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Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception


Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Photography by Corrina Walker as seen in this real wedding.

Your wedding reception is a time for dancing, speeches, drinking and merriment. But for your youngest guests, a little more kid-friendly entertainment may be needed at your reception to keep occupied. While the parents of the children on your wedding guest list may plan ahead with tablets and toys for their kids to play with at the reception, you can prepare children’s activities that will tie into your theme, help the kids at your wedding feel included, and will keep them just as happy as your adult guests. These simple additions are a thoughtful, fun gesture for the kids at your wedding reception.

Colouring Pages
One of the easiest and most classic ways to keep kids calm is with colouring and activity pages and books. You can create personalized or colouring printouts that go with your theme. Supply them alongside some crayons and you’re in business! One idea we love is is having an image of a bride and groom to colour, or you can select pictures that are more closely aligned with your theme, or even wedding details.

Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Photo via Hi Miss Puff.

Kids’ Bar
There’s nothing that kids enjoy more than pretending they’re the grown-ups. Create a kids bar for some adorable photo ops and give the kids an opportunity to select the drink they want, while still feeling included with the rest of the older guests!

Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Photo via Agils Home.

Surprise Activity Bags
Personalized surprise bags for each guest is a fantastic idea, and are easy to make, especially if there won’t be too many kids in attendance. A small toy, activity books and a picture book are some great things you can include in the bag. Keep it eco-friendly by using reusable totes.

Toy Favours
While planning the favours for your guests you can prepare a special favour for the kids who are attending. A small toy or treat will be exciting for your young guests to receive and is a sweet touch.

Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Photo via Sophie Dash.

A Game
Games that both adults and children can participate in will help all your guests feel included. This ring scavenger hunt is a fun idea, and you can choose to have an item as a prize, or get the kids involved by presenting the ring to make the bride and groom kiss!

Fun Ways To Entertain The Kids At Your Wedding Reception

Photo via Wilkie.

DIY Cards
If colouring sheets seem too simple you can have the kids explore their creativity even more by creating their own wedding cards. This activity will keep the kids busy, and will leave the bride and groom with adorable keepsakes.

How To Recognize Important People Not In Your Wedding Party


Photography by Rebecca Wood as seen in this real wedding.

Including your close family and friends in your wedding party is a wonderful way to recognize the people who are important in your life and have supported you. Picking your wedding party may be a simple undertaking if you’ve had your party in mind before the start of your wedding planning. However, it’s often impossible to add everyone meaningful into the ceremony. But finding a way to acknowledge these loved ones will keep them happy and allow you to properly thank everyone you care about. 

Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle on the arm of her father. You can make this tradition more meaningful by having both your parents walk you down the aisle. They’ll appreciate the involvement and you’ll have two loving arms around you as you make your way to your future spouse. 

Old friends or distant family that you have considered your closest friends in the past may need a little acknowledgement as well. You can celebrate these people in a number of ways that fit within your wedding plans and relationship with them. Depending on your wedding theme and decor you may choose to showcase photos of you and your partner growing up. Featuring an old friend in a prominent photo or giving them a shout-out during a speech is a great way to give a nod to their importance.

Everyone loves to hear personal speeches on your big day. Having an old friend say a few words about you shows that they are significant to you and allows them to celebrate you in a meaningful, special way. 

Think about your friends’ talents! If you’re searching for a way to incorporate an artistic or musical friend into the mix, asking them to be a special performer or to create something unique for the wedding is one way you can show that you’re thinking about them and want them to be included in your big day. 

If you have younger relatives or friends you’d like to include, you can add a junior wedding party to the ceremony.  The role of these junior bridesmaids is up to you, giving them duties such as encouraging everyone to sign the guest book, helping to seat guests or passing out programs will keep them involved and feeling that they are a part of the ceremony.  

The easiest bridal party fix may be to not to have one at all. It’s becoming more and more common for brides to forgo a bridal party altogether. Although this means that none of your friends and loved ones will be standing at the altar with you, it also saves you from selecting the party and being forced to decide who to include. If you do you choose to have a wedding party, your friends and loved ones should be there to support you in any role you give them. 

Super Unique Wedding Themes


The theme or colour scheme of your wedding ties all of your decor together and showcases you and your new spouse’s personalities. While a classic wedding theme never goes out of style. there are many other wedding themes that are unique and personalized and will definitely stand out in your guests’ minds. Here are some fun wedding themes that add whimsy to your big day.

