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How Classic Games Can Play A Fun Role In Your Wedding Day

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Photo as seen in this real wedding.

If you are looking to add some extra fun and originality to you wedding and you are a gamer (as in a vintage gamer, hello Monopoly!) adding board games into your day is an idea we adore. There are plenty of fun and simple ways you can feature your favourite game while still incorporating it to fit within your wedding theme. Here’s six of our favourite ways to add some fun and games to your party.

Jenga Guest Book
Leaving Jenga pieces for your guests to sign is a sweet way to integrate this competitive game. This addition can allow you and your partner to ‘build your life together’ and is a great way to have an untraditional guest book. You and your partner will relive your wedding and any special advice your guests may have left every time you play. 

Place ‘Cards’
If you love to ‘cheat’ or fell in love playing euchre, playing cards as place cards is a simple way to add a game into your theme. If you have banquet style seating tables can even be divided by suit. As a bonus if you’re looking for a way to call on a select guest or draw for a prize, a corresponding deck of cards can be used to draw a guests name.

Puzzle Pieces
Puzzle pieces make for a whimsical, non-traditional guest book option. Having each guest sign or write a message on a puzzle piece allows you and your partner to put together the messages your loved ones have left. The pieces can even be put together and framed after your ceremony, or you could place the pieces in a book!

Lego Love
Adding a pop of colour and a playful touch, a bowl of lego pieces can be used as a centrepiece for the tables. By ‘building your love brick by brick’ you are allowing your guests to have some fun at their tables, and perhaps leave you something interesting that they’ve made.

Lawn Games
At an outdoor summer wedding games can be a larger feature. Lawn games such as giant Jenga, Connect Four and ladder golf can be set up for guests to play while the bridal party takes photos or as a part of an outdoor reception. Lawn games can also be branded with you and your partners names or wedding creative that you have made for your invitations or rsvp website. Think of how cute your flower girl and ring bearer will look playing with massive dominos. 

Charades Suggestions
Playing charades or Pictionary can be a lot of fun, but if you play too often you may have run through all the suggestions in your  game box. By asking your guests for a charade or Pictionary suggestion at your wedding you’re adding them into special game nights you’ll have after your wedding day. For even more fun, asking for wedding advice in the form of a charade suggestion is sure to be a hilarious throwback to your wedding day.

How To Plan A Gorgeous Green, Eco-Friendly Wedding


With climate change on the forefront of everyone’s mind keeping things eco-friendly may be a concern when preparing for your special day. Planning a big white wedding doesn’t mean you can’t add green into the day. Ecologically responsible additions to your wedding do not take away from the extravagance of your ceremony, but can heighten the intimacy and connection you feel to the day. There are many small things you can do to have the environmentally friendly wedding of your dreams.

Look For Locally Sourced Flowers
Flowers are something we think of as being completely green (they are green after all!). If there’s not a specific bridal bouquet that you’ve been dreaming of, a trip to your florist to see what local flowers they carry is one simple way to keep things eco-friendly. Using flowers that are grown locally means that they are not transported far distances and not grown by artificial means.  As an additional plus, this helps to keep local florists and gardens in business!

Gift Guests With Centrepiece Favours
Giving your guests something beautiful as a gift for attending your wedding is a tradition many couples put a lot of money into. One fun and eco-friendly way to incorporate the gift into your wedding is as a centrepiece or place card. A fun or funky place setting can be taken home and will carry the memory of your wedding with it. As a bonus, this means your centrepieces or place cards aren’t getting tossed out afterwards. These adorable succulents are a great place card and guests can take them home and plant them, keeping your day and love growing long after you’ve said “I do.”

Use Recycled Paper Invitations
One simple way to reduce waste on your big day is using recycled paper invitations. Recycled invitations are charming and can add a rustic feeling to the invite. By choosing recycled paper you are keeping things eco-friendly while still sending out that save-the-date. 

Choose Lab Diamonds
There is no need to skip out on a beautiful engagement ring; diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all! Lab diamonds are one way great way to avoid the dark and harmful side of the ring industry. Lab created diamonds can have the same cut and clarity as those from mining without the worry of where your ring is from. A store like Spence Diamonds carries only lab diamonds that are beautiful and better for the environment.

Serve A Buffet Dinner
While the traditional plated dinner might be your preference, by allowing your guests to serve themselves you’re giving guests control over their meal and they are only taking the food that they want. This serving style reduces the amount of waste that is thrown away at the end of the night. Buffet style dinners ensure that your leftovers are untouched and can still be eaten. There are many charities and non-profit groups that will accept leftover food to assist with feeding the hungry and homeless, a great way to share your wedding bliss with those that need it.

Planning your perfect day doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the environment on your mind. One or two small changes to your wedding planning can make the entire thing an eco-friendly affair.