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Fun Accessories For Your Flower Girls That Aren’t Flowers


Photography courtesy of Natalie Andrusiak as seen in this real wedding.

As your bridal party walks down the aisle, they are helping to set the tone for the ceremony that will follow. It is a traditional part of most wedding ceremonies to have your closest friends or family walking ahead and making way for you to marry your partner. A conventional bridal party includes not just your bridesmaids but also a flower girl. While the flower girl is usually a young girl carrying flowers or a basket of petals down the aisle, nowadays the role doesn’t require her to simply carry a bouquet. A lovely arrangement of wedding flowers is beautiful and traditional, but you can make the part of flower girl more  modern and original by personalizing what your flower girl holds. There are a number of other adorable items that she can carry down the aisle to make that part of the ceremony more meaningful. Here are some inspiring alternatives to flowers that we love seeing flower girls carry.

It can be just as sweet for a flower girl to toss confetti or dried leaves as she walks. If you do choose confetti, you can incorporate your wedding colours to tie it to your theme.

A Stuffed Animal or Pet
If you and your partner have a pet you can have them walked down the aisle with your flower girl. If your pet is not able to be at your ceremony, you could also have them presented symbolically with a stuffed animal or toy. 

A Pumpkin
If you’re hosting a fall wedding, a small pumpkin or gourd is an adorable way to incorporate the season into the walk down the aisle. 

A Themed Object
If your wedding has a distinct theme, your flower girl can walk with a special item that matches your theme.

Add some colour and whimsy into your ceremony by having your flower girl carry a bouquet of balloons, or even just a single balloon.

Umbrella or Parasol
For an outdoor ceremony, a cute option is having your flower girl carry a colourful umbrella or a painted parasol which can serve as decor, and also allows her to shield her face from the sun. 

Lights or a Lantern
This is a great option if you’re having a late night or evening ceremony. Have your flower girl carry twinkle lights in a mason jar or a lantern for a magical, romantic vibe. 

Blowing bubbles is a universal sign of happiness and lightness, and having your flower girl blow bubbles while she walks down is aisle will make for a sweet and adorable moment. It will also make for some beautiful wedding photos.

The Best Wedding Shoes For An Outdoor Ceremony

Fashion & Beauty

While picking the perfect gown for your wedding day may seem like the end of the equation, picking the right bridal shoe is another important fashion step in your planning process. If you’re hosting your ceremony outdoors, you may have to explore more than stilettos and slingbacks when it comes to footwear. While wearing a standard pair of heels may not be ideal for a wedding on the grass, it doesn’t mean that you need to opt out of heels completely. There are plenty of gorgeous wedding shoes (including sneakers!) that are perfect for a ceremony outside. 

Platforms (pictured above)
These Aruna Seth kicks combine glamour, comfort and just the right amount of lift.

White Slides
These Toms slides are a comfy walk down the aisle while the cut out is a sweet touch that elevates their style.

Chunky Heels
A chunkier heel won’t sink into the grass and these Jimmy Choos are bridal perfection.

Bridal Sneakers
Your wedding day doesn’t mean you can’t wear any sneakers like these platform Kate Spade Keds.

Delicate Flats
These Sophia Webster flats will elevate your bridal looks and are perfect for walking down your outdoor aisle.

Ankle Boots
White boots like this pair from Aldo are perfect for your outdoor ceremony and beyond.

A pair of wedges or espadrilles like this Gucci pair is a great heel variation for your natural wedding location.

Clear Mules
A pair of mules like this clear Jeffery Campbell pair prove your wedding shoe doesn’t need to be white.


How To Decide When To Throw Your Engagement Party


Photography courtesy of Renata Kaveh as seen in this engagement party.

Once you’re engaged, you may immediately open a bottle of champagne and rush to your parents house to tell them the good news. After all, it is a day to be celebrated! But once you’ve told your closest loved ones and shared your ring selfies and just engaged snaps on social media, you may be planning to invite your more extended circle to join you in the celebrations with an engagement party. 

While an engagement party isn’t a mandatory part of the planning process, many couples do choose to take this extra step. An engagement party will be the real kick-off into your wedding planning and the guest list may help to dictate the guest list at your wedding. However, unlike a wedding there are less traditional customs and rules that dictate your planning as not every couple chooses to throw an engagement party. Therefore, your festivities can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, with a large number of guests or an intimate group. The most important question to begin with is when should you be throwing this party. 