World Travel
This is the perfect theme if you and your partner love travelling or have plans to explore the world after your wedding. Adding your love of exploring is the perfect send off into your life together (and your honeymoon). Luggage tag place cards and a globe guest book are just some simple ways to show this theme. 

Super Unique Wedding Themes

Photo via United With Love.

Pay homage to written fairy tales and give a nod to a fairy tale wedding with this theme. Whether you pick one book, a series you and your partner love or have an overarching literary motif, this is a sweet theme that can translate into some stunning decor. The simple addition of books and pages into the design can easily showcase your love of literature. 


If your favourite holiday is Halloween, it may be the perfect fit to host your big day with a spooky twist. Pumpkins, candles and dark accents can be incorporated throughout your day. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could also ask your guests to wear costumes. 

If attending concerts or playing instruments is you and your partner’s favourite thing to do together, a music-themed wedding may be your jam. With a records as your backdrop or mixtape favours for your guests, this theme allows for a lot of personalization. 

If hiking, canoeing and camping bring you joy integrating the great outdoors into your big day could be the perfect fit. Whether it be through a canoe filled with ice and drinks of a paddleboard guestbook, the options are endless. Consider a “glamping” theme for something more elevated à la Troian Bellasario and Patrick Adams, or a getaway in cottage country for something more laid-back.

Photo via Designed by Idka.

Winter Wonderland
If you’re planning to have your ceremony in the winter you can fully embrace the season by turning your venue into a winter wonderland. Emerald green, deep red, velvets and snowflakes all heighten the mood of the season and make for a cozy atmosphere.

5 Things People Love (And 5 Things They Don’t) About Weddings


5 Things People Love (And 5 Things They Don't) About Weddings

Photography courtesy of Barb Simkova for Tara McMullen Photography as seen in this real wedding.

Planning your wedding means focusing on everything that will make it the most memorable day of your life. While your wedding is ultimately for you, your guests will be thinking about both the highlights and the lowlights of the day. There are many parts of your wedding that your guests will be looking forward to, and others that they may not enjoy. Keep this hit list of loves and hates in mind when planning your event!

People Love…

1. Celebrating the joy! You’ve invited your guests to your wedding because you want to share in the joy of your big day with them. Your friends and loved ones are attending because they’re just as excited as you are to see this special moment. 

2. Great food and drink. While everyone sharing in your big day is there to celebrate you, one of the highlights of the day for your guests is a great meal and inspired wedding menu. An open bar is also a major highlight for many wedding guests who’d like to heartily partake in the celebration. 

3. Watching the bride walk down the aisle. It’s a cliché for a reason. Getting a first glance of the wedding dress and watching everyone tear up is the best part of the wedding for many guests and is one of the most memorable parts of the day. 

4. The first dance. It’s sweet to watch you and your loved one share a first dance. This ultra-romantic moment is a chance to share in your bliss and take the perfect photo of the bride and groom. This is definitely one of the best Instagram moments of the party!

5. The social scene. While celebrating at your reception your guests are also able to catch up with their own friends and loved ones that they don’t often see. This reunion is a highlight of the day for many who don’t often get to connect with family and also for old friends who may not have seen each other for years.

People Don’t Love…

1. The expense. While you may be considering the price tag on your big day, your guests are doing the same. A wedding gift is a part of any attendees wedding to-do list, but depending on your ceremony plans your guests may also be considering a hotel stay, travel, and possibly a new, wedding appropriate, outfit. Keep this in mind if you receive some invite declines… it may not be in the budget to celebrate with you.

2. Long speeches. While hearing your parents share their love and happiness for you for 20 minutes may make you feel so special, not all of your guests love when speeches go on and on (and on). Often wedding speeches are very specific and can only be truly appreciated by the bride and groom. Longer speeches will often lose the attention of your guests who can’t reminisce with the speakers specific memories. Work with your speechmakers to ensure their content is curated.

3. Watching you complete your wedding paperwork. While some couples opt to complete the legal side of the ceremony ahead of the big day to save their guests the wait, others choose to wait for the ceremony to sign their marriage certificate. This often long task shifts the mood for your guests and can add time to an already long ceremony. Consider this when planning yours.

