced, but no heavy liner and dark shadows. A hint of lashes extensions (go natural, nothing too long or too thick!). No bold coloured lips, instead just a hint of nude or pink. Moving into 2020 it’s all about letting your inner beauty shine through, with makeup that will last dusk until dawn! This trend in makeup compliments the new bridal hair, which is relaxed, and also very natural looking—nothing to overly structured. Also let’s not forget about great skin on your wedding day, which is the foundation to great beauty. Microneedeling is the new ‘it’ treatment and it requires little downtime. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure treats skin concerns via collagen production and uses fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin. The micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production. It’s a tiny bit of pain for a huge gain–you will notice a difference in your skin with just one treatment!”
—Victoria Radford, owner of Radford Studio and 2019 Makeup Artist winner

Photography courtesy of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa.

“The garden party is a huge trend for weddings. The great thing about this theme is that it can be interpreted many different way and made super personal. Everything from gingham tablecloths to fruit and burlap in centerpieces, as well as unexpected and dramatic botanical elements in their floral décor. There is also starting to be a swing away from the sweet table spreads (you may want to skip the sugar altogether!) in favour of the savory spread—sliders, fries, pizzas, grill cheese. More couples are going this route for guests and late night nibbles. Lasting a trend that started to come on strong in 2019 and will only gain momentum in 2020 is the short-window booking for weddings. Planning a wedding in six months (or less!) is becoming the new norm and venues can absolutely accommodate this. Don’t think you can’t get it done, well in 2020 you absolutely can!”
Tiffany Kyryliuk, event and wedding co-ordinator, Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa, 2019 Hotel Wedding Venue winner

Photography courtesy of Paper & Poste.

“Couples looking for a custom invitation experience are often hoping create an invitation suite as personal and unique as possible so custom art work is becoming a huge thing. Many of our recent clients want to create custom artwork which some way representative of themselves, their interests and/or the venue where they’re getting married! This could mean a romantic watercolour painting of the venue in the liner, a hand drawn map, or a cute and playful portrait of the couple themselves (and often their pets as well) as the focus on the main invitation piece. Expect also to see an experiment with the addition of less expected elements like a colourful wax seal, laser cut inner envelopes, white ink addressing or printed vellum bellybands. The possibilities are endless if you’re willing to experiment with less traditional approaches to invitation classics.”
Rasa Morrison, graphic designer, Paper & Poste, 2019 Wedding Stationary winner

Cake by A. Elizabeth Cakes.

“For 2020 there are a few very cool things on the radar. Colour palettes are shifting away from traditional pinks and pastels towards a sunnier palette— think oranges, yellows, ivory and nude tones. I’m seeing these colours replacing traditional white wedding cakes as well as appearing in floral cake accents. Acrylic tiers are another detail becoming huge in the cake world. Whether they are used as short spacer tiers, or as a transparent focal point, clear, acrylic accents can be a fun way to bring a modern edge into your cake design. I love the idea of showcasing some blooms inside an acrylic tier or even adding lights or a suspended monogram. Lastly, ikebana inspired floral arrangements are now happening with cakes. Whether they are handmade sugar flowers, or fresh flowers provided by your florist, so many cakes include floral accents. Think about arranging them in a wild and natural ikebana styled look, as opposed to more traditional tight clusters. Ikebana explores the natural shape and form of flowers, often leaving exposed stems and utilizing leaves and buds.”
A. Elizabeth Cakes, 2019 Wedding Cake winner

Photography courtesy of Blush Photography.

The trend of having wedding portraits taken on a separate day will only grow in 2020. Instead of spending your wedding day with the photographer racing from location to location to take photos, this option allows you to enjoy the precious time of your wedding day with your family and friends. It allows you also to capture portraits in more beautiful locations and time of day, as they you are not confined to the location or schedule of your wedding. Props are OUT (no more gigantic balloons or signs!) and photos are becoming more candid with a more genuine, authentic and timeless quality. Along with this thought so too has come the rise of honeymoon photography. I have always thought getting professional photos on your honeymoon was an amazing idea and it’s now starting to catch on… I’m receiving more and more requests for honeymoon shoots.”
—Kristy Ryan, photographer and co-owner of Blush Photography, 2019 Wedding Photography winner


How To Plan The Perfect Wedding & Honeymoon Safari in Kenya


Alison Carey and Andrew Felfoldi had a gorgeous destination wedding and honeymoon in Kenya. All photos courtesy of Scott Dunn.

If you are looking for an incredibly exotic, luxurious and otherworldly destination for your wedding and honeymoon, Kenya is the perfect place. Home to incredible backdrops (Kenya offers mountains, lakelands and savannah), incredible adventure, culture and natural wildlife (lions, elephants and rhinos, oh my!) this country in East Africa is certainly not your average wedding location and that’s what makes it so incredible.

Scott Dunn is a luxury travel company which specializing in planning bespoke trips around the world and including weddings and safaris in Kenya. Alison Carey (who works at the company as a travel guide) and her husband Andrew Felfoldi recently had their wedding and honeymoon in Kenya. Carey says it was a dream destination for a number of reasons.