A number of factors will impact the timing of your engagement party. First, your need to determine who will be throwing your engagement party. While it’s not uncommon for the engaged couple to throw their own party, it may also be hosted by friends or family as a gift to the happy couple. This may impact the timing of the party as they will be the ones pulling the strings and dictating the party with your help. Some couples also opt to throw more than one party if their families live in different places or they’ve moved away from home. 

A good rule of thumb for the timeline for your engagement party is one or two months after the engagement. This gives you time to adjust to being engaged and enjoy the moment of your new relationship status before you start down the road of wedding planning. You don’t want to jump into your engagement celebration too soon without having time to celebrate with your partner and enjoy this transition. Within this two month period of time, you’re not yet in the throes of the actual wedding planning, which makes it perfect for this smaller celebration. Your engagement party can be a trial run at planning a smaller party before the big day and you can also test out themes or ideas you’re considering for the ceremony. 

If you are planning on having a shorter engagement, then this party date should be moved up to adjust for time so that your engagement party and wedding date aren’t too close together. No matter when you plan your engagement party, make sure to give your guests as much notice as possible. This will be the first real step into your wedding festivities and all of your loved ones should be there to enjoy it with you. 

How To Plan A Low-Key Bachelorette With Your Bridesmaids


Photography courtesy of LV ImageryAs seen in this real wedding.

Most wedding movies showcase a bachelorette party as a wild night of drinking and partying. The evening as seen as a celebration of the brides “last night of freedom”—a time to go wild before settling down.  However, the reality is that more and more brides are opting to throw their bachelorette party in more low-key venues with less wild antics to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with their bridal party. 

While the wild hen weekend in Vegas may be right for some brides-to-be, it’s not something that is right for everyone. Connie Bell, who was married in the summer of 2018, chose to keep her bachelorette celebration chill after her bridal party insisted she have one at all. The soirée was held at a cottage and while there were cocktails, it wasn’t the focus of the evening. Bell says she really want to just hang with friends and loved ones. “I just wanted to have an amazing dinner and evening with my bridesmaids.” 

Bride Erin Wierenga had a similar notion for her own bachelorette party. While she chose to have a celebration, her bridal party planned the weekend away to the beach. Erin adds that they “did an amazing job. They clearly knew me because they hit all the things that made it the best weekend.” The casual weekend didn’t need to be over-the-top to make it memorable. 

Bridesmaid Kali Pieters, who was in the bridal party at both weddings enjoyed the more laid-back weekends that were suited to the brides. “I think their personalities kind of reflect the kind of party they had. The bridal party made sure it was something they would enjoy rather than dread.” 

While we often see this wild night as a rite-of-passage there are no rules set in stone. The most important part of any bachelorette party is that the bride is surrounded by the people she loves, able to celebrate the bliss she is about to enter into. The party should reflect what the bride-to-be wants and the friendships that she has. Here are three amazing ideas to propose to your girls if you want a party that’s chill.

1. Afternoon Tea. This is one of our favourites ways to celebrate and it never gets old. Afternoon tea is a ritual to be savoured and enjoyed with friends. There are so many amazing tea services happening in hotels and restaurants today, the challenge will be picking the pefect one for you. Her are suggestions for some great ones.

2. Spa Day. Spend the whole day at the spa getting pampered… that’s something everyone can get behind! Many spas offer girls packages for just such an occasion, with additions such as lunch and bubbly. Sounds like heaven!

3. A Wellness Retreat. Instead of having a boozy weekend, sign on for a few days of zen at a wellness retreat. This is the perfect way to relax, detox and destress before your big event. You can find one that’s local to you, or there are many amazing ones around the world should you want to travel for it!

20 Gorgeous, Understated Minimalist Wedding Ideas


While Marie Kondo has us lusting after minimalism in our homes, we also love the idea of gorgeous wedding details that are elegantly simple. And while a themed wedding can be super fun and original, the minimalist trend will always be timeless. If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect wedding colour palette or theme, opting for a minimalist look may be the easiest way to go. A pared-down colour palette and minimalist florals can create a gorgeous, effortless look you’ll love.

The less-is-more trend has grown as a statement with a simplicity that elevates your wedding. There has always been an elegance to simplicity and there are many gorgeous wedding details that are both stunning and modern. Here are some beautiful, minimal wedding touches we love.

1. A chic white wedding arch

Photo via Wedding Forward.