4. An unclear dress code. What you wear to an outdoor summer wedding will be different than the dress for a ballroom affair. Letting your guests know exactly what is expected of their attire takes the guesswork out of preparing for the big day. Guests don’t like being uncertain of what they should be wearing and don’t want to be inappropriately dressed.

5. Confusing or unwanted seating. The seating chart may be a stressful part of the wedding planning, but it can also be stressful for your guests. Creating a singles table, or free-for-all seating can leave your guests stressed and confused during your reception. Keep it simple and succinct so everyone knows where to sit and is comfortable with it.

All The Info You Need To Include On Your Wedding Invitations


All The Info You Need to Include On Your Wedding Invitations - Wedding Invitations

Stationery by Beetle and Lark. Photography by Pam Kriangkum as seen in this real wedding.

There are a wide variety of wedding invitations you can choose from when planning for your big day. Whether you select from ready-made invites or have them custom made to fit your theme, you need to ensure that they include all the information that your guests need. While it may seem straightforward, it’s often a simple detail that is left off and causes your guests to reach out for more information. Your wedding website, should you choose to have one, should also include these basic details so that your guests are able to view it should they misplace your invitation. 

It’s customary to begin your invitation with a line about who is hosting the wedding. While this may be you and your partner, this may also involve you and your future in-laws. Even if you are financially responsible for the wedding, including your parents on the invitation is a nod to their involvement and all their help and support leading up to the big day. Although you may be highlighting them, don’t forget to clearly state you and your partner’s own names. If you are inviting a friend of your parents or a family friend then they may require this clarity. 

Ensure that you request for this intended guest to come to the wedding! Simply sending a notice with the date and location may come across as a save-the-date rather than an invitation. 

Including the details of the ceremony and reception are integral to keeping your guests on track. The date, time and location of the ceremony should all be listed. If your reception is being held in a separate location this should also be noted along with the time that the reception will commence. If there is any additional information that your loved ones will need about the reception, including any dietary information, you should also include this here. 

An important and often overlooked component of the invitation is to include the dress code. If you’re open to any type of dress this isn’t a mandatory component. However, a simple line such as “black tie recommended” or “summer dress,” will help your guests to know what to expect and will help to prepare them for the day. This will help to minimize questions down the line about what is acceptable to wear.

If you are hoping to receive RSVPs by mail the wedding invitations should also contain the RSVP card that your guests can mail back to you. 

There are a number of optional additions that you can have on your wedding invitations. If you’re hoping to track RSVPs online or have additional information on a wedding website, highlighting the link to the site is important. You may also include a map or locational information in the invite if you think this will be beneficial. If your wedding will take place in a complex location or with multiple venues you may choose to include a map for the ease of your guests. If the wedding is not local to many of your guests you also may have a slip containing hotel information for the wedding. 

While you want your invitation to be a beautiful keepsake that your guests will be excited to receive, it is integral that you highlight all the information that they will need. Forgetting a piece of information on the invite will lead to many of your guests reaching out to you for any clarification that they may need, something you don’t want happening while you’re in the midst of busy wedding planning!

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Wedding Day-Of Coordinator


Photography by Samantha Ong as seen in this real wedding.

Pinterest has become a haven for brides-to-be to begin planning all of the adorable do-it-yourself touches you want on your wedding day. From amazing over-the-top arches and stunning centrepieces to niche themed weddings and one-of-a-kind details, the DIY wedding has definitely been trending. Whether this is just a starting point for your bridal bliss or you’re constantly sending links to your event planner, the wedding planning landscape has changed. While a wedding planner can be a mandatory part of your preparation, more and more brides are taking it upon themselves (with the help of their bridal party!)  to execute a large part of the wedding logistics. 

Planning your wedding, with the help of your bridesmaids or loved ones, is a perfect way to ensure you get exactly what you want on your day, doing it with people you love and keeping your budget in check. Where you likely do still want to consider hiring a pro though is when it comes to your actual wedding day. Having a professional on site, dedicated to making the show run smoothly, is worth the investment and will absolutely keep your stress level down.

On the actual day, you want to enjoy your day, and you want your bridal squad to enjoy the day too. None of you need to be worried about the run of show, when the food is coming out and if the seating chart has been moved around. While being a part of the planning process, with or without an event planner, will have you aware of everything that your wedding entails, it’s up to your day-of wedding coordinator to ensure that there are no problems on the day. While you’re walking down the aisle, your day-of coordinator will be at your reception venue ensuring that your linens are correctly placed, the caterers aren’t running behind and your special day is something that you’ll remember forever.

