Where Should The Majority Of Your Wedding Budget Be Spent? We’ll Tell You.

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Celebrity wedding planner David Connolly from Rich Bride, Poor Bride has joined Weddingbells as a guest blogger answering all of your burning wedding-related questions.

Q: Where do you think the most important part of your budget should go to on your big day?
– Melissa Ann Dorey via Facebook

A: Hi Melissa,

This is completely up to the priorities you have set as a couple when creating your overall budget. It’s usually determined by your culture, custom and desires.

Traditionally 40% to 50% is allocated for reception venue costs: staffing, food and beverages, taxes and tip, which makes it the “most” but not always the most “important.” Most brides will argue that the most important element is the gown, even though total attire costs, including accessories and the groom’s suit, usually only make up 10% of the entire budget.

For some, however, a destination or photography trumps an expensive wedding wardrobe. So you see, it’s completely dependent on how you’ve decided to bring your vision to life.

The good news is that by asking the question, it indicates that you realize the most important part of wedding planning is creating a comprehensive, realistic budget. When dividing your total figure amongst these line items, you are setting your priorities and the “most important” or “most costly” elements will appear as a result.

Hope this helps!


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