2. A simple place setting

3. A minimalist seating chart

Photo via Simply Cantara.

4. Understated aisle greenery

Photo via These Lovely Days.

5. A gorgeous, foliage-heavy bouquet

6. A hanging leaf backdrop

Photo courtesy of Free People.

7. Typography-focused table numbers

Photo courtesy of Pine Tide Co.

8. Eco-friendly confetti 

Photo courtesy of Emma Loves Weddings.

9. A three-tiered cake

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty.

10. A sweet sign for your guest book signatures  

Photo courtesy of Penny Lane Stationary.

11. White candles decorated with greenery

Photo courtesy of The Wedding of My Dreams.

12. A dessert wall

Photo courtesy of The Wedding Playbook.

13. A minimalist bar menu 

Photo courtesy of Unmeasured Event.

14. A rustic card box

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty.

15. Illustrated wedding invites

Photo courtesy of Letterpress Gruekarten.

16. White chairs with adorned with greenery

Photo courtesy of The Celebrations Society.

17. Headtable garland swag

Photo courtesy of Wedding And Blog.

18. Overflowing floral centrepieces with dainty florals 

Photo courtesy of Brit + Co.

19. A modern bar

Photo courtesy of Mod Wedding

20. Chic green boutonnieres

Photo courtesy of The Wedding of my Dreams.

The Morning-Of Wedding Day Tradition You Should Have With Your Bridesmaids


Photography by Purple Tree, as seen in this real wedding.

The morning of your wedding can be filled with nervous jitters and excited preparation for what is to come. For many brides this can be a stressful time as all of your planning is coming together. You may be filled with nerves about walking down the aisle and saying your vows. Taking a moment of calm to enjoy everything that has led up to this day is a rewarding and memorable way to spend some special time with your bridal party before the major celebration begins. 

Hosting a morning breakfast or tea with your bridesmaids allows you to unwind and celebrate your closest friends and loved ones before you get ready for the big day. It is traditional for the bridesmaids to get ready for the ceremony with the bride, inviting them to join you earlier for a morning tea to celebrate before you and the party begin to prepare for the ceremony is a special addition and treat that they will love.  

Plan your morning reception in advance so your bridal party is ready to show up early and take part in your pre-wedding bliss. The celebration can be as simple as brewing a pot of tea, putting out some snacks and thanking them for all that they have done to help and support you in the lead up to your wedding day. By taking this extra step you are able to step back from the planning and what is about to come in order to enjoy everything that they have done to help you prepare for your day.  If you’re planning to give your bridal party gifts on the day of your wedding this is also the perfect time to share them. 

While a small sit-down morning tea or coffee is enough to celebrate, if you’re looking to make things a little more formal some mimosas and brunch are a simple addition that your bridal party will appreciate. Hosting a morning meal also ensures that you and your party have fuel before starting your long day. Make sure that you order or prepare some hearty and light foods that will get you and your bridesmaids through the day as you may not have time to stop and eat again until your reception. 

Taking some time out of your wedding day to enjoy the people around you and all that they mean to you is an easy but thoughtful way to make sure you are able to appreciate everything that has gone into your wedding.

The People You Don’t Need To Include On Your Wedding Guest List


Photo courtesy of Sara Petrak, as seen in this real wedding.

The guest list is definitely one of the bigger beasts of wedding planning, and knowing how to wrangle it is key to event success! It is the one variable of the day that is most difficult to manage—as you start compiling guest names for your event you will noticed how quickly it grows until you are likely well outside of the magic number you have set for your party. With weddings comes a certain sense of obligation of who you need to invite. While there may be pressure (from your family in particular!) to include many people, you need to give careful consideration to who you really want to have there with you on your day. Here’s an essential list of who to consider inviting to your wedding and the etiquette surrounding extending (or not extending) the invitation.

Work Mates 
This can be an all or noting situation. It can get sticky if you invite some but not all of your colleagues and the question of inviting your boss is also a big one—it really comes down to your personal relationship with them. 

Old Friends
Planning your wedding may bring up a lot of memories and people from your past. After your engagement they may have wished you and your partner well, bringing up your past friendship and making you feel like you need to send an invitation. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t spoken in the last year or more, they’re okay to leave off the list. 

Your Parent’s Friends
Even if your dad is asking you invite his bowling buddies or the guys from work, this is your day. Your parents will understand (or they should!) your need to limit your guests and can’t include special additions that they have. 