How Soon After Your Engagement Do You Really Need To Find Your Wedding Venue?


Photography courtesy of Kristy Ryan, Blush Photography shot on iPhone 11 Pro as seen in this story.

On a mountaintop, in an adorable local church or a massive hotel; picking your wedding venue is a big decision that will shape your wedding day. The location of your wedding will lend itself not only to the comfort that you feel surrounded by your friends and family, but also the wedding photos and memories that you’ll always cherish. Picking the venue is only half of the battle, as many venues are booked far in advance as extended engagements are becoming more and more common. 

Adrienne Buhr helps couples at Calgary restaurant Flores & Pine shape the venue for the wedding of their dreams. While wedding season used to fall within the warmer months of June to September, couples are opting more and more to expand beyond this traditional timeline. Buhr mentions that bookings typically go at least six months to a year before the wedding date. “Couples are looking to do things differently, including not only booking into the summer months,” Buhr notes adding that she “currently has a few weddings that are on Mondays and Sundays as opposed to Saturdays.” Expanding your ideas of when you’re looking to host the wedding will give you more options while searching.

Planning for a venue means you need to know the size and scope of the wedding you’re planning before you can make a decision. Buhr recommends that you “have a conversation about [your] needs before going to the venue so that [you are] on the same page.” Preparing for your venue meetings with questions and ideas about what you’re looking for will help you make this decision and give you everything you need when comparing different venues that you are considering.

If you’re shopping around for venues, Buhr says, “look for a venue that is willing to work with [you] and not pigeon hole you into the venue’s programs.” She adds that you should “enjoy the journey looking for venues—it’s fun and should not be stressful.”

Visiting venues and seeing what other couples have done may be the inspiration you need to realize your own fairy tale wedding, but remember that the ‘perfect’ wedding date you’re looking for may not always work out if you don’t plan far enough in advance. Making sure that you’re open to expanding your search if the venue you want can’t accommodate your timelines will ensure that you are able to have the wedding you’ve dreamed of in the place that’s perfect for you.

Fun Ways To Propose To Your Bridesmaids


Photography by LV Imagery as seen in this real wedding.

Celebrating with your best friends and sharing with them the excitement about your wedding and marrying the partner of your dreams is a rite of passage for every bride. The first friends you tell when you get engaged will likely be the people you want standing by your side on the big day. Asking these friends to be part of your wedding party doesn’t have to be an over-the-top affair, but by making the moment special you are showing how much their love and support means to you.

With bridesmaids proposals are becoming the norm, there are a number of ways you can make the moment special and show what they mean to you. Here are some fun ideas we love for bridesmaid proposals.

An Urban, Modern Wedding in Ottawa - Bridesmaids' Gifts

Photography by Melanie Rebane as seen in this real wedding.

Keepsake Gifts
Treating your bridal party to a set of matching necklaces or bracelets bonds the party and is a meaningful touch. You can all wear the matching set on the big day, but it is also a special keepsake that they can keep long after your vows.

Photo via Etsy.

Create A Bridesmaid Box
One popular idea that’s taken off in recent years is putting together a box of goodies (all wrapped up nicely, of course) for the women you’ll be asking. Gift them items specific to your wedding, such as adorable bridal party T-shirts, bottles of wine or matching glasses. You can also include items pertaining to their interests such as candles, stationery, or a gift that will remind them of an inside joke you share.

Photo via Jenna Rae Cakes.

Think Sweet Sentiments
If your closest friends have a sweet tooth you can have a box of sweet treats delivered. It’s something fun and celebratory that they can enjoy right away. Plus, is makes for a pretty sweet photo.

Your bridal party-to-be may know better than anyone what you’ve always dreamed of as your perfect proposal. One fun way to ask them to join you on your wedding day is to actually propose to them. They’ll love the thought you put into your ask, and it gives them great visuals to be able to capture the memory.

Canadian Destinations That Make Picture-Perfect Wedding Locations


Photography by Will Reid Photo as see in this real wedding in Halifax.

Canada is known around the world for the beautiful natural landscape that we have from coast-to-coast. While many couples opting for a destination wedding take off for a tropical beach, they shouldn’t overlook the beautiful backyard we have right here. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor backdrop for your vows there are a variety of options and locations that you can find without leaving the great white north. 