“Getting married in Kenya was absolutely the right decision for us and provided the exact balance of exotic adventure, luxury and intimacy that we were hoping for,” Carey shares. “We had always wanted to do a small destination wedding and to share more than ‘just a party’ with our loved ones. So as lovers of wildlife and remote places, Kenya quickly become our top choice and we could not have been happier for the opportunity to invite our loved ones along for a once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure. Our guests were truly amazed by the jaw-dropping scenery, majestic wildlife, delicious food and warm, wonderful people. Our actual wedding day was calm and organized and the overall trip was action packed yet restorative—all of our guests left saying that it was the most incredible week of their lives!”

If a wedding in Kenya sounds like it also might be perfect for you, Carey has some savvy planning tips to consider for the destination.

  • Choose an all-inclusive property. “One of the main reasons I chose Africa was for ease of planning and accounting. I knew that everything was included and exactly what it would cost.”
  • Consider a location easy for guests. “This is one of the reasons I selected Kenya. I was really open to any good safari destination in Africa, but we ended up going with Kenya because it has a great reputation and Nairobi has lots of international flights.”

  • Look for a location with wedding experience. When looking for the right location, I tried to pick somewhere that had a good track record as well as somewhere that had done a wedding in the past. This was important.”
  • Rely on your venue to help with vendors. “If you’re worried about hiring caterers, photographers, florists and bakers in a location that you’re not in, don’t. It was surprisingly easy. The hotel had excellent existing local contacts for us to choose from.”

  • Expect the unexpected! “Build in some downtime before and after the wedding. I added many more safari drives than I knew I would go on, because as with any wedding, and especially a destination wedding, there were going to be last minute details that would come up and unplanned changes that would happen.”
  • Arrive ahead of your guests. “We were at the property a day earlier than all of the guests, so we could do a private safari as a couple and go on a walk-through of the venue. It really helped me de-stress and it got all of our guests excited to arrive, seeing our trip photos on social media.”

These Are The Biggest Wedding Décor Colour Palette Trends


Brittany Frid creative director of Frid Events works on a recent colour-rich summer wedding. All photos: Design/Coordination/Florals/Stationery/Decor by Frid Events. Photography by Scott H. Wilson. Venue: Rockport Barn.

“The whole wedding industry is SO over the colour blush!”

Brittany Frid, Creative Director of Frid Events speaks the truth. Likely most of the weddings you have seen in the last five years incorporated this soft shade in to the mix but honestly in 2019 (and moving in to 2020), it’s time to say bye-bye. “Blush is such a popular colour because it’s timeless and romantic, but there are other ways to have an elegant wedding while also doing something unique,” Frid explains. “I find couples who gravitate towards blush simply aren’t sure how to experiment with colour or are afraid of their choices will look too bold or tacky. If you are more comfortable with soft neutrals but want to modernize your palette, try swapping blush for a pale mauve or a light butter yellow. If you still like blush but want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try experimenting with apricot, terracotta (very trendy right now!) or burgundy if you’d like to keep a classic touch. Push those boundaries because I feel many people are not as vanilla their wedding palette would suggest!”

So what does Frid see as the biggest colour trend in wedding décor palettes? She says bright and bold hues are on the rise and says her and her team have recently seen some seriously bright and experimental palettes come to life. “This is so refreshing! We’re really seeing a strong tone-on-tone trend emerging with saturated colours reminiscent of the 70’s. Think cherry red paired with bubblegum pink, taupe with terracotta, even pastel yellow and mustard.”

Frid says if you are considering your wedding palette and want to try something fresh and fun try this exercise: take your favourite neutral and find the undertone in it, and then exaggerate the undertone. “For example, the colour ivory looks white but it has yellow undertones, so we would pair it with a dijon hue, or even with chartreuse which is poppy yellow/green.”

When you do find that dream palette, keep it consistent from invitation to reception. This will set the tone for the day and helps establish what your guests can expect from the wedding day in terms of style and formality. We recently designed this really fun summer wedding where we used a rich forrest green as the base colour and accented it with berry tones and pops of coral,” Frid shares. The green was classic and sophisticated and the pops of fuchsia, burgundy, copper and peach were just enough to make it fun, summery and a little wild. This elegant yet vibrant colour palette was first used in the invitation and followed through with the forrest green linens, bright florals, burgundy candlesticks, ceremony arch, napkin colours and even in a huge champagne wall. We really pushed every tone in the whole palette in every decision we made, and it created a consistent, three-dimensional event.”

Having your palette balanced throughout your celebration is key says Frid. Just like fashion, you never want to take things into the much-too-much zone. Frid suggests once you find your base colour, choose up to five accent colours to compliment it.

“Each of the accent colours should somehow be connected. A good way to see if they’re connected would be to use paint chips and select colours on the same chip. Another way would be to take the primary flower you are using at your wedding and identify all the colours within that flower. For example, peach foxglove has a spectrum of colours that sound strange together on paper but look beautiful together: butter yellow, peach, darker apricot and burgundy. When these colours are placed on the base colour, they’ll look cohesive and deep instead of a random mix.”