A Relative’s Plus Ones
It’s becoming more and more common to allow young people a plus one, even if they aren’t in a relationship. If you haven’t met someone’s significant other it’s okay to extend a single invite.

Extended Family
If you’re looking to keep the guest list small you don’t need to include any extended family. However, if you aren’t including one cousin you should treat them all in the same way to keep things fair.

Everyone Whose Past Wedding You Attended
Just because you’ve been included in their wedding bliss does not mean you are required to share yours. Everyone treats their guest list differently and this should not make you feel that it’s necessary to add them, particularly if space is an issue.

Edible Wedding Favours Your Guest Will Love

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Photo via Hitched.

Wedding favours are of course a mandatory part of the wedding celebration. From sweet scented candles to Instagram-worthy succulents, gifting your guests with something sweet and sentimental to remember your day is a time-honoured wedding tradition. The trend in recent years has turned away from actual gift items in favour of incredible edible wedding favours. Here are some of our favourites!

Minty Fresh
These retro-style mints (pictured above) are not just a cute takeaway, but they’re a practical end of the night gift for your guests after a night of wining and dining. Adding clever tagline to the package will elevate this simple gift to something your loved ones will be sharing all over their social. 

Photo via Wear 4 Trend.

Chocolate Bites
Not only are M&M’s a classic party treat, you can have them personalized for your wedding. If adding your name seems over-the-top you can bag a selection in your wedding colour and label them Mr & Mrs. (Or Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs). 

Popping Up
If you have a salty or sweet tooth popcorn or caramel corn may be a great gift for your guests. Having a selection of flavours in a monogrammed popcorn bucket or cute mason jar takes the simple food to the next level. 

Photo via Canning Crafts.

Cool Jam
If you’re looking for an edible gift that may last a bit longer a jar of jam may be the perfect fit. A jar of you and your loved one’s favourite jelly spread will have your guests remembering your wedding with their morning toast.

Photo via Etsy.

Favourite Munchies
What better way to celebrate your union then by sharing you and your partner’s favourite snacks with your guests. A bag of each of your favourite candies is a personal touch and gives your guests a variety of snacks to munch on.

Key Logistics To Consider For Your Backyard Wedding


Photography courtesy of Jonny Delgado Bosso as seen in this real wedding.

A grand ballroom or a classic church are not the perfect wedding venue for everyone. If you’re planning on keeping things a little more sentimental with a small and sweet backyard wedding, there are many logistical issues that are different from those of a more traditional ceremony. While a backyard ceremony gives you more control over the specifics of your wedding day, planning the ceremony will require more thought into the smaller details. Having a wedding planner on board to check for all of these logistics will keep your day running smoothly and all of your guests happy and comfortable.

One of the biggest things you may need to focus on for a backyard wedding are a few legalities. While a large venue will take care of all your licenses, a backyard wedding means you may need to apply for your own liquor license or noise permits if your city requires them. Making sure your neighbours are aware in advance you’re planning a large event—or if you’re friendly, extending an invite to them—will ensure they aren’t upset with your party. This also extends to ensuring you have a plan in place for the post-event clean up, which can be a large job and may require additional help or reaching out to your local government for proper disposal.  

The second largest priority for a backyard wedding is space; space for cars, guests and a reception if you’re hosting in the same place. If your neighbourhood has limited parking you may need to find an easy way to get your guests to the venue. Setting up a bus pick up at a large parking lot nearby will keep your loved ones from circling the block (and possibly even missing the ceremony!). 

Bringing your reception to your backyard ceremony means ensuring you have enough rentals to support all of your guests. This goes beyond tables and chairs to an outdoor dance floor, extra power generators and even restrooms. An extra set of restrooms will ensure that you don’t have a line inside the house as your guests wait for one or two bathrooms. A power generator may also be integral to keep the outdoor festivities going to power any outdoor lights, heaters or your DJ. 

Another consideration for an outdoor venue is planning to deal with the weather. Being prepared for rain with personalized umbrellas for your guests, or set up an outdoor tent that will shield everyone from the sun or rain. Hang lanterns or strings of lights outside to give your reception a magical vibe as the party goes into the night. 

6 Ways For Coffee Lovers To Perk Up Your Wedding Day


Photo via Hey Wedding Lady.