The Nova Scotia Coast

We have beautiful beaches in the maritimes that make for a picture-perfect wedding. A stunning beach wedding in Nova Scotia like the one seen in this real wedding is just as beautiful as a tropical wedding with a greener Canadian feel. Take a trip to Peggy’s Cove or the Halifax harbour and your maritime wedding will be incomparable. 

Vancouver Island

From one coast to the other Vancouver Island brings an entirely different feeling of nature to this real wedding. The towering pine trees and rustic shore line give a rugged beauty to this natural beach wedding.

A Modern City Scape

Canadian cities like Toronto definitely make beautiful backdrop for those more comfortable in a metropolis. For city slickers, a cityscape like the one seen in this real wedding may be the ideal backdrop for your wedding vows.

The Rocky Mountains 

The rocky mountains are one of the most stunning natural wonders of Canada. A mountaintop celebration, or saying your vows with the mountains behind you like the bride and groom did in this real wedding, is a gorgeous natural backdrop that will make your wedding photos one-of-a-kind.

The Plains of Saskatchewan

While the mountains have overpowering natural beauty. the prairie provinces bring their own simple ethereal beauty. An outdoor winter wedding like the one seen in this real wedding is simple and elegant.

Old Quebec City

Historical buildings and adorable avenues are abundant in Old Quebec city and make for perfect rustic wedding venues. Stone churches like the one in this real wedding bring history to your wedding day, making it a timeless addition.

Beautiful Banff

One of the most picturesque places in all of Canada is Banff. Known for its crystal lakes and breathtaking mountain ranges Banff makes the perfect natural setting for your wedding. Seen in this real wedding you can have both the majesty of the mountains and lakeside beauty of a beach wedding.

The Red Beach on Prince Edward Island 

The beaches in Prince Edward Island are picturesque because of the vibrant red sand that lines the coast. An island ceremony like the one seen in this real wedding shows off the beauty of Canada’s smallest province.

How To Make Your Single Guests Comfortable At Your Wedding


A Gold And Marble Wedding In British Columbia - guests

Photography by Amee Nijjar as seen in this real wedding.

One of the most exciting parts of your wedding day is that you are surrounded by all of your family and friends who have come to celebrate your love and happiness. For you this is a wonderful opportunity to have all your favourite people in one place to meet and share with your other guests the joy you all feel on one of the most important days of your life. However, for some friends and family there may be a concern about showing up to the wedding single and mingling with people they may not know. While your parents may have been introduced before the ceremony you may have friends and family that are meeting for the first time on your wedding day. While your friends are there to support you and will have a wonderful time, there are some simple ways you can make them feel more comfortable. 

Pre-Wedding Celebrations
One way to ensure all of your single friends aren’t feeling lonely on the big day is to introduce them to your other friends ahead of time. By introducing them at your engagement party or bridal shower you’re setting them up to recognize a friendly face on your wedding day. If you’re not hosting pre-wedding events you can casually introduce friends before the wedding day outside of the wedding planning.

Wedding Games
A simple way to have your guests mingling at your wedding is through games. If you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony lawn games are a cute overall touch that will ensure everyone is making friends. If lawn games don’t suit your wedding theme you could also have conversation topics or trivia facts included at your place settings.

A Careful Seating Plan
While the singles table is an almost expected part of the wedding, rather than forcing your single guests to mingle, an alternative is to place them at tables where they are guaranteed to be more comfortable. If you have a single family member, place them with family. If your friend doesn’t know anyone, place them with friends you know they’d get along with.

A Wedding Lounge
Consider creating a cute lounge within your venue for everyone to relax in. Not only is this an addition that your guests will love, it’s also a great, easy way for everyone to mingle and get to know one another.

Offer a Plus One
The easiest way to make your single guests feel comfortable is to offer them a plus one to bring a date to the wedding. However, this doesn’t mean you should be trying to set your guests up if they’re not interested in taking a date. If you’re not able to host these additional guests, your loved ones will understand a single invite.

By recognizing the simple steps you can take to make all your guests to feel more comfortable, you are ensuring that your wedding day is a wonderful celebration for everyone.