If coffee is your elixir of life then it absolutely must play a part in your wedding day. With your wedding planning brewing you may be wondering how you can incorporate your favourite bevvy into your party mix. We’ve done the research for you and come up with some seriously fun ways to wake up your wedding day (pardon the pun we could not resist!) From food to gifts to the scent of your reception space, here’s six amazing ideas on how to incorporate coffee into your wedding.

Coffee Bar (pictured above)
While this may be an obvious choice for a coffee lover an adorable coffee bar will keep you and your guests caffeinated but it can also be super Instagramable. Add an adorable sign saying “The Perfect Blend” and you’ve got the coolest and most practical wedding addition. 

Coffee Favours 

Give your guests a celebratory cup of joe with coffee grounds as your wedding favours. It’s an sweet take home that they will use and that will remind them to have a drink to you. After all this is grounds for celebration.

Signature Sent 

Take your wedding to the next level with a signature scent. By incorporating this scent into your invitations, your wedding day perfume or day-of decorative candles this coffee blend will remind you of your wedding bliss every time you smell your morning brew.  

Coffee Themed Centrepieces

Photo via Southern Living.

Add beans directly to your wedding tables with a coffee themed centrepiece. Rather than using stones opt for coffee beans for a natural look as well as the smell of coffee. 

Themed Mugs 

Monogrammed coffee mugs are a sweet gift for your guests to remember your day every time they make a cup of coffee. Plus we guarantee they’ll want to break out this special mug every time that you visit. 

Coffee Dessert 

Photo via Saveur.

If drinking coffee isn’t enough add another taste into your wedding with a coffee flavoured dessert. There are many tasty treats beyond coffee cake that will indulge your sweet tooth and satisfy your caffeine craving

These Are The Gorgeous, Unique Flowers You Should Consider For Your Wedding


Photo courtesy of Oudalova Events Design.

Roses, peonies and orchids are some of the flowers we see these again and again in bridal bouquets. While these flowers are timeless and beautiful, we wanted some fresh ideas to inspire your wedding florals. We spoke to Margarita Oudalova of Oudalova Events Design to find out what flowers are the most common and which haven’t been on your radar, but should be. “The most requested wedding flowers do change seasonally but the most popular are peonies, roses, anemones and orchids,” she shares. “While flower trends do play a role in the popularity of some flowers, the biggest change isn’t what’s in a bouquet but how it looks and is styled.”

Oudalova says most clients turn to her to determine the look of their florals and for recommendations of florals that will work best. “Once I have confirmed the vision and inspiration I will start sketching the design and also doing a trial with them so they understand what things will look like and we can tweak the design accordingly from there.”

What types of florals would Oudalova like to use more and see more in bridal bouquets? She has a few suggestions for beautiful blooms that might not be on your radar.

Clemetis (pictured, above): This leafy, viney bloom is lush and luxurious and looks particularly amazing when paired with garden roses in large and lovely displays and installations.

Photo via Wild Flora.

Tropical Flowers: We’re talking arrangements with anthurium, monstera, ferns, protea… all the amazing tropicals! Oudlalova says all of these flowers and foliage will last longer than more traditional florals, and will give your bouquet and centrepieces a more unique shape and colour.

Garden Roses: Oudalova believes these rose varietals should be used more, and not just as a substitute when peonies are not in season. “They are gorgeous on their own and have the most incredible scent!” she says. 

Photo courtesy of Oudalova Events Design.

Hellebore: These delicate blooms are perfect in the autumn and winter and have a certain magical quality, Oudalova says. “They are certainly not atypical wedding flowers, but should be,” she explains. “They look amazing in mono-floral arrangements which lets them shine as the star.” Hellebore are also available in an incredible range of shades from pure white to black, through pinks, reds, greens, yellows and peachy apricot hues. 

How To Let Guests Know Your Wedding Dress Code


Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Establishing a wedding-day dress code is one thing to do that will help both you and your guests. Letting your invitees know what is expected of them can help to relieve some of the risk of a guest showing up in jeans or not conforming to a wedding theme. Some of your loved ones may be unsure what you’re looking for if you haven’t been clear. Depending on your venue and if you have a theme, an appropriate dress code can assist your guests with their own preparations so their look is on point for your celebration (trust us, not knowing what to wear is a stress point for many wedding guests!).

A themed wedding dress code is the easiest to enforce as it is a part of the wedding. Asking that your guests are a part of the theme by working within it is a great way to get them involved and keep things on track. Sending a list of approved choices or suggestions takes the guesswork out for your those you’ve invited. 

If you’re looking for your guests to wear more elevated outfits, make that clear in your invitations. By including the dress code in the invitation you are making it clear to your guests that they are expected to dress a certain way. It’s important to be very specific on the dress code if you’re choosing to include it: from casual to cocktail or black tie. Once you’ve chosen exactly how you’d like your guests to dress, a line as simple as “formal wear requested” or “dress code is cocktail chic,” will let the recipient know what you are expecting. A line at the end of the invitation may also be beneficial if you have clothing recommendations such as suggesting not to wear high heels to an outdoor ceremony on grass.

Depending on the style of your invitation, you may not want to add this line directly in the invitation. Another way to share the dress code is by adding a dress code FAQ to your wedding website. If you’re simply hoping to ensure your guests are dressed formally a short note about formal wear or cocktail attire may be enough. If you have larger restrictions, such as a theme, an outdoor wedding or anything else, adding a photo page could be more beneficial. If you’re worried that a photo page may come across as too severe, you can have fun with your photo instructions and use images of what not to wear, next to photos that show your dress code. This shares the intended dress requirements in a lighthearted way. 

Bottom line: a dress code takes the guesswork out of your wedding and will ensure all of your wedding guests look amazing on the big day and in ALL your photos.

5 Adorable Wedding Photo Booth Ideas


One sweet way to hold onto your special day is through a photo. While you’ll have beautiful portraits from your wedding photographer, your guests also need share-worthy photos of their own. A wedding photo booth is a great way to ensure your loved ones are able to snap a picture perfect moment of the big day. While we’ve come a long way from giant sunglasses and feather boa props, having a totally original photo booth at your wedding is a sure way to elevate the experience for your guests and give them a keepsake they’ll want to hold on to.

Photo via 100 Layer Cake.

A kissing booth
What better photo op on your big day than building a kissing booth for your guests to share a smooch with their loved ones?

Photo via Junebug Weddings.

A rustic bus
If your wedding theme has more of a rustic, outdoorsy vibe, a rustic bus converted into a photo booth area is a unique idea that a lot of your guests probably haven’t seen before.

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

A gorgeous loveseat
How sweet would you and your beau look cuddled on a love seat? This adorable seat is a great way for your guests and their loved ones to share a moment together.

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

A cool neon sign
Say cheers to forever with a neon sign—bonus points if it incorporates a phrase or quote that you and your partner love.

Photo as seen in this real wedding.

A colourful fiesta
With neon details as one of the hottest wedding trends of 2019  a vibrant fiesta photobooth is one fun way to brighten the party and keep the colour alive. We love how this real wedding also had alpacas—animals are an incredible way to take your photo game to the next level.


How To Plan The Perfect Post-Wedding Brunch


Photo via iStock.

The wedding brunch has become a staple of the weekend wedding celebration. We love the idea of the after-party brunch for your nearest and dearest—there is no better way to wrap up your wedding festivities with a bang than with an indulgent spread of breakfast favourites, lattes and mimosas. By adding another element to your wedding, you are of course adding to your budget, which means taking a careful look at this event, how many you invite and how you execute it. We recommend including your brunch in your wedding planning costs, but putting together a separate brunch party plan for it.

Your brunch prep can start early in your wedding planning process (you should decide early on if this will be a part of your celebration). While inviting everyone who attended your wedding to the brunch may sound like a sweet way to tie off the events, if you had a large number of wedding guests you may not want to serve such a large meal a second time. A smaller and simpler brunch will allow you to really talk to your most important wedding guests before you leave on your honeymoon or they travel back home. This generally means inviting your bridal party and some close family. The odds are these are the people who were there for you throughout the planning process and may deserve an extra thank you to end your party. Invitations for brunch should be separate from your wedding invite. You can choose to do this via a formal paper invitation or an email invitation (do not deploy this on social media, EVER!), whichever is your preference. Just like your wedding invitation, be specific who the brunch invite is for so you can have an accurate head count of people attending.

After your wedding day, your post-celebration brunch should allow you to relax and enjoy the company of your guests without taking on too much of a hostess role again. Asking your mother or mother-in-law to assist with the brunch plans is a great idea if you think they are game for it, plus it allows you to enjoy your company without worrying. While a brunch can be as formal or as informal as you like, a buffet-style meal is our preference because it creates a casual environment and lets you actually chat with guests! It’s also a great meal style as you may have guests rolling in at different times during brunch, depending on when they have to head home.