So You’re Engaged—Here’s How To Step Into Wedding Planning Stress-Free


Congratulations! Getting engaged is an exciting moment! But it can be daunting to determine what’s next. A wedding is a HUGE undertaking and looking at all of the options and possibilities can be overwhelming. Taking your planning step-by-step will keep everything under control as you enter into this phase of your life.

Announce your engagement. This may sound simple but it’s important you share your news with all of your loved ones. Sharing a photo of the ring on social media isn’t enough—your closest friends and loved ones will want to hear the big news and specifics of the engagement from you as well. Announcing your engagement also includes taking engagement photos with your partner to save the moment. You don’t want to jump into the actual wedding planning before taking the time to enjoy the happiness of being engaged. At this time, you can also host an engagement party to share your newly-engaged bliss and celebrate what’s to come. 

Determine your budget. You can’t start booking anything for your wedding until you’ve decided how much you’d like to spend on the big day. This will also help you determine the size of your wedding if you were uncertain if you wanted a large or small ceremony. If you’ve been looking into a destination wedding, this will be the time to determine if it’s viable in your budget and where you may be able to travel to. 

Find your venue. Once you’ve set your budget you can begin looking into venues based on the size and extravagance that you budgeted for. Now that you’ve picked the size of your wedding this will also be a factor in picking your venue. Many venues may offer additional services such as rentals and catering that you can explore once you’ve committed to your venue. You may have to make some sacrifices to get the venue you really want—you can save some money by choosing a date that’s during the off-season and not a weekend!

Start collecting inspiration. We are here for this! Wedding shows, Pinterest, Instagram and advice from loved ones are all excellent sources of inspiration for planning the wedding. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for on your big day will help you to select everything from your wedding vendors to the perfect dress. 

Choose your bridal party. Wedding planning will be more satisfying as soon as you’ve asked your close friends and loved ones to join you on the big day. Having your party picked will help to alleviate some of the stress and you can delegate tasks or seek help from your crew. This also adds another celebratory step as your friends will be elated to know they are joining you at the altar on your wedding day. 

Relax. Wedding planning is an ongoing task that can be as stressful as you make it. Once you’ve made your important decisions, it’s vital to take some time to relax and enjoy the lead up to the big day. Planning your wedding should be something you enjoy. You and your partner should be able to look back to the wedding planning as something you did together, and a huge accomplishment as you will be throwing one of the most celebratory events in your life—savour every moment!

Fun Ways For Your Wedding Guests To Share Newlywed Advice



Once your rings are in place and vows are said, it’s time to party! It’s also a fun time to get your guests involved in your day by asking them for a little newlywed intel. Many couples love to ask their guests for their best advice about the wedding day with a few thoughts penned in the wedding guest book on site at the your wedding celebration. While this is a great way to engage with your people and glean some valuable life advice from their own experiences and preferences, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with the comments and advice you ask your guests to share. Here are some less traditional questions that you can also ask that are fun to answer and for you to read and glean some life wisdom.

Romantic Song Selections
If you and your partner are musically inclined,  it may be interesting to hear the love songs that your guests adore. This request will help you to build a sweet playlist for romantic evenings as well as help you to know your guests and their tastes better. 

Best Date Ideas
It can be easy to run dry on date ideas or stick to the classic dinner and a movie. Have your friends and loved ones share some of their favourite outings and you’ll have plenty to keep you and your partner busy through your first year of marriage and beyond. 

How To Celebrate Anniversaries
Some of your guests may have already been through a wedding anniversary (or many) themselves! Take some advice on how to spend your celebratory time in a year, or two, or ten. Not only is this helpful advice, but you may also learn more about how others have celebrated their love.

Parenting Advice
If you are your partner are planning to start a family now is the perfect time to ask for some parenting advice. This is a funny question that helps you to plan for the future and shares with your guests that you are planning on starting a family together. 

Memorable Wedding Moments
Your wedding day will be a rush of busyness and it will be difficult to have long conversations with each of your guests. Learning what they enjoyed on their own wedding day, or if you prefer about your special day, is a memorable keepsake that will help you relive your own wedding day as you read through them.

Looking Ahead
It may be interesting to hear what your friends and loved ones think you and your partner will be doing in five or ten years. While you may have your own plans it’s fascinating to hear how your friends envision your future. These are great to look back on and see who predicted your future correctly!

Fun Accessories For Your Flower Girls That Aren’t Flowers


Photography courtesy of Natalie Andrusiak as seen in this real wedding.

As your bridal party walks down the aisle, they are helping to set the tone for the ceremony that will follow. It is a traditional part of most wedding ceremonies to have your closest friends or family walking ahead and making way for you to marry your partner. A conventional bridal party includes not just your bridesmaids but also a flower girl. While the flower girl is usually a young girl carrying flowers or a basket of petals down the aisle, nowadays the role doesn’t require her to simply carry a bouquet. A lovely arrangement of wedding flowers is beautiful and traditional, but you can make the part of flower girl more  modern and original by personalizing what your flower girl holds. There are a number of other adorable items that she can carry down the aisle to make that part of the ceremony more meaningful. Here are some inspiring alternatives to flowers that we love seeing flower girls carry.

It can be just as sweet for a flower girl to toss confetti or dried leaves as she walks. If you do choose confetti, you can incorporate your wedding colours to tie it to your theme.

A Stuffed Animal or Pet
If you and your partner have a pet you can have them walked down the aisle with your flower girl. If your pet is not able to be at your ceremony, you could also have them presented symbolically with a stuffed animal or toy. 

A Pumpkin
If you’re hosting a fall wedding, a small pumpkin or gourd is an adorable way to incorporate the season into the walk down the aisle. 

A Themed Object
If your wedding has a distinct theme, your flower girl can walk with a special item that matches your theme.

Add some colour and whimsy into your ceremony by having your flower girl carry a bouquet of balloons, or even just a single balloon.

Umbrella or Parasol
For an outdoor ceremony, a cute option is having your flower girl carry a colourful umbrella or a painted parasol which can serve as decor, and also allows her to shield her face from the sun. 

Lights or a Lantern
This is a great option if you’re having a late night or evening ceremony. Have your flower girl carry twinkle lights in a mason jar or a lantern for a magical, romantic vibe. 

Blowing bubbles is a universal sign of happiness and lightness, and having your flower girl blow bubbles while she walks down is aisle will make for a sweet and adorable moment. It will also make for some beautiful wedding photos.

How To Get The Engagement Ring You Really Want

Fashion & Beauty

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Sharing the good news of your engagement with friends and loved ones means you get to show off your beautiful engagement ring. This is a piece of jewelry that will adorn your finger for the rest of your life as a symbol of your love and partnership. You want such an important item to be special, something that you truly love to wear. To ensure that you receive the ring of your dreams, you need to communicate with your partner about exactly what it is that you want. We spoke with jeweller Erin Tracy about how to ensure you get the engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of. 

It’s important to decide what it is you’re looking for before you tell your partner. Tracy recommends that you look ahead to determine what you’ll still like years down the road, “Always trust your gut and don’t do what everyone else is doing, be different and go for something customized just for you.”

Once you’re certain of the ring you want, you should express this to your partner as they may have a different idea of what you like. “I think it is always a good idea to talk about your ideal ring style with your partner,” Tracy encourages. “Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to ‘flag’ a few rings you like so your partner can refer back. It is never a bad idea to start a discussion if you see a ring you like or if a friend has just gotten engaged. Those are always good ways to bring up the topic.” Tracy also emphasizes that one of the most important things for your partner to know is your ring size as this will ensure you are able to wear your engagement ring right after the question is asked.  

While describing this ideal ring you should be as specific as possible. Knowing your preference between rose-gold and a white band is a large detail that will help in the ring shopping process, but slipping in the colour and cut of the stone are also simple points that will keep your ideal ring on track. While a jeweller can resize a ring, changing the details are much more complicated, making it essential to have the design details right on the first try. 

Having a thoughtful and knowledgeable jeweller is another important part of the equation. If your partner has the basic knowledge a good jeweller can help to fill in the blanks. Tracy says, “I like to see pictures to get a sense of their style as well as understanding what they do on a day to day basis so that I can determine if some stones are too soft for them.” There are also details about your lifestyle that help to dictate the ring style Tracy notes. “If [you] play a lot of sports a really high setting should be avoided. I usually have a checklist of questions I ask to help aid in the designing of the ring and to ensure that we do our very best to get it right the first time.”

While you may have your perfect ring in mind there are other details to consider. Your partner may also have an eye for something that you may have missed that could be perfect for you. In the end, your ring will be perfect if you are being asked to marry the person that you love.